Ling duct "belongs to thank you princess … very good"

"Good is good, and they were afraid that you are not satisfied with a good look for Han Yun." Su Mian went into the house with a smile.
Several guards outside booed to ask glide to buy a drink, and he sent everyone away without equivocation, "I want to keep the report."
Su Mian went into the back room of the front yard to see Yan Gui and Ming An slept on his couch.
"Come?" Yan Gui is quite dissatisfied with her leaving the child to another bank when she is fine. Can it be his business to take care of the child? Although there is a wet nurse
"Report, you have to reward people for finding such a good girl for your close family …" Su Mian rushed over in a few steps and snatched Yan Gui from his arms. It was called a flowing water.
Yan Gui glared at her or hugged "no rules!"
"Report reward somebody else …" Su Mian secretly their when do you want me to have rules? Is holding the Yan to neck coquetry way
"Make trouble again?" Yan to suddenly hold her waist deep way
Sue cotton one leng dare not move, this time she didn’t want to … The man more and more can’t provoke.
Yan Gui’s black face pulled her to kiss her lips for a long time until Ming ‘an turned over and two people were busy. Song Su Mian had no strength and softened Yan Gui’s arms.
"Grinding people" Yan Gui said, hold her tight.
"You like it" Su Mian muttered.
"What did you say?" Yangui dangerous road
"No …" Su Mian shook her head and looked very serious.
"People will bring the world back and serve it well." Yan didn’t listen to her until she hugged her and didn’t give up. She looked at her but called outside.
Indigo came in and wrapped the baby and handed it to the nurse. The nurse went out together and didn’t dare to look at it from beginning to end. She hugged two people together.
Su Mian felt remorse and bit her tongue, but the child was still taken away.
"Mianmian increasingly capable king to reward you just not to reward? Can I reward you together? " Yan suddenly held her up and strode to the couch. 383. 383 Taxes
In March, the spring returns to the earth, and Yanning wants to drag on regardless of the south.
Because the prince of Yan, that is, Emperor Jian ‘an, is making a big splash.
He was sure enough to support the 16-year-old official outside.
This is a fried pot
The ruling and opposition parties have once again shaken this Jian ‘an Emperor, who wanted to rebel more than ten years ago. The first emperor was not so cruel as he is today. The prince is not a fierce king.
There has never been a hostage in Beijing, and even the princess of the prince has been taken away and died, but it was all fiefs in 67.
And now it’s too late. What’s this all about?
At that time, the ministers could not stand on their feet without fighting!
Yanning also knows that this battle must be fought after several months of thinking. He also knows that Da Yin lost the south, but he still has a vast territory, so he can’t win the prince. Now the fierce king is not afraid of his rebellion, and all kinds of signs show that he doesn’t want to rebel.
"Don’t be soft-hearted, this battle is bound to be won!" They also advised
"War is silver, and now the state treasury is empty. How long will it take us to fight if the prince pulls his posture?" Yanning avenue
After a short silence, everyone will count slowly.
There is no doubt that a lot of grain, grass and silver are needed, and the Ministry knows best that the state treasury is really not rich now
From the death of the first emperor, the funeral of the new emperor, the ceremony of the new emperor’s accession to the throne, the queen mother conferred the title of queen … and two titles.
Burying the emperor is not too much money.
How many battles did the natives of the North fight, but they were defeated in the end. They fought in the South for a year, and they all consumed silver.
There is no faster way to increase taxes today.
"It’s ….. it’s also feasible. It’s good for the people to have a good weather in recent years. It’s aggravated by several percent, which also makes the official department lose when it beats the prince."
Anyway, their family naturally helped.
Actually, half of the courtiers disapprove that raising taxes is the best policy, but even if civil servants don’t lead troops, they know that fighting is burning money. Nothing is faster than collecting taxes.
Everyone chose silence.
"In that case, the Ministry will be in charge of this matter for two months, and I will prepare food and clothing for the expedition. I will use personal expedition." Yanning said.
At this time, no one advised him not to go. This is the best way. It is the way to get morale up quickly with personal expedition.
In the final analysis, Yanning is orthodox. It was the reign of the emperor in the Vientiane Palace from generation to generation. He can resist the name of the prince.