Lu Chen toasted Jiang Yifei. Jiang Yifei is elegant, but he has courage and loyalty at non-key moments. To sum up, this person can get along.

"Brother Liu is polite. They are all members of the family. Of course I have to take care of them."
Jiang Yifei and Lu Chen clink glasses.
After three rounds of drinking, Lu Chen suddenly waved to a man at the other corner of the top floor of Guanghanque. "Why don’t you come and have a drink with me?"
The man’s plain appearance is very low, and he doesn’t know that drinking alone there is like wandering away from the world when the world is faint and lonely.
Male heard Liu Chen words got up and coming towards this side.
Others are also paying attention to him. I don’t know that there are still people on this floor. Today, they are feasting on the top floor of Guanghan Que. Everyone in the holy city knows that they usually deliberately avoid choosing here. I didn’t expect anyone to drink here.
Xia Yiming, several people feel that they can’t see through the holy emperor’s eyes when they see this man. The other person is likely to be an emperor with surprise.
"When did you find me?"
The man looked at Liu Chenkou and asked
"When I killed the Emperor, I noticed that my brother was outside."
Liu Chen laughed
The man nodded his head and sat down to introduce himself. "I’m Ji."
Everyone at the scene smelled the name, and the big black dog noticed that the other party was drunk and confused. "Is it Ji Jiadi?"
People looked at Ji in shock and wondered if it was true.
Ji nodded indifferently and had nothing to hide.
Many people feel that "it really is the golden age, even the Terran Emperor was born. Today, Jiuyou Gai’s predecessors shot the Terran Tianjiao and the real emperor was born. Who dares to say that the Terran can’t?"
Ji modest way "or Liu Xiong is more extraordinary, did not inherit the blood of their parents, but suppressed the fire jiaqi several people admire"
"It is said that the Terran Emperor has great spirit. As soon as he saw it today, Jixiong came to the Holy City early today."
Liu Chen raised his glass. He seemed to have seen Ji in the daytime.
"Two trips are worthless."
Ji’s expression: He came here with a virtual mirror today, so there is no need to say it again. He didn’t make a move anyway.
There are two emperors in the monkey farm. Many people are curious about the past of the emperors and ask each one a monkey.
But the monkey was blessed by his old father not long after he was born. He didn’t even know the archaic characters, and he knew little about his father’s marriage.
Yu Ji also said that it is rare for his father to seal himself because his father has been fighting all his life, and he has never seen his father again.
"The virtual emperor is not weak in his life, and his meritorious military service is admirable."
Lu Chen also regrets and agrees that the virtual emperor is powerful. It can be seen from the robbery of the Nine Emperors that he failed to slay the humanoid flash for the second time.
If it weren’t for a bloody battle all his life, the achievements of the great emperor might be higher or not.
Chapter seven hundred and fifty-two Emperor Road Enemy Pioneer
They were almost drunk at the end of the drinking day, and they clamored to go out and settle accounts with Wang Teng and beat him into slag.
Liu Chen said with a smile that when she breaks through the two realms again, she can find it herself. Wang Teng has left his eyes for his disciples to practice.
The big black dog cried and laughed and kept muttering to the emperor that he was so strong that how could he die of old age?
"I don’t know how disillusioned it would be if the saints saw this scene."