The American engineer nodded his head, and his pilgrimage face seemed to be amazed at the advanced technology of Germany. He looked at the mouth of the British personnel and replied, "If their submarine pools are made according to this pool standard."

"Can we …" The British spy obviously moved his mind and asked.
"But our submarine technology just needs a certain time to digest this technology," the American engineer nodded and said, "but I am more optimistic about their achievements in fine processing. Are these small pieces too standard to be processed by ordinary workers …"
It is true that this kind of workpiece is not processed by ordinary workers, but by a mechanical programming robot. Several German factories have already produced engine parts and precision instruments and equipment, and the standard parts produced by these simulated skilled workers’ mechanical programming processing equipment are a little more standard than those produced by old skilled workers.
Arcado’s "new industrial revolution" is more than just improving the production process. To be exact, changing the production process is the first step of the whole new industrial revolution, followed by every step leading to the information revolution.
When arcado completes the new development of German industry, the data to measure how strong a country’s industrial base is will not be how many skilled workers it has, but how many precision processing equipment it has. This process is earlier and faster than that of the United States, which on the other hand breaks the absolute advantage of the number of American workers and machine tools and equipment.
Avoid the enemy’s advantage and enter another field to defeat your opponent. This is the most ingenious trick that arcado is prepared to deal with the United States. He does not fight for resources, consumption and production with the United States, but fights for scientific and technological content with the United States-don’t laugh, it really fights for scientific and technological content.
In 1993, the technical equipment of the United States was not much ahead of that of Europe, which can be said to be completely flat. Many technologies were behind Europe. For example, the American Mustang p51 fighter was praised as a British engine technology, and the American space technology took off after the war was copied from Germany.
So arcado is confident that he has combined the technology with the United States. He fought for heavy casualties and pulled out the British soil. The purpose of this nail is to lead the United States to a road of absolute production capacity by France, and to almost monopolize the resources of two continents. With the support of British overseas colonies, the United States is a German law that surpasses the behemoth, but across the Atlantic Ocean, the situation is completely different
It is a dream for the United States to land and counterattack the European continent if the German naval fleet on the Atlantic high seas is not destroyed by the United States. At this time, even if the American army has more strength than the German army, the United States will not dare to launch a war against the European continent
The superior geographical conditions of the former United States, which was far away from the European continent, became a sad fact that other countries intervened in the European war. On the contrary, the United States was not the center of the world 19 years ago. It was a marginalized small role. Two world wars smashed Europe, and the accumulation of powers and the development of transportation and communication means gradually made the United States become the focus of this world.
But all this happened after Germany lost the Second World War. Before that, arcado was surprised to find that the United States was not as divine as he imagined. Many countries in Europe have not yet bred "fear of the United States", and the United States is not a myth of legal transcendence.
Few people say that the British navy is the world’s first navy and the French army is the world’s first army, but few people think that there is anything special about the American army and navy-the German Defence Force is now recognized as a powerful "ruthless role" in the world.
At present, the British people are not only as simple as a Taiwan, but also have another important thing, that is, the German code, which is a news that makes Britain and the United States ecstatic. Through this code, many former laws can be cracked to decipher the German code.
Compared with a pool technology, this can be said to be enough to affect many key points of important news. The British department and the American intelligence department immediately showed the German cryptographer.
In just one day, several important pieces of information were placed on the desks of the intelligence personnel of the two countries. One piece of information was sent by the high command to the German food preparation in France, which confirmed that there was a slight problem with the German food preparation. It is even more important to adjust this information urgently. The high command ordered Rommel’s African Corps not to attack in the near future.
It seems that there has been a very serious gap in German material supply, which has caused this huge war machine to malfunction. Less North African Germans have been forced to tighten, which is in line with the analysis of the war potential of the United States against Germany during the war
According to the fact that the United States can master the German war equipment, Germany is indeed reaching the limit of its war potential. There are about five German troops, which consume a lot of materials every day, including oil, and all kinds of equipment have been exhausted.
This doubt is a good news. The most intuitive manifestation of the reaction to the frontal battlefield is that the German offensive speed has slowed down. This has been confirmed by all aspects that the German offensive speed on the eastern front of Ukraine has suddenly slowed down and armored forces have reduced their penetration and assault. And the North African side has stopped attacking.
"There’s nothing wrong with this tattoo, but it’s a little hasty to infer that the German materials are exhausted," a British intelligence officer woke up and said, "Our Romanian intelligence agency confirmed that the German technical support and control of Romanian oil fields are stronger than we thought, and their oil resources are still relatively abundant so far."
"The Germans in Ruhr have been carrying out experiments on coal-to-oil conversion, and their chemical industry is very developed. The technology research and development of major Chinese and French companies has been very efficient," said another intelligence officer, Nai. "Of course, the plundering of resources by Germans, Poland, France and our country has not been counted."
"To put it bluntly, they may still have a lot of war materials left. Their invasion pace is too fast, and the strategic resources of many countries are completely lacking and fall into their hands." An American intelligence officer lamented that "blitzkrieg is a success in quickly grasping the opponent’s resources."
"But now that we know that the German operation in North Africa is blocked and the logistical pressure is relatively high, let’s benefit from this information," a general said to his deputy looking at the information in his hand
"I have ordered Barton to organize a tentative attack with Montgomery after today to conduct a limited offensive near the German relay to see how much confidence the Germans have left." The deputy replied to the American general, "General Barton has been replenished with nine tanks and is preparing for a summer offensive, hoping to completely remove the German threat to Tobruk."
"The German reaction was very quick. Only three days after the poison committed suicide, they changed their passwords. This time, they were very cautious and even replaced some non-key words. We have cracked their passwords." Finally, the head of the intelligence department concluded, "Our opponents are very experienced. They are worth learning from password protectors."
