Meng Yudong’s mind is not here. She is in a bad mood and very depressed, but she must be willing to cooperate with what Cheng Dongyang wants to eat.

She went to the supermarket to buy steak, red wine and fried steak. When she got home, she heard a sound from the other side of the room. Dongyang had come back.
She went to the kitchen to clean the steak, and soon Cheng Dongyang was out. He took a shower, changed his clothes, piled up his sleeves and said, "I’ll do it. You take a shower first."
Meng Yudong frying steak is really not very good. She put something down and went back to her room to take a shower.
Her mind is still that terrible report in that report. In fact, when Xiaodong said that she was not her father and daughter, she thought about her life experience. She wants to ask her mother, but she has no answer.
Has she thought about what her real father is like? But I never thought that God would give her such a joke, so unbearable and so shameful!
She really wants to ask her mother why this happened. What are you doing this to her? But she can’t. She can’t hurt her mother like this.
Think of that terrible man threatening her more comfortable? Can she tell Cheng Dongyang about it? She can’t, she can’t say it, and she can’t imagine how cruel it would be for her mother if that person really published those things.
"Dongdong, how are you? You have been washing for a long time, "said Cheng Dongyang to knock on bathroom door.
She just came to her senses and wiped herself with a towel and put on her clothes.
Cheng Dongyang has set the steak in the living room, lit the lamp and lit the candle. He poured red wine and said, "Come and try my fried steak for a long time. I hope it won’t taste too bad."
"It looks great." She can feel that Dongyang is really herself. Last night, everyone was more or less careless, but now he coaxed himself. Chapter 195 She is different.
Cheng Dongyang let her sit "try it first"
He knows that Meng Yudong doesn’t like to eat raw food. Meng Yudong is not so good at cutting steak, and he is quite clumsy. He holds her hand and teaches her how to cut it behind her.
Meng Yudong smelled his faint male smell and the fragrance of shower gel in his pocket. The man got a smell of oil smoke all over his kitchen and didn’t touch her heart. He couldn’t help sighing.
A small piece of beef was tender and sweaty in her mouth and delicious. She smiled "delicious"
Song Yuanyuan was right. Cheng Dongyang is a man who can’t stop. Outside, he urges him to be strong. He is arrogant. He is also the most dazzling in the crowd. He is gentle and considerate. He will put out lead and lead China. He will do many unimaginable things. She can’t help but fall.
"It’s good to eat." Cheng Dongyang still has confidence in his cooking. He picked up the glass. "Let’s touch a glass and we will have a future."
Meng Yudong also picked up the glass. Her capacity for liquor is poor, but it’s nothing at all. She gently touched him and tried to make herself laugh naturally.
"Why do you think of fried steak today?" Meng Yudong has a bad taste, but the sweet and astringent red wine warms her lips and teeth. Her head is slightly tipsy and her body is relaxed.
"Do you like it?" Cheng Dongyang charm looked at her.
"Like" her is more than like it? She drank it again, and he touched it and took a sip.
Cheng Dongyang smiled with satisfaction. He went to play the music, which was very elegant. He walked up to her. "Dear Dongdong, will you dance with me?"
Meng Yudong looked at the candlelight, and his handsome face flashed and hid his fatal charm. His smile was so confusing that she held out her hand. "I’m not very good at dancing in Dongyang."
"No Dongdong follow me" Cheng Dongyang will circle her to her arms and tightly ring her waist.
Dongdong also relaxed. She snuggled up to his arms and felt his breath. Dongyang was so good, but she was hiding such an unbearable life. She didn’t know that she could still be with him?
"Dongdong" his lips fell on her ear. "You can take off your shoes and step on my feet. I’ll take you to jump."
Meng Yudong looked up at him with a gentle smile on his face, her eyes shining, her heart pounding and her heart burning. She really took off her shoes and stepped on his instep to follow his steps.
At this time, no one wants to say a word. Meng Yudong is so quiet in his arms that she is in a better mood than peace.
This night Cheng Dongyang was very gentle, and their big bed was tender and tender. He gently kissed every inch of her body, and she was shocked when his kiss landed at the heart of her leg.
This man is so arrogant outside, but the municipal party Committee remembers to do something like this. She grabs his scalp and holds it up slightly, hoping that he will leave and wish to send himself to his lips.
Cheng Dongyang buried his head in her leg. It was the first time for him to do such a thing. His personality was that he would never do it alone. But he did it by Meng Yudong. It was a natural process. When he kissed it, he didn’t feel dirty, but he felt so beautiful that he couldn’t help tasting it again and again.
When he kissed her, he wanted to make her happier. Although he was not very skilled, he worked hard until he sent her to the top. She was unable to control her trembling and his mouth was wet.