Slowly, a kind of * * Yang night that wants to destroy everything grows up in his heart. It is that evil can break out a little bit, but Yang night is still awake. He clearly feels this terrible sign and feels that evil can invade his body and brain. It is like drinking milk for the first time, but it is ten times and one hundred times more violent than that.

But Yang Yexian’s physique is not at that time. He now controls and suppresses this powerful evil energy by his own strong willpower.
Lan Yao cut aside and showed nervousness. She saw that Yang Ye struggled, his face turned pale and the veins stood out on his forehead were exposed, and his eyes suddenly turned scarlet and returned to normal. Lan Yao cut knew that Yang Ye and body evil could fight, and that evil could quietly collect Yang Ye’s body. Fortunately, once it was given according to the will, it would be difficult to control.
Of course, Yang Ye knows this in his heart. This powerful evil can be said to be a gift from Jia Lanxiu, but once it breaks out, he will no longer be himself but an evil scholar, and the consequences will be unimaginable.
At this moment, in addition to transporting this huge energy to save the scorching sun, it is more important not to be controlled by this evil energy!
Finally, that kind of pain completely made Yang Yefa bear it. He let go and grabbed the scorching sun, stretched out his fists with both hands, and violently struck his chest, with great strength.
Blue demon beheaded while watching panic, but I don’t know if she should stop before because Yang night’s eyes are still awake and she hasn’t completely lost her mind.
Fierce one Yang night got up and lifted up deeply, then leaned down heavily. "Wow," he spat out a mouthful of black and red blood and braved the cold, then he sat down next to the bed with a flaccid paralysis.
"Red Bi!" Lan Yao chopped and shouted, threw himself at Yang Ye’s side and held him with an anxious and distressed face and asked, "What’s wrong with you!"
Yang night gasped and there was residual blood at the corner of his mouth. He slowly opened his eyes and smiled at the blue demon and said, "It’s okay."
Anxious for the blue demon to behead, I suddenly found that Yang Yezhou was emitting a faint red halo, and the source of the halo was his chest. Is it a ghost emblem? Lan Yao is still worried about holding Yang Ye’s arm. There has been no pine Yang Ye smiled and slowly let Lan Yao cut his hand, then turned around and held the scorching sun with both hands and closed his eyes.
That evil can gush out again, but it has completely listened to Yang Ye’s will, and it rushes to his arm from the depths of his body, and then flows into the arm vein of the scorching sun through Yang Ye’s arm.
The Long Xiaoxiu’s official scale at the main gate of the Black Domain has been cast into an iron wall, and the evil energy input at night can be shaken unexpectedly! Hesitated for a whole night, increased his strength, but the unconscious sun didn’t respond, which strengthened Yang’s determination. If there is a bad sign in the sun, he will definitely stop.
The scales in the scorching sun can’t hold up gradually, and finally burst and collapse, and Yang Ye’s input of evil energy drives them apart.
Lan Yao was pleasantly surprised to see the scales falling off in the soft underbelly of the scorching sun. Some red traces also slowly spread and disappeared. At the same time, Yang Yexie could run through the scorching sun, and a black liquid flowed out of his eyes, nose, mouth and ears.
Let go of the scorching sun. Yang night collapsed and fell to one side. Lan Yao cut quickly and stretched out his hand to hold him and put his head in his arms.
"Done" Yang night smiled lazily "this should be no problem"
Blue demon cut stretched out his hand and touched a Yang night face his eyes is love dearly.
"That, what is that black liquid? Hot sun? " Yang night gently twist a head and glanced at the hot sun asked
"It should be that the Lord of the Black Domain blocked the memory of the scorching sun and made him change into another person’s venom." Lan Yao cut also looked at the past and sighed in a very low voice. "Jia Lan’s cultivation of evil spirits can really be powerful and drive the Lord of the Black Domain out of the venom."
Yang night smile turned around and secretly went to the orchid demon to cut her arms and arched a face tightly sticking to the orchid demon to cut her chest and gently spit out two words "Shu"
Blue demon cut smell one leng and hurried down to see Yang night with a face of greedily sticking to his chest, blushing on the spot, but Yang night with a face of exhaustion made Lan Yao cut and push him, and it was not that he didn’t push it or that it was difficult to be stiff at the moment, so he said angrily, "Red Bi, you took the opportunity again …"
Just then, next to the two men, Yang Yelan demon beheaded and turned to look at the same time, and saw the scorching sun swaying from the bed and sitting up with some trance-like eyes.
Yang Yelan demon chop was very surprised. Looking straight at the hot sun face, I couldn’t help laughing.
The scorching sun shook his head and woke up with a big yawn. Then he looked up and looked around. He saw the blue demon chopping and holding Yang Yezheng in front of him, scared and shrinking to see clearly, then stared at his eyes and shouted, "Mother! The blue demon beheaded you … Your children are so big? "
Blue demon chop and Yang night all froze. No reaction to come over. The scorching sun is so sudden.
The scorching sun was calm, and the trotters changed their smiling faces and stretched out their arms at Yang Night. Hey, hey, smiled and said, "Is this little dignified and strong still timid around strangers? Come and let the big ye hug. "
Yang Ye was so angry that he shouted, "I am your uncle!"
"Ah? Why is this child so rude? " The scorching sun stared and the neck followed a stalk.
Lan Yao beheaded Yang Ye and gently pushed her face back to normal in front of the scorching sun. She said with cold eyes, "You have no idea what happened in the scorching sun, do you?"
By the blue demon chop so ask the scorching sun leng, then bowed their heads and recalled it for half a day and looked up at the blue demon chop and shook his head seriously.
Lan Yao turned his head and glanced at Yang Ye, then turned as calmly as possible and asked, "Where is the scorching sun at night?"
The scorching sun hesitated for a moment, suddenly stare big eyes and fiercely clap your hands. "Oh! I remember! "
"Remember what?" Yang night also nasty came over and asked
"Come to think of it … I don’t know where the night attack was." The scorching sun said with a low head and a frown. "I remember that the night attack and I came here to sneak into the palace. I knew that it was the Japanese who invaded the Tang Dynasty, so I pretended to be officers and soldiers and wanted to go … Later … it seems that a general named Huoyun Xiecai asked me to go to his house …" Said the scorching sun shook his head. "I don’t remember the things behind."