In order to counter Rommel’s threat to Tobruk, the forward base of Anglo-American Coalition forces has established a defense line in the 4 km west of Tobruk. At this moment, they are increasing their troops to this defense zone that was originally a warning line according to the information obtained by deciphering German codes.
Nine newly-produced Sherman tanks have been shipped from the United States. Barton has more chips in his hand against Rommel’s armored forces. These new troops have made Montgomery, England, full of confidence in the upcoming offensive. He has already seen his pride after defeating the Germans.
"This time, Rommel was completely bullied. Our tanks outnumbered him and the quality improved. He would never have thought that we would give him such a fatal blow when he was most vulnerable!" Barton bite a cigar satisfiedly say
Chapter 53 53 Attack
It turns out that Barton and Montgomery were not the only ones who planned an offensive war, but he was banned by the German high command before he put it into practice.
General Friedrich is now reporting to Rommel in the conference room about his preparations for the battle in recent days. Near this supply, he has arranged the 7th Infantry Army in three steps, put the 27th Division and some Italian troops on the first line, put the elite 7th Infantry Division and 17th Infantry Division on the second line of defense, and put some broken assault guns and Italian tank troops on the third line of defense to reinforce the places attacked by the enemy at any time.
Although this arrangement is very safe, it is obviously not enough for the German African Corps to put an army in the long defense line. So a question comes to the excavator technology … I’m used to it. Sorry, so the question comes to Rommel. Where is the 7th Armored Army that has been supplemented and strengthened?
This is not the small unit with the 7th armored division half a month ago, but a huge armored unit with three armored divisions. If you count some tank destroyers and tank No.3, Rommel probably has more than seven tanks in his hand, which is not a small number.
Troubleshooting, maintenance and other issues Rommel can send at least five tanks to the battlefield at a time. For a battlefield like North Africa, the number of tanks is quite considerable.
You know, the armored forces in Barton’s and Montgomery’s hands, who are preparing to attack him in a hurry, add up to only 91 tanks. Of course, these tanks can also be put into battle together, and Barton can attack at most no more than five.
It is said that the closest battle between the two sides is about to draw to a close. At this moment, Rommel is confirming that it is precisely this battle that he can move the amount of materials.
"We can probably get about 75 fighters to compete for the nearby system. There is no problem. The British have lost seven planes these days and rarely sent patrol formation doors to provoke them." The head of the army helped Friedrich report the situation for one day and assured Rommel once again that they could take the battlefield system.
Rommel still felt that it was believable that the German army rarely lost its control from the war, even if it was desperately interfered by the British army in the battle of landing in Britain, it did not lose its theater advantage. North Africa was always controlled by the German and Italian armies. The Italian e19 fighter was responsible for patrolling the German army at ordinary times, and fw19d was responsible for killing the invading British army.
But to tell the truth, except for several groups of Stuka bombers, the German and Italian forces did not suppress the ground battlefield very strongly. Even if the German army covered it, the Italian bombers dared to throw bombs with high accuracy, which would be a good wish. So Rommel did not expect the North African army to directly defeat the Anglo-American Coalition forces like its European counterparts.
The real confrontation still depends on the ground battlefield. Rommel thought of this and threw away the newspaper in his hand that forbade him to take the initiative to attack the Anglo-American Coalition forces. He laughed and listened to the Italian allies’ officers explaining the coordination of artillery support. There was nothing to decorate. The attitude of senior German generals to the Italian troops has always been very simple and rude, that is, you hit you and I hit me.
"General Rommel, are you really going to organize an attack by force despite the orders of your high command?" Italian general garibaldi sat beside Rommel and asked, "Are you going to disobey the Fuehrer’s orders again?"
"General garibaldi sent a message that the high command changed the communication password and the latest password a day ago." General Friedrich handed a document to the Italian ally.
General garibaldi took the document, looked at it carefully and gave it a wry smile. It was arcado’s own tone. There were not many messages. Rommel, I know it is very dangerous to interfere with the command of a frontline general, and the order that you can’t attack without completing the logistics supply may have been deciphered by the enemy. If you handle it, it depends on your own decision. arcado? Rudolph
This newspaper can be said to have retracted the instruction that Rommel was not allowed to attack the High Command. This is not that arcado, the head of state, is "changeable" but that he "can correct his mistakes".
There are two reasons why arcado established the High Command. The first one is that all services need to work together. The second one is to control the army in his own hands reasonably and legally. There is really no command of troops in these two reasons. arcado set the bottom line for himself from the beginning, that is, try not to interfere with the command of troops
He knew very well what kind of disaster Hitler’s reckless command brought to the German army. It was because of his stubbornness and arbitrariness that the German army was defeated in 1943. It was also because he lost his shackles and interfered in the military that many battles that could have been played better were defeated.
Later, it became more and more inexplicable because of the orders of the high command, and it became more and more unbearable because of Hitler’s mistakes. Senior German generals deceived Hitler and modified Hitler’s war deployment, which led to even more disastrous consequences-people deceived their own companies and misjudged the situation, and people were able to crustily skin of head and carry out even more hopeless wars. How can such a vicious circle be invincible?
For example, at the end of the war, there was such a situation that Hitler ordered the expansion of the German army, but there were no weapons and equipment personnel, so the generals could deceive Hitler by saying that these troops had indeed been formed and had already entered the war. Naturally, there would be no result in Hitler taking these troops to fight back. The frontline troops would collapse more quickly if they were not supported, and the troops would not dare to report to Hitler, so these troops were always taken out by Hitler to support his German army.
Arcado didn’t want to commit suicide in the basement like Churchill, but also wanted grenades to destroy his body; He also doesn’t want to let people pour gasoline and light a fire after Hitler’s death … He still has three beautiful women as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade, and he still has a lot of money to spend.