In just two days, these forces have infiltrated from the periphery to the middle level. There are some forces in this area. There are probably three or five hundred people, even if they are small, they are small and capable. It is not surprising that a sect has more than a dozen masters.

Don’t look at these ten or twenty masters. Even if they come to the Nine Factions, they can get the screening criteria for most sects. However, the life of the Nine Factions is not as comfortable as their small sects.
The realistic state of Ganyangmen is roughly in line with the scale of these sects. At that time, Ganyangmen was still a member of the Nine Factions, and Bai Feng also assumed a nominal joint command post-of course, he had only 400 people left in Ganyangmen, and the Nine Factions also gave him some lingshi to visit a battlefield in the middle.
The nine factions have paid attention to these forces. If they continue to develop in the core area, the nine factions are bound to form a Coalition to suppress them.
In fact, those middle-level factions have formed a small-scale military alliance.
However, for a long time, these sects have been blocked, and there is no such lean shop as the Samadhi real people before the nine sects. It is very different for them to form a military alliance. When they encounter problems in the process of forming the nine sects’ Coalition forces, all these large and small alliances have encountered allies. If they want Lingshi not to contribute to the battlefield, they will falsely report the consumption of the war crisis and passively avoid the war …
When Bai Feng came, he just had a chance to see a Coalition force in contact with the enemy.
The wartime scene … It made Bai Feng’s scalp tingle.
The personal combat mode of ascension is like the two sides of the war shuttling back and forth like butterflies, chasing each other and watching the excitement, while the martial arts battle is more like a naval battle to a great extent.
The biggest feature of naval battle is the accurate grasp of speed and distance.
The level of the allied forces is obviously much higher than that in the preparation stage of the battle. More than a dozen people have already cleared the battlefield by flying swords-the rebels "threw" a lot of garbage at the target factions before the war, mainly all kinds of stones and sandstone. There are two points in this garbage. The first is to cover up the battlefield information-the main rebel forces usually hide these stones and sandstone, and the second is to say that the whole battlefield terrain has become complicated.
On the strength, the rebels are obviously not as good as the Coalition forces. Although they have grabbed some lingshi, it is only the savings of some small sects, which can’t be compared with these medium sects.
Their only and greatest feature-Bai Feng obviously described this as the advantage of having more people.
After the battlefield vision was cleared out, Bai Feng saw the whole rebel appearance.
It was a dark cloud that completely covered half the sky.
There are no dark clouds or birds in the realm of ascension. For the first time, Bai Feng was shocked to see this scene, but he really felt his smallness from the scene before him-even if he never knew that he could win with many people before.
However, during the short half hour before the war, he looked at the dark and gloomy clouds, and he was wavering in his view.
If the naval battle is used as a metaphor, the Coalition forces are like an aircraft carrier, and the ship will attack at the first opportunity after finding the enemy.
But the target of their attack this time is not even the lowest lifeboat, it is almost a whole sampan on the sea! Exhausted sampan! The most important thing is that these sampans also have their own jamming radar!
When the striker Feijian just rushed into the array to kill, some people in the crowd took the initiative to meet these Feijian instead of letting them! Then the people who control these flying swords will find that they have hit the soul-eating array!
After the First World War, the nine sects in the spirit island knew that the source of the soul-eating array’s aura, like the practitioners, came from the spirit vein, and the spirit vein was cut off. Although they could not get the reiki supplement, it was comforting that they were most afraid that the soul-eating array had lost its effect overnight.
But Bai Feng never imagined that after only a few days, it was this principle that the nine factions saw the shadow of the soul-eating array thousands of miles away from the battlefield again!
And this time the soul-eating array made him more afraid than the former Bai Feng saw!
Preface The method used to break through the encirclement is to throw the soul-eating array as a disposable weapon to form a shielding net to deter opponents.
But this time the rebels are people to control the soul-eating array-this is almost a desperate way of fighting.
The language of ascension is very crude, and he doesn’t know how to play this shameless and deadly game-but the earth has a familiar name-suicide attack.
24 the most disgusting enemy
Good coalition forces have also done corresponding anti-soul-eating array training before this-now the whole ascension realm is known to everyone that soul-eating array is terrible. Before this, many sects searched for special weapons of soul-eating array sects.
The advantage of soul-eating array is that everyone can see that many sects have made many effective methods for the characteristics of this instrument
In the final analysis, these methods have one thing: keep speed, keep speed anytime and anywhere.
Although the pilots are still not clear about the principle of this soul-eating array, according to some basic experiments, they can easily draw a sensory conclusion-once they fall into the scope of soul-eating array, the conventional power will be lost, and the most reliable power at this time will be the body and limbs.
If you swim as soon as possible and the soul-eating array remains stationary, it will take about three minutes to leave the center of the soul-eating array.
Of course, in a battle, 180 seconds is often enough for the enemy to rush in and kill a person dozens of times.
The best way, of course, is to have a certain speed when being eaten by the soul array.
However, the habit of maintaining speed is not easy to develop, which is like making a person who is used to automatic blocking ready to change gears at all times-which often means that the key to the decline of flight efficiency is the dynamic deformation in combat.