Then Lin Ying hit the iron gate and went in.

It’s quiet inside. There’s no sign or sound.
Lin Ying glanced around and then walked to the kitchen.
There is an entrance guard in the kitchen because it has been stopped.
Lin Ying went over and pulled it directly and found that the wire was twisted inside.
Lin Ying picked up a machete and reached in through the door.
Then the wire was broken in twos and threes.
Then Lin Ying entered the kitchen.
Hua la la
There was a sound of iron basin falling in the kitchen.
Lin Ying was attracted by the sound and entered the kitchen.
As soon as Lin Ying entered the kitchen, she saw four men looking at themselves with kitchen knives and pot lids.
Lin Ying glanced at the four people and found that they were probably in their 40 s and 50 s, dressed in rags, and the white chef had become black, and several people’s hair was twisted into a mess.
All faces are as black as the bottom of the pot, and their eyes are going round and round.
All four of them are so thin that the chef looks a little wobbly in them.
Looking at the four people in front of them, Lin Ying andao "The four people in the canteen have all gone through this picture, so it is estimated that no one can live in his place, so there is no need to search his place."
Chapter 277 Four Old People
This is the canteen. It is reasonable to say that there is a lot of food in the canteen, and those who are lucky should live a more moist life.
But before the appearance of Lin Ying, these four men were skinny and a little better than the old man.
This shows how hard they live.
Lin Ying frowned and murmured, "Yes, you should. Generally, the kitchen is equipped with supplies. They should not be so thin when they eat and drink."
"Who are you?" One of the four older men asked Lin Ying with a kitchen knife.
Lin Ying, who looked at the trembling hand of the man, replied, "I came in from the outside."
Lin Ying’s words haven’t finished yet. Another man avenue "It’s impossible that zombies are everywhere outside. You can’t come in from the outside."
"There are so many zombies in the corridor that you can’t come in from under their noses and say whether you have been hiding in our kitchen?" Another man also shouted with disbelief.
Looking at the screaming man, Lin Ying’s mouth was flat, and he stood by his hand and said, "Don’t believe it. Oh, by the way, you said that there are zombies outside. That’s right. The whole prison is full of zombies, including those in the corridor."
When the men heard Lin Ying’s words, they couldn’t help shivering, and their whole faces turned pale at this moment.
Lin Ying paused and continued, "But I arranged for the zombies in the cell outside to fight, and I killed all the zombies in the corridor outside."
Lin Ying’s words are like adding a little cold water to a boiling oil pan, which instantly makes four men boil.
"What? You let zombies fight outside? And you really killed the zombies in the corridor? " Four people talk noisily with disbelief on their faces.
Lin Ying is too lazy to ignore them and said to them, "If you don’t believe me, you will know when you go out and have a look."
Say that finish Lin Ying looked around the kitchen.
The whole kitchen is a mess, and a lot of pots and pans are scattered everywhere.
Lin Ying looked around and didn’t see the food.
Suddenly, Lin Ying thought of an idea: "Should these people have eaten their food before and then become skinny?"
The more Lin Ying looks at these four people, the more they look like this.
The body of the four people is like a deflated balloon, and the skin is also like that fold, just like a fat one, and then his skin will relax and appear like a swimming ring.
Lin Ying, these four people saw the face and said this fold.
Sure enough, these four people were all fat before, but then they lost weight and left a layer of skin.
But Lin Ying thinks they deserve it.
Who told them that when they had something before, they ate a big meal and went hungry after eating it?
Isn’t this for yourself?
Four men saw Lin Ying looking around and one of them debuted. "What are you looking for? If you’re looking for food, I’m sorry we’ve run out of food. If you’re looking for someone, it’s a pity that my department has already been here.
At one time, there were several times more of us than now, and as a result, a few were folded in a few days, and then a few were folded in a few days. Later, we were left. At the beginning, when many of us faced zombies, we still had some strength to fight back.
As a result, the four old guys left us with no fighting power, and we hide here every day and die.
Alas "
The old man said with a long sigh.
Lin Ying heard deeply from his words.
It turns out that there are more than four people in front of them.
And they can kill zombies before. If they keep going like that, the zombies in the corridor may be cleaned up by them.
But listen to the old man, they had a problem cleaning up the zombies, and then they kept dying, and finally there were four of them left.
No wonder you can see a lot of blood near the iron gate.
That’s when I left.
Looking at the four old people, Lin Ying sighed and said, "Don’t be sad. Being alive is the biggest profit. Stay here and I’ll go back to the cell first. There’s another lucky guy there, but his health is worse than yours. I’ll pick him up and leave from behind."
When four people heard that there were other lucky people, they all came at once. One of them asked, "Who is alive?"? Say we may still know each other. "
Lin Ying looked around and said, "It’s the last cell on the top floor. The old man said his surname according to himself."
When the four men heard this, they cocked their heads and thought to one of them and said, "This old man seems to have an influence on me. He accidentally killed someone and sentenced him to a good old man. I didn’t expect him to be alive. Is this a good man?"