My wife didn’t feel uncomfortable with this disgusting remark, and my husband and wife were sincere and frank, which is why their husband and wife were able to play the piano and sing harmoniously.

Then Kun told the housekeeper, "Liu Quan, please prepare a gift and send it to Yong Wangfu. I won’t go alone."
No sooner had he said he would give him a present than someone came to give him one.
"Who is it?"
Liu Quan "The other party said that he is Yan Hong Hongji, the king of Yan Hong tribe in northern Xinjiang"
"What a red chicken and a white chicken? How dare a village head in a grassland village call himself king?" Kun said impatiently. "The gift recipient disappeared."
Xiao Shen has entered the gas refining period a few days ago and succeeded in catching up with two children. After all, the bottom is still there.
After his success, he studied the drawing method of Zu Bukun Symbol and prepared to learn it. After that, the imperial court promoted the distribution of Bukun Symbol so that officials could work two hours more every day.
After all, many colleagues have said that if they don’t have to sleep, the court and the people can always go to work.
Good looks must satisfy these able ministers and officials.
Now Xiao Yan is still trying to practice, especially the old seven Xiao is not as distracted as the old Xiao Yan in the imperial examination. He is devoted to practicing and often stays at home.
Xiao Yan needs to relax and study as usual, and he will also attend some cultural meetings with his classmates every three weeks. Everyone will talk about poetry, talk about the annual exam, talk about divination and meet some new friends.
Today, he brought home a new friend. Although he went to Yuejing Academy with him, he met him through a friend’s cultural meeting. He was a freshman in northern Xinjiang named Yan Hong Hongji.
Xiao Yan passed by the entrance of Kunfu on his way home and met his new friend Yan Hong Hongji.
I didn’t know that Yan Hong Hongji’s gift to Kun was accepted but he wasn’t invited in.
Although some of Xiao Yan’s new friends are aggrieved, they are also curious, "What gift did you give him?"
"I forgot to hear who said that Lord Kun is the most prized minister. I think adults must have something extraordinary to know, learn and learn."
Xiao Yan was a little embarrassed. Yesterday, everyone drank together. Yan Hongji asked this question. Xiao Yan blurted out the name "Kun". Unexpectedly, Yan Hongji forgot who said it but firmly remembered "Kun".
"Oh, what does he have to learn? It’s just a word of flattery and shame."
Yan Hong Hongji shook his head. "Xiao Xiong’s words are poor. If an adult is a flattering villain, you should know that he is a popular candidate for prime minister."
Xiao Yan was silent and reflected after hearing Yan Hong Hongji’s words. It seems that there is some truth.
At some point, they went to the gate of Xiao Fu, and it seemed a little unreasonable not to invite people in.
So Xiao Yan asked him, "Do you want to go in when I get home?"
Yan Hong Hung Kai was about to politely decline when he suddenly saw the words "Prime Minister’s Office" on the door plaque and then he couldn’t walk any further.
"Xiao Xiong you are Xiao Xiang? !”
Xiao Yan: "Yes, my friends call me my uncle, and you heard me."
"I, I, your surname is Xiao Mingyan." Yan Hong Hongji laughed. "I didn’t expect you to be a big uncle. Please come inside quickly."
Yan Hong Hongji made a gesture of please and invited Xiao Yan into Xiao Fu, which made Xiao Yan feel in a trance. This seems to be my home, right?
When I heard that Xiao Yan was a prime minister, a virtuous princess, a big brother and a big brother, Yan Hong Hongji’s height changed, but he was half as tall as Xiao Yan before, but his posture didn’t change much. It was a magical ratio.
Xiao Yan didn’t want to introduce people to his father, who didn’t pay much attention to his new friends when he slept, and his father didn’t like to bring friends home, too distant and too close.
But unfortunately, Xiao can crustily skin of head introduced Xiao Shen in the courtyard today.
Xiao Shen seems a little unhappy to see her son taking a man home. Her daughter has repeatedly married Xiao Yan with him. The problem is that a 23-year-old man will be gossiped if he doesn’t get married.
Xiao Shen-yi was not white enough to gossip until he saw that Xiao Yan brought a man home with him. He seemed to be white.
"Father, this is Yan Hong Hongji, my friend."
A complete sentence, but Xiao Shen heard "base" and "friend"
See Xiao Shen become speechless Yan Hong Hongji introduced himself again and said that he was a student of Yuejingyuan.
Xiao Shen remembered this person, Yan Hong Hongji. He had heard of it. After all, this person personally arranged "Yan Hong Hongji. How do you know Yan Hong Hongji?"
Xiao Yan was amazed. "Do you know Brother Wan Yan?"
Yan Hong Hongji nodded. "When I was in northern Xinjiang, I once presented some treasures to Yujin, and there were some Dan medicines. I admired the Central Plains culture and asked me to study in Beijing."
"cultivate the practice method?" Xiao Yan tut-tut was curious, "Did Brother Yan Hong practice by yourself?"
"Have practice"
"Did you practice?"
"Do something small."
Speaking of which, Yan Hong Hung Kai seems to be a little taller, but still not more than Xiao Yan.
"So you are a true fixer!" Xiao Yan looked at Yan Hong Hongji with some admiration. If he hadn’t seen Lin Xiaotian and Ping An, I’m afraid his eyes would be even hotter.
Yan Hong Hongji smiled demurely and acquiesced.
Before Xiao Shen’s departure, they discussed how to get along with the secular world and the fix-true world, and finally came to the conclusion that there must be a direct day to listen to the yamen to take charge of such things.
During this time, he has been thinking about what this new yamen should look like. He has not thought clearly yet, but at least the grass-roots structure of this new yamen must be a loyal practitioner.
However, as far as he knows, there were many practitioners after the Mid-Autumn Festival dinner, but he was the only one who achieved something.
How can a few rotten garlic form a new yamen? At least not for a short time.
Fortunately, he saw Yan Hong Hongji. "Xiaoji, do you want to enter the imperial court in the future or become an official directly?"
Yan Hong Hongji honestly said, "In the past two days, the younger generation has also had in-depth exchanges with these scholars Xiao Xiong, and they know that they are far from each other. It is of course the best if they can be an official directly."