Chapter 19 A sword seals the throat

"Sigh, sigh, sigh, sigh" The hangover feels terrible. I want to sleep, but I can’t sleep. I gulp at the foul smell of alcohol in the room and I want to vomit when I smell it.
It’s a pity that I can vomit. I just spit it out. The rest of the stuff has entered the blood vessels. I only hope that the liver can help me break down more alcoholic enzymes to wake up quickly.
Hazy Duke found someone touching him.
Well, the wizard shows a green light, so it’s one of our own!
Duke doesn’t care. Anyway, now he’s a war scum and expects others to serve him.
The guy groped for his tender little hand in the dark, and then Duke found that the other party seemed to give him sunder armor.
"Leave me alone … let me sleep … whoosh!"
The other party seems to be startled, but then the mosquito grunts and replies "hmm"
Hey! ?
Wait! There seems to be something wrong!
Although the body feels rather dull, Duke can still feel the strange touch when the other side gently and carefully sharpens Duke’s Excalibur.
Du Keli is as heavy as a daughter’s eyelids and suddenly sees a head with golden hair.
No tall ears are human?
There are only blonde human women around you, but Jaina definitely doesn’t have this kind of long hair that goes straight to the waist.
Duke Huo Ran woke up with everything, and finally saw who had lost his way. "Kalia! ?”
It seems that the first time I stole something, I was caught by the bag thief Kalia, and I was completely stunned.
However, in an instant, two lines of clear tears ran out of Kalia’s eyes and slid across her still beautiful cheeks.
"It’s my words … how all can’t? Duke, do you hate me so much? "
The moonlight shines into the room, which makes Karia’s bright blonde hair shine. Time has passed, and this beautiful princess left traces on her face.
In the moonlight, Kalia has a little crow’s feet in her eyes, kneeling on the bed, and keeping the female body at the end is already full of traces of mature women.
Sitting up, Duke suddenly sighed, "Twenty years!"
It’s been 20 years, from the initial acquaintance, several short and full of topic exchanges, to later helping Kalia to fake her death, and then five years ago, Arthas killed her father and forced Kalia to go back to Lordaeron.
Duke knew from Vanessa that Kalia refused to make him give [eternal blessing]. Duke knew that Kalia decided to return to youth, and she regarded it as his parting gift, but Kalia refused to accept it.
Therefore, she would rather appear in front of Duke with her youth gone.
Tears are still flowing, which makes Duke feel sad.
"Yes! It’s been twenty years, but I’ve never regretted it for even a second in these twenty years. "Kalia is still crisp and a little soft, like a cone straight into Duke’s heart."
Duke’s mouth squirmed for a long time and sighed, "You’re so stupid. I’ve always been simple. Don’t let God ruin your beauty and do those things out of love for beauty."
Gently leaned over and Karia sat on Duke’s knees and put her hands on Duke’s shoulders. "So what? There is a Duke who saved me from that famous palace cage! Give me the most regretful youth, let me enjoy a free life that I never dreamed of for less than ten years, and also have a Duke! Maybe I am a passer-by in your eyes, but in my eyes, you are already my department, even if I don’t want to go back to Lordaeron, if you want me to do it. "
Duke was silent.
Kalia’s forehead gently touched Duke’s forehead, and the tears became worse. "Sorry! I know your favorite is the Windrunner sisters, and I know you don’t like me, but I really like you so much! The most I am willing to wait silently, but you have gone for ten years in an unguarded moment, and after you come back, the horse is fierce and then disappears for more than four years … "
What else can Duke say? He is also very nai!
It’s always empty, or it’s a long river of time
"If I’m sorry, I’m willing to say it a hundred thousand times and a million times, but I really don’t want to deceive myself and wait for it stupidly. I’ve been waiting for twenty years, and I really can’t accept that I will end my life without emotional communication with you in the future, even if there is something wrong with my approach, please forgive me …"
After that, Kalia wanted to do it foolishly.
Who knows that Duke suddenly pushed her?
Kaliyabi was amazed. "Didn’t you take a paralytic drug?"
Don’t ask, someone around him must have been raped.
You shouldn’t have put Vanessa next to Kalia in the first place. Your sister is a good maid, and she has gone to school.
Duke’s face twitched. "Nima Vanessa, you bastard maid, I’ll deal with you later!"
Vanessa suddenly felt a chill in the maid’s room outside the door, although the sound insulation was good and she did not fall asleep.
Duke looked back at Kalia’ maliciously” idiot woman! I gave up my last chance to escape from my clutches! Don’t blame the world if you are stupid! When you are finished, you will be my collection forever! "
After Duke’s bad words, Kalia smiled through tears. "Good! I have been waiting for this day for twenty years! "
"Take it and watch me [seal my throat with a sword]!"
Duke Excalibur swung his sword and stabbed the cruel blade instantly.
Kalia is like a swan shot by a sharp arrow. The perfect neck has been lifted to the limit because of pain, and tears have just gushed out, as if it were missing a dike.