"Ah … how long have we been here? There is no clue at all … "I can’t help complaining about how far we have gone before this. Strong cold winds are blowing one after another, but the sight is greatly reduced. Seeing that the snowstorm is coming, the body has not fallen, and the belief has fallen first …

"There is an iceberg in front of us. We might as well go and find out if there is an ice cave to hide." The wolf said and flew up. At this time, it was protected by its own protective cover. Flying in the cold wind was not affected at all. I saw it fly away and then set up wind magic to follow it. Just after chasing it, I found a vertical iceberg not far ahead. It seemed that the wolf was flying towards it, and sure enough, I saw it landing towards a foothold for a while.
"We are now an iceberg in the middle of the strange? There is a big crack in this iceberg … let’s go in and avoid it. "When we landed, we found a big crack in front of us in a triangular shape. When the wolf saw this, he went in first, and I followed closely. I didn’t have any experience in this place. I followed closely with it …
"wow! There are ice walls everywhere. I wonder how deep they are? " When we came in, the chaotic wind died down. If it weren’t for our spiritual traffic, we wouldn’t have been able to hear each other clearly.
"Well, let’s go in and have a look," said the wolf, and went in. It seems that his curiosity is no less than mine. When I saw that he said so, I followed him in.
"I said that we are just like sealing up the ice!" After walking for a while, I told the wolf with a wry smile that there were ice walls on both sides of us, and even a small ice path rising in front of us was a road. I think we are walking now and I don’t know where we are …
"I don’t know where this road leads. I always think it can bring us good luck. Maybe we can find the clue of’ ice stone’ in it …" The wolf echoed and said, so we moved on. I don’t know how long it took. I gradually felt that the road was getting narrower and narrower. What was I trying to say? The wolf suddenly stopped and said, "Hey? Why is there a chaotic fire here? Impossible? " Before I could respond, it rushed to the front. When I saw that it seemed to have found something, I also stepped up my footsteps and chased it. Soon, I found that not far ahead was the end of the path and the wolf stopped there. There was a white fire floating in front of it? White fire? I couldn’t help wondering until I got close enough to make sure it was really a white fire, but I saw the wolf’s big eyes staring at the ice wall. I looked at it and couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat! Oh, my god Why is there anyone here? Seeing a man being frozen in the wall, I found that it was actually a middle-aged man wearing a magic robe and his hands spread out, so he was erected in the frozen wall …
"This … this … is he still alive?" I stared at the ice wall and asked the man.
"It’s been a long time since he died …" Wolf replied sadly and went on to say, "Do you know who he is?"
"He is?" I saw Wolf Da as if I knew him. Sure enough, he paused and said, "He’s our chaotic god. Don’t you think it’s strange that Dowell and Dodi were sealed together when we lost the war with his master?" What god and ghost sealed us here but didn’t kill us all? It’s all because he and Dodi created a boundary. Even if they couldn’t get in, we couldn’t get out. I wondered why he wasn’t with Dodi. Now here … "
"You mean? Him? Then how did he die here? " I’m all at sea.
"I don’t know if I have seen this chaotic fire," said the wolf, turning his eyes to this white fire.
"Chaos fire? What’s that? " I asked doubtfully.
"This is a special fire only for the chaotic protoss. It is the information specially left by the fire owner before his death. Only the chaotic protoss can interpret it. It’s up to you to put your hand on the surface when you get close. If you are the real chaotic protoss, it will react …" The wolf made a sign for me to try it. After listening to it, I approached this white chaotic fire. My hand seemed to vibrate and then spread around in an instant …
Chapter 39 Chaos God will
The wolf and I looked at each other as if there were a third voice between us. Is it true that this ice wall man has spoken? Listen to a middle-aged male voice around "who? Who is it? Is it … an old friend of Dodi’s? … no … not … "
"That, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that,
"Well …? Is it a monty wolf? I feel that there is a smell in your breath that I am not familiar with my family … Who is it? " The sound rang again, and when the wolf saw that the other party recognized it, he roared lightly, indicating that it was right. When I saw the sound, I asked about me and said, "My name is Chu Rehan, and I came with the wolf …"
"Your breath is my people, that’s right. Besides, there are also my people who can touch this chaotic fire … you said you came here to find’ ice stone’? Just go home. This is not the place where you should come … "The sound rang again. When I saw the other party telling me to go back, I couldn’t help wondering," Do you want me to go back? I want to go back, but I can’t. I’m here mainly to practice and find the’ Ice Stone’, but Uncle Dodi told me that if I can’t find it, I can’t go back to my predecessor. Please tell me where the’ Ice Stone’ is. "
"Dodi called you? It’s impossible … I thought when I wanted to come here, he was extremely obstructionist, saying that it was not the right time, but seeing my family being so oppressed, I couldn’t bear this tone to secretly come here without telling him, only to be killed by the energy from the frost wyrm’ Ice Stone’. Now he has sent you here to die? Impossible … absolutely impossible … "
"Why can’t it be that he threw us to this elder and said that frost wyrm is the one hiding the’ ice stone’?" A listen to him to frost wyrm must be "ice stone" it’s right.
