This cow is a little too big to blow. Why didn’t he say that he was already a martial artist? He planned to find a chance to raise the martial spirit casually and have fun.

All these countries have such sarcastic thoughts in their hearts.
Six Wu Shen also impact guanyu? There are only a handful of six Wu Shen in the whole mainland, and there are even three Wu Sheng. He is in his thirties and even said that it is ridiculous to shock Wu Sheng.
Five people, such as Xi Yu and Tang Ning, couldn’t help rolling their eyes, glaring angrily and drinking by themselves. Although they are telling the truth, who would believe such a tone and attitude? Do you believe it? Anyway, I don’t believe it
Many imperial lords ate a meal with disdain and sarcasm. While eating, they all thought about what it would be like to let Feng Yang make a fool of himself and expose his true face, which would make the Gulai Empire even more humiliated. The best way is to let Feng Yang show his tail.
"Feng Yang, your predecessor, has traveled to the mainland for ten years. This time you come back, you must have brought back many good things to the Gulai Empire, right?" After the meal, they returned to the palace. The Lord of Feilong Empire stood proudly and looked at the wind and asked with a smile.
"That’s natural." Feng Yang Tao sneered at this group of people in his heart. It’s really annoying to see the old fool. If he didn’t want to imperial Hu Fei, he would have beaten you into a pig’s head.
It seems that some blood can be shed.’ Feng Yang directly took out a crystal card "one billion gold coins"
Many countries gasped when they heard this number. One billion gold coins is so huge. Even if it is put on the mainland, it is amazing. For an empire, it is absolutely shocking and rich. Many imperial treasuries do not have this number.
But then all the people couldn’t help wondering about this crystal card. They just took out a billion gold coins, which was a bit of a joke. Then Li Yuan generously gave the crystal card to other countries to check, which dispelled the doubts of those imperial countries that it was indeed a billion gold coins.
However, they are so jealous that they can’t help but guess that this is just arranged by the Lord of Gulai Empire. It must be so. It is not impossible for Gulai Empire to take out one billion gold coins.
Then Feng Yang took out a medium magic weapon, which is rare in the empire. Even the best weapon of many countries is just a low magic weapon. After all, a magic weapon is not cheap, and it really can’t exert its power in the hands of ordinary people.
After that, Fengyang took out a large number of animals, Yuan Dan and high-order Warcraft skins, which were really dispensable for Fengyang, and all of them were just things to exchange money to enhance the national strength of Gulai Empire, which was also good.
These things blocked the mouths of the major imperial countries as soon as they died.
Looking around the country, the Lord Feng Yang said with a smile, "Actually, you just want to try my depth and authenticity, and you must make these vain things. Why don’t you tell me what to do? It’s really troublesome."
Seeing that Feng Yang has picked it all, it is also right in the middle of your country’s idea. The Lord of Feilong Empire proudly came out and smiled and said, "Since Feng Yang’s predecessors have been generous with your advice, let’s learn from it."
"Line" Feng Yang looked at Aoli and put away his cynical smile. "Let you push first."
"That’s it." Proud to say that we have sinned, but we haven’t finished a word yet, and we haven’t pulled out a proud sword, so we can’t say a word, and the words are abruptly swallowed.
A full-bodied blood-red sword has touched his throat when he said the second word, just when he held the handle.
I’m very proud that I didn’t see clearly how the other party got to my side. The speed made him look at everything, and this situation finally made him realize the gap.
The bystanders also showed great surprise, and they all became dumbfounded, as if they had seen something incredible, without blinking an eye.
It took a long time for everyone to return to absolute being from consternation, only to find that the battle was over before. The other side was so fast that everyone’s eyes couldn’t keep up with it, and everyone dared not make one.
Feng Yang put away the dragon blood sword and smiled and helped Aoli wipe off his forehead with a cold sweat. Zhan Yan revealed a friendly and kind smile "Don’t be silly"
When he said that, he resumed that cynical smile, but it was deeply shocking to others.
If you have the strength to show it early, it will be over. What a force!
Now this is the only idea of all the kings and sects, but another idea is that the Gulai Empire and Feiyun Gate will be on fire this time.
Tian Shan, the master of Feiyun Gate, and the three elders were ecstatic when they saw that Feng Yang’s strength had just been shocked by the faces of the leaders and leaders. They seemed to have seen Feiyun Gate’s return to glory, and they seemed to have seen their glory as heroes of Feiyun Gate. They were all happy one by one.
A small performance to deter the major empires has also saved a lot of trouble. No one dares to be sarcastic any more. All the time, when the wind blows, people feel that people are really cheap. Get along with them well. They will be honest if they don’t have to hit them.
The monarch lived in the palace for some time, and these days, when the wind blows, he accompanied five women to eat, drink and be merry all day, which is also a propaganda to the Gulai Empire. Although he has no deep feelings for the Gulai Empire and is not a patriot, he doesn’t mind being able to make a little contribution to his native empire, and once the Warcraft riot empire is stronger, his ability to protect the people will be stronger.
Guess Chen Bin also practice about the wind Yang will downing and other five girls out of the palace, and now it’s time for his apprentice to do his bit for life.
Going with five people, including Tang Ning, also depends on them to give Chen Bin a big transformation. Otherwise, it is a bit difficult for him to control the girl’s psychology like that.
While Fengyang is busy here, Wu Hua on the mainland is caught in a catastrophe.
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Chapter seven hundred and thirty Escape from memories
After learning that Michelle was going to marry Chang Ziteng, Wu Hua was desperate to find Michelle.
Chang Ziteng is the main son of Guangshun City, and his marriage is in full swing in Guangshun City.
When Wu Hua came to Guangshun City, he heard about Chang Ziteng and You Xueer every day. He lived in Guangshun City for several months. Since he recovered his memory, Wu Hua will be saddened to think of what he did to You Xueer in those days.
He knew that he had brought too much harm to Euchel.
But he knows how much he loves Michelle. If Michelle marries Chang Ziteng in this way, he will regret it all his life.
Wu Hua knows that she loves Michelle and knows what she wants. Although Michelle has set a wedding date with Chang Ziteng, he still comes to save the daughter she once lost.
After learning that Youxueer and Chang Ziteng’s wedding date had been fixed for three days, Wu Hua could no longer sit still. He went to the main mansion of Guangshuncheng alone.
At this time, the Lord’s mansion is decorated with lanterns and colorful decorations, and everywhere is full of festive atmosphere. Everyone can’t laugh. The wedding of the Lord of the city can be described as a celebration of the city and people get rich rewards