"Don’t ask the manager much. Remember those human beings and send people away."

All the way to the Golden Lotus, I talked about how good my wife was and how much kindness I had to save her from fire and water.
Yu Yu won’t listen to anything. She wants to keep her nephew’s face and minimize the negative impact, and also advise him not to get lost in the whirlpool.
Mu Rong played a good listener and echoed a few words from time to time.
She will also take the initiative to ask, "Did you see that woman when I followed your grandfather?"
"See you!"
"She looks like"
"Nature is extremely beautiful"
Mu Rong: "How is that better than your wife?"
"This" Golden Lotus paused for a moment. "My wife’s heart is more beautiful."
It’s better than Sun Muzhen. Men are really visual animals.
Murong compared a she pointed to the fish "that’s better than your aunt"
The golden lotus was in trouble. "I couldn’t see it clearly at that time, and I thought, Oh, by the way, is that woman and empress a bit like us from the Central Plains?"
Mu Rong ha ha a smile "it’s not surprising that this is Yumen after all."
At the beginning, when the snow melted the country, their caravan also led to the countries in the western regions through Yumen House. Perhaps there is still a snow melting country in this city.
Just then, the golden lotus pointed to the front. "That’s the house!"
She just finished the door, and a tall woman in a colorful glass skirt came out of the door, with beautiful appearance, deep facial features and amazing smile.
Mu Rong’s eyes suddenly widened and he heard the golden lotus sound "That’s her!"
Chapter 336 Catch a thief and catch a thief in pairs.
Jinlian was just about to catch the rape when Murong grabbed her and her voice trembled. "Wait a minute!"
"What are you waiting for! People are going to run! " Golden lotus a face of vital qi way
Mu Rong had a brainwave: "Catch a thief and catch a thief in pairs."
Jinlian paused for a moment, which seemed to make sense, and then the door opened again. From the inside, a refined and handsome man came out. He leaned into the female ear and said a few words.
The female chuckled, hammered the charming amorous feelings of the male chest with a small fist, then turned around and hooked the male neck to kiss together actively.
She is also nearly one meter tall, about the same height as a man, kissing without padding her feet together.
Seeing this scene, Mu Rong took the golden lotus and didn’t respond. Yu Yu couldn’t help it.
In broad daylight, and it’s not even your own home, you’re still so wild outside. Yu Shaoyan said that you’ve read all the sages in the dog’s stomach for decades!
And that woman, I’m afraid our family can never marry such a woman into the house!
Uncle can bear it, and neither can Gu.
Yu Yu went straight to drink "Yu Shaoyan!"
Mu Rong burying his face in it is over!
She put the golden lotus in haste and followed the past, mainly for fear that her brother would suffer.
"Aunt!" Yushaoyan’s face turned white on the spot. He blocked the woman behind him for the first time, which made Murongyou feel so relieved.
Yu Yu is not a bitch type girl. She is only twenty years old. Not only can she not start work, but she can’t even call names. But she sighed at Yu Shaoyan and let Yu Shaoyan’s heart feel like it was blocked.
Yuyu is his elder, but he is also regarded as Yuyu’s parents who were raised by themselves. My aunt was so disappointed that she looked at him and felt that she had not set a good example.
Before Yu Yu came to say anything, Mu Rong rushed over. "Xiao Yu, calm down so that you can take your nephew back to me. I’ll talk to this girl and let’s split up."
Jinlian also arrived and heard Mu Rong say, "Oh, just forget it? We have caught the rape in pairs!"
She’s a rough servant girl, but she’s not afraid to offend her master’s family at all. She seems to want to make a big deal out of it.
But danger fish can’t promise. After all, it’s her big nephew. She glanced gratefully at Mu Rong’s proposal. "Then Shao Yan, you come with me. Muzhen is still waiting at home. It’s troublesome for Rong Jie here."
Then she took up Yu Shaoyan and left. Now she is not a weak woman, and her strength is still strong. Yu Shaoyan took up her nephew and ran like the wind.
Yu Shaoyan glanced anxiously at the woman behind him and asked Yu Yu, "Who is that sister-in-law?"
"It’s also a concubine. The third princess’s biological mother is Mu Rong."
"what!" Hearing this, Yu Shaoyan stopped anxiously, but when he looked back again, Mu Rong had pushed Cher into the house.
This is a chic small courtyard decorated with Jiangnan garden style. Mu Rong looks at a woman with a big chest, a big waist, a thin ass, beautiful white skin and long legs. Which man can hold it when he sees it?
But he is his brother, not his sister!
You, you dress up as a woman!
"Does he know that you are a man?" Murong didn’t send it until he was silent for a moment
Mu Xue nodded. "We have known each other for a long time."
When Yu Shaoyan first met him, he knew that he was fascinated by him, but that smelly man never took the initiative to catch up with himself.
Mu Rong hates "knowing that you are a man is still like this, then he is also an asshole!"
He just looks at his brother and wants to play with Xiaoxue!
Mu Xue unhappy way "elder sister you scold me, don’t say that he was my initiative".
Look at Mu Xue’s expression. I can’t see the man’s appearance. Mu Rong hates iron and does not produce steel. "You like him so much!"
"Yes, Shao Yan is the top scholar in Da Yue. He is particularly knowledgeable and kind." Mu Xue’s eyes are full of love.
Mu Rong thought it was over. It’s not just fun. It’s completely sunk in
Mu Rong knew that her younger brother had suffered too much. Later, she pressed Hu Lu and asked some jade camel ladies to feel that she was enjoying the splendor in the palace and that her younger brother was trying to save herself while suffering. It was really wronged him.
These experiences of her younger brother made her feel that it was absurd for her younger brother to do this, but she could not bear to say anything harsh to Mu Xue.