"So what? If you want me to be chaotic, it will plant all the gods in its hands. What can you do if you go? Let’s go back early, and I’ll lose my life. "Listen to his tone, I must go back, but since I have come here and don’t get the’ ice stone’, there is no reason to go back. I continued," Thank you, uncle Dodi, for letting me come here. Since I have come here and don’t get the stone, I won’t go back, but I don’t understand that you will defeat a frost wyrm. Is it possible that frost wyrm has three heads and six arms? "
"…" It seems that I asked him about the pain and waited for a long time before I heard him say, "This may be the most cowardly battle in my life … I thought that when my king took our gods to resist the invasion of the gods and ghosts, we fought to the death to resist the hatred or the enemy, but they carefully planned that in the end, my king sacrificed his life to save us … Although we survived, we were already weakened, and the rest of our skills were finally put into chaos to save it. Fortunately, my brother Dodi worked together to create the outside world to make the gods and ghosts. Today, I failed to wipe out our family, but we were able to resist again. But I happened to hear the elders in the family say that there are five sacred stones to revive our family. I came here alone to look for the "ice stone" regardless of dissuasion. Little frost wyrm knew very well that frost wyrm’s strength with the "ice stone" actually rose a lot, adding me only 20% skill. In the end, he was injured by the "ice stone" in his hand and was finally hit to this ice level … Alas, I didn’t listen to Brother Dodi’s advice to end up like this … "
After listening to his statement, I probably understand that he will be frozen, but I am more determined to find this’ ice stone’. Although I don’t know how important they are or how much Dodi wants me to come here, I will find this’ ice stone’ and think about it later.
"I didn’t expect my predecessors to have such an experience, but it’s really admirable for them to sacrifice themselves like this. Although I don’t know whether it is a chaotic clan, now that I know that this’ ice stone’ is so important, I have to find it all the more!"
"… you … I didn’t expect you to have such verve! Not the kui is my people! But I advise you to stop. That frost wyrm is a formidable enemy beyond your ability … unless you can help him … or you will die if you go … "I heard him say this with a wry smile and said," I wonder if my predecessors decided that I was not the opponent of frost wyrm? "
"Let me try how deep your skill is so that you can give up your present calm and wait for me to explore …" The sound stopped here and I don’t know how he would sound out my skill. To tell the truth, even I can’t figure out what stage I have reached … When I was thinking, the sound rang again, but this time it was very exciting to hear him say intermittently, "You … you actually have this kind of energy … don’t you? Are you what the elders said? Ha … ha ha! ! … heaven will not destroy my family! It seems that there is hope for reviving my Chaos Protoss! Ha ha! …”
I was shocked by this sudden laugh and asked, "Is the elder so concerned?" It seems that the laughter eased after hearing my doubts. I heard him ask, "Didn’t Dodi tell you anything?"
"Tell me what? What energy do I have? Would you please tell your predecessors clearly? " The more I listen to it, the more confused I am. What kind of energy do I have? What’s different about me is that I have strength. Does it mean that energy is it?
"It’s just that since Dodi didn’t tell you, I won’t say that sooner or later you will know. Aren’t you going to find the’ ice stone’? Now that I know your ability, I think you may win frost wyrm, so I’ll tell you where the "Ice Stone" is … "Hearing this, I wonder why he has become so fast. Didn’t he always advise me not to go before? Now you want me to go? I really don’t understand, but it’s a good thing that he is willing to tell me now. I have to continue to look for it blindly …
"Even if the predecessors don’t say it, where is the predecessor in frost wyrm?" I asked.
"Well … you go outside and walk east, and then you will see three icebergs connected together. Then frost wyrm will hide in it all the year round, but remember to be careful that the’ ice stone’ in his hand is extremely cold. It is unfortunate that I was caught in it at the beginning, and my body will freeze. Otherwise, this little iceberg can’t stand it. I will be hurt by its cold, and my body will slowly freeze. This ice is unusual and will not melt in case of fire. Remember to be careful of the cold stone!"
"Well, thank you for your advice!" Knowing the direction of the’ ice stone’ made me feel a lot better, and then I blurted out, "I don’t know where the predecessors are talking when they see that their bodies are frozen in the ice wall." Since the elder can still talk, the certificate is not dead, right? I’ll get the elder out. "I said that I was about to get the body out of the ice wall, but he heard him stop and stopped to listen to him.
"That’s all. You can’t resist this ice. Only’ biting stones’ can melt this cold. Besides, I’m already dead. Talking to you now is just my divine knowledge, but it will soon disappear." There is a little sadness in my tone. I can’t help but feel the heart. "Is there really no way to revive my predecessors?"
"I can revive my life with my king and his powerful chaotic spirit to maintain my knowledge, but it’s impossible to save my life. You don’t have to worry about it. Okay … You go … I’m sleepy … I hope …" The voice became weaker and weaker, and finally it was gone. I shouted in my heart, "Elder! Senior! " But there was no reply, so I suddenly recovered calm all around. Dowell was still lying quietly in the ice wall, as if nothing had happened, and suddenly there was a wolf’s voice in my meditation
"He’s gone … promise me not to let Dodi know in advance that this may have hit him too hard." Since Wolf Da just listened to our conversation quietly, it sounded.
"They must be very good, right? Otherwise, the brothers would not be commensurate, but why didn’t Dodi come to him for so many years? " Hearing the wolf’s voice, I woke up from my meditation and asked.
"There are some things you don’t need to know yet. Maybe he has his own mission … Well, let’s go. Don’t forget that we have our own work to do," said the wolf. He turned and walked out. I looked at the frozen Doffer with his hands clenched and said, "Don’t worry, senior, I will definitely find the’ ice stone’ and I will never let you die in vain!" With that, he turned away from the path he had come in earlier and went out …
"The snowstorm has finally stopped, and the view is much better," said the wolf outside when he saw me coming out.