The waves laughed. "Oh, it’s pork stew vermicelli. Be careful that eating pork will make you fat. Now you are all crouching and eating pork. Be careful that you can’t find a boyfriend!" "

Rainbow poof bursts into a smile and says, "I have long said that you are kind, and she is still anxious with me. Just admit it!"
Ling angry "who kind? He’s just a little plump and not even fat. You two are bullying me together, aren’t you? "
Rainbow laughed. "If you are as slim as me, who will say you are kind?" Don’t be humble, just admit it. "
Ling said, "What’s so good about being like you? As thin as dry wood, a man will feel panic if he presses it! "
The waves just ate a mouthful of food and almost gushed out. They hurriedly picked up a cup and pressed it, trying not to laugh, but even their eyebrows were bent with laughter.
Rainbow said, "You are a girl who misses men all day long. It’s all men who keep their mouths shut. Men don’t feel too scared when they press you. I’m afraid that when you jump on you, your fat body will bounce people off and fall on you again, so no man is afraid!"
Ling confidently said, "I envy you because my meat is extremely dreamy, which can also be called a waterbed!" "
The waves couldn’t help laughing and said, "Can you two keep your voices down? You can see that others are watching you. If you go like this again, you won’t eat and come to see you perform the double spring."
Ling said, "She started to pick things up. I don’t care if you say I’m fat. She says I can’t!"
Rainbow said, "I’m asking for practical things. Are you afraid of being told if you’re not fat?"
The waves said, "Stop arguing and eat quickly. Go out with me to do something after dinner."
Ling and Rainbow just went on strike and buried themselves in eating, but they didn’t stare at each other.
I said that after dinner, the waves took the rainbow and ling downstairs, and the car drove out of the red building.
Ling asked, "Brother Hai, where are we going?"
The waves pulled out their cell phones while driving and said, "Don’t ask me yet."
He dialed Zhang Yi’s number and said, "Did Li Jianfeng contact you?"
Zhang Yi said, "He was very careful when he made a phone call at ten o’clock this afternoon, but he said that the business was to chat with me, such as asking me where I came from and how long I have been here. I am not used to classes, so I can make a pretence and have a random chat with him."
The waves laughed. "Maybe I saw you last night and wanted to chase you!" "
Zhang Yi laughed. "I think that man is quite decent, unlike you. Did you act smoothly last night?"
The waves said, "it’s my brother who will go out, and of course it’s a horse who will succeed!" You call me a thief, hey hey, I admit it, but if you say that Li Jianfeng is a decent man, I can reserve my opinion. I know that he is seducing a high-ranking mistress. "
Zhang Yi said in surprise, "Is it true? If this is the case, can we trust him? "
The waves laughed. "Of course I can trust him. He seduced other people’s mistresses and there is no conflict with the revolutionary spirit of his people’s dedication! Little comrade, don’t look at people with old eyes. Don’t be a pervert. There are no patriots in it! "
Zhang Yi laughed. "You mean you are a patriot, right?"
The waves laughed, "I don’t wear this top hat. I said I’m unpatriotic. I love money. If I can be patriotic and earn money at the same time, that’s my favorite!" I have something to do tonight, so don’t call my mobile phone. If Li Jianfeng asks you to meet, you can tell Xiao quietly to follow you when you meet him. If nothing happens, just hang up! "
Zhang Yi smiled and said, "You have no conscience?"
The waves said, "I have someone listening here. What more disgusting words do you want me to say?"
Zhang Yi said, "Well, I’ll spare you this time. When no one is around, you must make it up. I want to hear how disgusting you can say."
The waves smiled and whispered, "I can not only make you feel disgusting, but also make you numb, sweet, crisp and sour!" "
Ling shouted next to him, "I heard that. It’s really disgusting!"
Zhang Yi heard Ling talking on this side of the waves and paused slightly. "Is that a girl next to you?"
The waves laughed, "It’s my bodyguard’s two lovely little sisters!"
Zhang Yi sighed softly and said, "How many good sisters do you have?" Say that finish and put the phone.
The waves smiled and put away their mobile phones. Ling said, "Brother Hai, is your horse jealous?"
The waves said, "This is my former colleague. Don’t talk nonsense."
Ling said, "Former colleagues? When we are children? Are colleagues as disgusting as you? "
Rainbow was very careful and said softly, "Brother Hai, what did you mean when you said you were a patriot?"? Isn’t it a crime for us to follow Lan? "
The waves have long wanted to take these two girls. I didn’t deliberately hide it, but it’s not yet time to be frank and funny with them. I smiled and said, "What we do can’t be said to be a crime, but from another angle, it’s called financing, which is called stimulating and revitalizing the economy. You don’t understand yet. I’ll tell you everything, and then I’ll be good to you two. Just remember not to talk nonsense, okay?"
The two girls nodded their heads in confusion. They were trained by Blue Sky Star people for five years before they left the society. The concept of right and wrong is very weak. Knowing that they can’t do bad things with Blue Sky Star, they are not too white. Although they vaguely feel that the words and deeds of the waves are a little weird, they have not taken it to heart. Because the waves give them a sense of security, they feel that the waves will not harm them.
Ling said, "Can we talk about where we are going now?"
The waves laughed. "Go shopping first, then come back and sleep. There is still action in the evening."
When I listen to shopping, two girls’ eyes shine. Who doesn’t like shopping and buying themselves likes makeup and clothes? They are still carrying waves and just gave them a bonus of 100 thousand yuan each.
The waves took two girls on a shopping spree. When they were happy, they brushed their gold cards. Two beautiful bodyguards bought a lot of things, which made them admire themselves more than ever.
At the beginning of the Hua Deng, the waves took two girls home and pulled a car back to the Red Chamber.
Let Ling and Rainbow bring things back to the house, and the waves will sink their faces and walk firmly to the Blue Moon Room, because another storm is coming tonight!
Ouyang smiled gently and said, "Thank you anyway. You haven’t eaten yet. Go eat first. I’ll sit here for a while and then go out."
The waves suddenly remembered a problem. He remembered that he had to accompany Blue Moon to meet a guest at lunch tomorrow.
The waves said, "Well … when will he come back?"