Everyone in the wind family is out to look for the tiger king beast spirit. Only the wind text stands in situ and stares at the elegant figure in white as snow in the sky, which is more than that figure disappearing. The wind text of the solid Lai Empire still hasn’t recovered its sight for a long time.

Although all the forces in Gulai City reached a unified agreement not to announce the birth of the beast spirit, things around Gulai City spread like wildfire that night when the beast spirit was hidden, and the broadcast was incredibly faster than the communication.
That night, people from the Jianghu came over overnight, and the next morning, Gulai City attracted an unprecedented flow of adults. The grand occasion went beyond the martial arts meeting of Gulai Empire. Whether it was the Jianghu scattered people or the brothers of the major sects, they all came by horsepower day and night for fear that if they came late, they would be beaten to the punch.
Hand-written novels
Chapter two hundred and ninety-four Return to Feiyun Gate
Welcome you to come.
Because the battle between Han Yi and Tiger King had a great impact on Gulai City, almost 60% or 70% of the buildings were destroyed, and the whole Gulai City was in a state of great waste.
However, the increasing population directly led to a serious shortage of resources in Gulai City, which almost made Gulai City collapse.
Many wealthy experts have taken out their pockets to buy land and build houses in Gulai City, which is obviously ready for a long-term struggle in Gulai City.
With more and more people coming and going, more and more people have plans to buy land and build houses in Gulai City, and the owners and major businessmen of Gulai City have discovered huge business opportunities.
Gulai City’s phase department and major businessmen are in a mess. Jn speculation has caused the house price and price in Gulai City to soar, which is more than that of Gulai City’s Lord selling a large piece of land at a high price to build houses for businessmen. Those businessmen seem to be quite clever. A large piece of land has been built into rows of three-story houses, and each floor has many separate two-bedroom and one-living rooms.
Each row of houses is like a huge inn, but those cunning businessmen sell each floor with two bedrooms and one living room separately. The price of each residence is enough to earn back the land price corresponding to the residence.
And the bank seems to have discovered this huge business opportunity, and it is in a mess with those businessmen. Jn advances some money to those businessmen to buy land and build houses, and then lets those businessmen pay back the money in installments and charge some interest on loans to people who want to buy houses every month.
Many Jianghu people search for animal spirits day and night, while these businessmen, money houses and departments in Gulai City discuss day and night how to search for people’s fat and paste.
Those Jianghu chivalrous people don’t pay attention to the money, but they suffer from the fact that the common people are forced by the duke to reclaim the land and let many people live in a fixed place. They can work hard to earn money to buy a suite and then live like a snail with high debts all their lives.
Feng Yang and Hua Tian traveled day and night to the near Yuncheng. Although Yuncheng was attacked by Warcraft, the defense force in the famous big city of Gulai Empire was quite strong, which did not cause much loss to Yuncheng, and it was not destroyed.
Feng Yang and Hua Tian are sent from Yuncheng to Feiyun City. Feiyun City is the site of Feiyun Gate, and the strong cloud light has an inn, which makes people horrified. The defense of Feiyun City is quite intact. Even if you come to attack Warcraft, there is no way to break it.
From Feiyun City to Feiyun Gate.
Going back to Feiyun Gate immediately made Feng Yang and Hua Tian feel like a lifetime ago. In less than two months, they really experienced too many thrilling experiences. These two months’ rich experiences are worth the sum of all their previous experiences, from the conflict of the warfare to the border defense war and from the border defense war to the Jingyang city. There are too many things happening.
Feng Yang and Hua Tian returned to the war hall. When people saw Feng Yang and Hua Tian, they immediately became restless and shouted, "Brother Yang and Tian are back."
"Great to finally be back."
Feng Yang and Hua Tian will perform brilliantly. In the past two months, they have already returned to Feiyun Gate. Not only did the people in the war hall know that the whole Feiyun younger brother was shocked when he heard the news, but the fighting capacity of the three brothers who fought alone in Wan Jianzong was admirable.
"The wind blows and you can come back. This martial arts meeting is famous."
Wu Hua, Luo Lin, Yun Rou, Tang Ning, Xi Yu, Liu Man and others came out from the hall in succession. Everyone was smiling and happy beyond words.
Wu Hua and others tried their best to disguise themselves and try not to let Feng Yang see the clue as much as possible.
"What happened?" Feng Yang stared at Wu Hua and others indifferently.
"What is it?" Wu Hua shook his head and looked at Lu body and asked, "What’s the matter?"
"Nothing," Rowling said.
The wind Yang said nothing and stared at Xi Yu with sharp eyes.
Xi Yu sighed slightly. "Let’s fight a traitor in the hall, that is, you pull up Cao Dong. He took a large number of resources from our fight hall to take refuge in Fan Tong to unify the day.
In fact, he was originally a unified heaven and man, and he was lurking in our battle hall. In the past two months, you assigned the branch hall of Cao Dong to support the development of fast-paced, and because of renting and selling the training room to his forces, many small forces were brought in, at least taking away the general resources and manpower of our battle hall. "
"Oh, I know." Feng Yang was surprisingly calm and didn’t fly into a rage, which made Wu Hua and others stunned. According to their understanding of Feng Yang’s N case, Feng Yang should be furious at the moment and go to Cao Dong with anger. Should it be so calm?
If it weren’t for the fear that Fengyang couldn’t accept this fact at the moment, Wu Hua and others wouldn’t have agreed to hide it from Fengyang.
After all, Cao Dong was personally pulled up by Feng Yang, and now this person has gone to unify the sky with resources and manpower, and Cao Dong is obviously unifying heaven and man. It is unreasonable to worry that this kind of thing is done by Wu Hua and others.
However, the performance of Fengyang was unexpected to Wu Hua and others. I thought that in the past two months, Fengyang has matured a lot, and I can still remain so calm when I face this kind of change.
"Rowling Huatian, you come with me." At Rowling and Huatian, Feng Yang immediately set his eyes on Wu Hua and others. "Others took people to take back the training rooms assigned to Cao Dong."
Are you sure you don’t want to specify a detailed plan? Xi yuwen
"Do you still need a plan?" Wind-rising rhetorical question
"Don’t you need it?" Wu Huawen
"Do you need it?"
"Don’t you need it?"
"Am I asking casually * Is it so serious?" Wu Hua laughed and immediately said, "Do you need it?"
"Need your uncle to go" Rowling couldn’t wait for a kick in the past.
"I need you, second uncle." Before leaving, Wu Hua did not forget to scold.
"Why is this man so petty? He must win the line." Rowling disdained to look at Wu Hua’s back and pie mouth. "You three big ye."
Dozens of brothers in the war hall have been holding back their anger because of this. As soon as they come back, they will make a big move, so that the people will not be full of blood and anger, and Wu Hua and others will lead aggressive people to the science of uniting the room.