At that time, when they heard the news at lunch, Lin Jingxuan’s face was light and there was no emotional leakage. He was holding chopsticks but barely visible, and the veins stood out on the back of his hand were faintly exposed.

"I’m finished."
He slowly put the chopsticks on the table and turned and strode out.
"That’s all the child has eaten?" Lin mother inexplicably vinegar frowned.
Ye Youran wry smile "is probably what’s on your mind … Chapter 157 157 Don’t want to die and get out of here immediately.
It’s been three days since Jun Fengwen saw Lin Jingxuan again-I’ve been wandering around with Sandy and Nangong Obsidian for a long time, and I haven’t been to class for a long time, and I haven’t met a teacher somewhere in the palace.
On this day, she drank outside the palace until late.
I suddenly came to the gate of Lin Fu when I was at the willow tip.
The former Lin government guards are already familiar with the princess who often appears, but the fact that she is still drunk in the middle of the night makes them stunned. It turns out that princesses can be so unruly.
"Princess, please come in."
A teacher’s adult told me that if the princess came here, she didn’t have to inform and let people in directly.
Jun Feng Wen came to Lin Jing Xuan Yuan all the way without stopping. On the way, she met Lin Jing Xuan’s mother, Lin, and she greeted her with a smile, "Hello Aunt Lin."
A teacher’s mother called her aunt?
Lin gave her a strange look and said hello, then asked, "Princess, are you drunk?"
"No, no … I’m glad now." Jun Feng is warm and laughing. "I have something to see Aunt Taifulin. Goodbye!"
She said before lam reaction directly turned and continued to Lin jingxuan house.
Lam stared at her, seemingly normal, but slightly staggered back.
This time, it’s really a hindrance to your wind and warmth, and you just came to the door of Lin Jingxuan’s room.
I was about to knock at the door when I heard a delicate woman "Brother Jing Xuan, I am really willing …"
Charming almost drops of water.
The eyebrows chug jumped two gentlemen, and the door was silent for a moment, and suddenly a foot kicked the door.
She studied martial arts. After this activity, she was like a burglar. The woman inside was so scared that she turned pale and hid behind Lin Jingxuan in a hurry.
"Brother Jing Xuan!"
Jun Feng’s warm eyes first landed on the pink blouse. Oh, by the way, there is something like a belt.
Then she looked up coldly at the delicate and touching woman hiding behind Lin Jingxuan. The glistening body was dim and swaying in the candlelight, but it became more and more provocative.
Ye Youran Ye Youran!
She gnashed her teeth and tried her best to squeeze out such a word.
Holding the hip flask tightly in his hand, I wish I could not smash it at the woman or simply take a knife and unload the damn shameless woman. She fell on the other side with a sharp and cold eye.
"Brother Jing Xuan …"
Ye Youran shivered with fear and turned pale, shrinking Lin Jingxuan and clutching his sleeve assiduously.
Man smell speech this just line of sight from the full broken guy back.
However, my mind oscillated over and over again, replaying her eyes with extreme pain and anger.