Katzeman showed his face when he let go.

Ji Xinghe turned around and left directly. He didn’t communicate with Kazeman. All the information the orangutan had in the past has been stripped by the Federation.
Apart from the function of’ inflation’, it has no meaning for the Federation.
"Wait a minute"
Today, Kazeman is a little different. When he looked at the back of Ji Xinghe and shouted out, he pulled the chain in the previous step and rang, letting the guards next to him raise their guns.
"Can you tell me the current situation of alien wars?"
Kazeman’s tone was a little pleading, but Ji Xinghe was unmoved and walked on.
"If you don’t tell me, I will refuse to give you any more gas. I won’t cooperate with you in your research."
This threat stopped Ji Xinghe and turned around.
He stretched out his hand and pressed the guards to let go of the gun, and Kazeman recognized that Ji Xinghe had softened, but it suddenly disappeared from sight.
Then the pain came from the abdomen, and the feet were out of control. When the body took off from the ground, it was pulled back to the ground by the chain.
Burst into a chain, and kazeman fell to his knees in the sound.
Its painful expression is more horrified than eyes.
Ji Xinghe’s speed is far faster than it expected, and it failed to react. It suddenly understood the fact that if Ji Xinghe wanted to kill it, even if it was not bound by chains, it would be killed by Ji Xinghe in an instant.
After the original pride can be unloaded, it is easy to kill Ji Xinghe. Confidence collapsed at this moment.
"You …"
"Your value is not as great as you think," Ji Xinghe said quietly, looking down on his knees. "You are alive because it takes two months to escort an orangutan from another planet. If you don’t cooperate, I will kill you."
Katzeman’s blood is coming, and he growled, "Then kill me."
Ji Xinghe frowned slightly.
"I remember you said that I killed your favorite and most important son. You wanted to kill me and avenge your son. I gave you one last chance to die or live."
Kazeman bowed his head.
Ji Xinghe turned and left.
Until now, people around them were relieved. If Ji Xinghe really wanted to kill Kazerman or if Kazerman wanted to commit suicide, they really couldn’t stop him.
Not to mention investigating Ji Xinghe’s responsibility.
At the age of 67, he returned to the blue star Ji Xinghe and didn’t retire. He was the first Xinghe-class mecha in the Federation, a federal lieutenant general and the winner of the first Xinghe medal in the Federation. His independent regiment was fighting in different stars …
And so on. Ji Xinghe has the potential and influence. His divorce star has not subsided much in the past six months.
On the contrary, there is a feeling that it is about to accumulate.
Because nearly half a year has passed, there is still no second person in the Federation who can master the gas power.
The worse research team now has nine orangutans, Duke Dong Guo Cilian, who has not been released. After Ji Xinghe left, he captured one alive, and Li Yuanba also captured one alive.
Can participate in the experiment. Five experts and forty-two experts in Dan Jin have repeatedly "inflated" the surface of the alien planet. Li Han, Jackson and Li Yuanba failed to gain air power.
The greatest hope for human beings to gain the power of qi is that many people seem to be riding the Milky Way, and many people who know’ white lies’ still seem to ride the Milky Way.
After the inflation, Ji Xinghe returned to his exclusive training room.
Blue Star is rich in resources, and its infrastructure capacity is even more outrageous. The youth training team camp of the independent regiment, located in the corner of Star Military University, is large in scale and has many buildings, and it is equipped to accommodate thousands of people to live, train and study.
Ji Xinghe’s exclusive training room is expensive and can be used to build a fourth-generation moon and stars.
This is partly due to the children who want to climb the mountain and look far, and to be precise, it is due to the parents of those children.