"oh! What good news? " Duan Qingyun heart a fiercely andao is with lesser parents?

Mr. Yorklin said, "I brought your friends and parents back, and now it is estimated that it will be near the hospital gate. I am here to tell you this news. You should be very happy!"
Duan Qingyun was shocked and didn’t seem to believe that this old Mao had such high integrity. He quickly got up and grabbed the old Mao’s hand and wrote, "Mr. Yue, you are really my best friend. If you have you, you will work for me sincerely!"
Said Duan Qingyun a face of excitement.
Lao Mao laughed. "It’s very kind of you. We are friends!"
Said the old Mao got up and walked to the spacious French window and looked forward. Duan Qingyun followed him to the window.
I saw the lights shining at the hospital gate. Although it was night, several black BMW cars were just parked. In the BMW car, a tall foreigner with different skin colors walked. One was bald and blue eyes, and the other had yellow hair and green eyes. They all wore black sunglasses and dark black suits.
The people who come and go at the hospital gate don’t seem to have seen foreigners stop and watch. There was a traffic jam at the hospital gate for a while.
Duan Qingyun saw two tall foreigners touching two neatly dressed and gray-haired old men coming in towards the hospital.
Mr. Yoklin laughed and pulled Duan Qingyun’s hand and said, "Let’s go. Here they come."
Duan Qingyun immediately packed his clothes and followed Mr. Yorkshire downstairs.
Suddenly Duan Qingyun stopped.
"What do you think of Mr segment?" Lao Mao turned to ask
"Oh, nothing!" Duan Qingyun laughed and continued walking towards the building at the same time.
Real Duan Qingyun just wanted to call Xiaoya. After all, her parents came back. However, Duan Qingyun thought that old Mao almost brought Xiaoya * * to the event that night, and he had a fearful reasoning. Just don’t let Xiaoya come forward for the time being.
Two people out of the inpatient department went straight to the hospital gate.
"Aha, hello, Mr Zamus!" Mr. York shook hands and hugged the bald foreigner with blue eyes.
"aha, hello, Mr jelink!" Mr. York also shook hands and hugged to greet the blond foreigner.
Three foreigners seem to be fellow villagers, and when they meet each other, they are tearful and can’t stop talking about their separation. They talk to each other for miles, and it’s hard to understand a foreign language.
After making out with each other for a while, Mr. Yorklin turned and pointed to Duan Qingyun and said to the two newly arrived foreigners, "hisisygreafriend!" (This is my great friend)
The two foreigners took off sunglasses and looked at Duan Qingyun in a friendly way.
Duan Qingyun also reached out and shook hands with the two foreigners.
Mr. Yorklin said, "Mr. Duan, these two old people are your friends, mom and dad. You can go and talk."
Duan Qingyun saw Xiaoya’s parents at first sight after he walked out of the intensive care unit. The two old people have good eyes and white hair, but their faces look good. It seems that their life abroad is not very bad and they are naturally happy now! Duan Qingyun slightly relieved.
"Hello, uncles and aunts!" Duan Qingyun is very enthusiastic. "Are you Xiaoya’s parents?"
When the two old people heard their eyes blink, they nodded desperately almost at the same time. "Would you please tell us where Xiaoya is now?"
Duan Qingyun said, "There are more foreigners here. Please be patient and listen to me!"
The two old men looked at each other and nodded, their eyes flashing with eagerness.
Duan Qingyun turned his head and talked to Mr. Zamus and Mr. Jelinke, Mr. Yorklin, who were difficult to understand a foreign language. "I’ll arrange a hotel for you now, gentlemen. I’ll treat you well for a while. I’ll invite you to dinner!"
The three foreign friends smiled with satisfaction when they heard it. They didn’t refuse Duan Qingyun’s kindness.
Duan Qingyun’s heart said, "What a dead foreigner!" Hey, hey, but you brought Xiaoya’s parents back to China. It’s really unreasonable if my old section doesn’t mean one!
At the same time Duan Qingyun looked up at Xiaoya lounge window andao who let an old section see somebody else’s daughter! How can such a delicate beauty climb the bed of an old section willingly without paying some price?
In the middle of a lewd laugh, Qingyun dials Director Zhang’s mobile phone and says, "Mr. Zhang York, several foreign friends have come to visit us here, and I want to arrange accommodation for them …" Duan Qingyun has made up his mind. Although I saw someone’s daughter and wanted to marry her back as a wife, if I let him break the bank, this can be difficult. Hey hey, since I climbed with Zhang and Erh Lin, it’s not white!
Director Zhang is busy at this time dealing with Zhao Linghua tearing up the hospital laboratory and stealing the Millennium deer whip. After receiving Duan Qingyun’s words, he still pondered for a few seconds and said, "Just go to the typhoon shelter hotel and charge the bill to the public security bureau!"
"Ok-"Duan Qingyun shouted excitedly. I haven’t seen Wang Jinniu for a long time. I don’t know how he is now.
Duan Qingyun smiled mysteriously at Director Zhang. "Brother Zhang, I have one more thing to tell you. Don’t be too tired these days. If you are too tired, it will be bad for aphrodisiac!"
When Director Zhang heard that Duan Qing Yun Qi had an aphrodisiac, he couldn’t help but get excited. "Don’t worry about me now. Don’t worry about me. I’m going to be busy. There are public security chiefs in several nearby areas. I have to receive them well!"
Said the director zhang hung up the phone.
Duan Qingyun took his words and said to the three foreigners, "gentlemen, I have arranged places for you to eat and stay. Let’s go now. You have worked hard!"