What else can he say!

He is Hector even tribal II, and he is also the least worthy of being a king!
Just because his mother was a tribal commoner, she accidentally gave birth to him after being loved by her father.
He has long known that no one in the whole Hector even tribe really loves him!
But people’s hearts are often like this, and the more they can’t get something, the more they are eager for luxury!
Now he has come to this point step by step, and the most unbearable result and embarrassing appearance are seen by his friends around him.
He can still be like!
That’s all!
Sometimes it’s better to live than to die!
Hector even love songs are getting more and more impatient. Even he deliberately gave up his survival. After he finished his words, he directly cleaned the wound around him and pushed it in the breeze!
Seeing this, Huang Lao’s cold eyes suddenly narrowed his eyes and set his side tone. cool thin "Is this what you explain to the king?"
Suddenly heard burn old coldly cold words resounded through the tent, even Yushu and others couldn’t help but she for a moment.
King Fawei of Dust is still very powerful!
What’s more, the situation in the world is really not optimistic.
The toxin on his chest, which seems to have been pierced by arrows, is about to invade strange meridians.
If you don’t detoxify as soon as possible, it will be difficult for the immortal to cure after you break into the internal organs!
Not to mention how shocking his whiplash is!
It is true that even the love songs in front of Lao San and others may still be born with inferiority.
Especially when I heard that he had never had an attitude and a cold tone, I closed my eyes and even the love songs could not help but stare at him.
If people look at each other next to each other, it seems that the sense of condensation in the gas is even colder.
A contest feels that the two people are constantly volatilizing in their sight.
Finally, after a long time, Hector even love songs seem to be the first to be defeated.
But seeing his faint sigh and stubborn look swept away, he said in a weak voice, "What do you want to know?"
As soon as Su Ling said this, I knew that Hector even’s love song was not going to hide it again!
Su Ling was thinking about asking about Hector’s love song when she heard Huang Laosan’s calm tone and asked, "Are you still willing to go back to Qi Chu?"
Who didn’t expect including Hector even love songs is also difficult to one leng.
When he came to burn the old man, he would ask something about the Tribal Department, but he turned the tables and let Hector even love songs feel suddenly.
"Dust me …"
Hector even love songs tangled emotions at this time almost engraved with his cheeks and eyes.
But his long-time friend Huang Lao’s indifferent appearance has a rare and delicate heart.
If he doesn’t know, if Hector even love songs tell Hector even tribal things personally, even if it will make his life conscience uneasy.
Although he looks indifferent and clear, his career as a pledge from his hometown to other countries has carved a mark in his life that is difficult to smooth.
It is true that even if the Hector even tribes hurt him so wantonly, the Hector even love songs are still kind!
In this case, if you want to know about Hector’s tribe, you don’t need to know about it through Hector’s love song.
He also hopes that Hector even love songs can put everything back to Qi and Chu, so everything will be as usual!
Hector even love song mouth instantaneous and couldn’t help but pursed his lips after Su Ling also unexpectedly look at the burn old.
She knows about it. He has his own plans!
Sure enough, even the love songs can’t be put into words, and the third place directly said, "Love songs, you still have an hour to consider. If you want to go back to Qi and Chu, the king will arrange someone to escort you back!
Back to Qi and Chu, everything is the same and nothing will change! But from the moment you go back, Hector even tribe has nothing to do with you!
You have an hour to think it over and give Wang an answer then! "
Huang Lao’s attitude is firm and does not refuse that he can be so indecisive about Hector even’s love songs!
Even the tribe, if he wants to accept it, then he must not be biased because of love songs!