"If you don’t do this, you can fight as you like. I don’t want everyone to have something to do to build 30 mountain-cutting mecha. I can earn it."

This is a normal way of fighting because Ji Xinghe is very strong because he has a general armor.
However, if others are disabled and then broken by Ji Xinghe, the fighting pressure will rise a lot for others, and there is a great possibility of accidents.
B72 highland defense war has lost the empire today, with nearly 300,000 troops. The empire has invested more than 2,000 starship squads, but there have been some injuries to their respective mecha, which is a small miracle.
The objective reason is that Ji Xinghe got the tungsten, steel and gold weapons for the Xinghe team members, which made their combat effectiveness rise.
The subjective reason is that the influence of Ji Xinghe on the small team members of Xinghe has raised their confidence and fighting consciousness.
Ji Xinghe doesn’t want this winning state to be broken.
"Well, then continue to fight according to the current way."
Chen Xun didn’t argue with Ji Xinghe because he sighed in his heart. He has always adhered to the concept of doing everything and doing everything. He really doesn’t agree with Ji Xinghe’s view.
It is impossible without sacrifice.
Looking at it in the long run, sacrifice now is less after sacrifice.
Member to cut the mountain level mecha and member of the Star River team with tungsten, steel and gold weapons, the strength of which is enough to crown all the mecha teams in the Federation.
But since Ji Xinghe insists, let Ji Xinghe insist.
If Ji Xinghe did not insist that the Xinghe team would not appear, he would not follow Ji Xinghe behind him.
Their future goals are even more impossible to achieve.
After cleaning the battlefield in a hurry, the Xinghe team didn’t have time to chase after the imperial missile launch vehicle, some transport vehicles carrying a lot of ammunition.
However, there is no battlefield around B72 highland, and many empires are hiding, and those military forces are their targets.
"Star River Team Charge"
B72 highland
Like Chen Xun, Harris and Qin Tong watched the star-studded Xinghe team constantly and some were jealous.
They received a defense because the empire might take the opportunity to send a mecha corps assault.
At this time, the mountain can be cleared, and there is a team of Xinghe and Li Han. This is the meaning of the trump card
Harris, Qin Tong and others want the mountain to wait until the Xinghe team needs support, but what they think of the Xinghe team is impossible to need support.
"Don’t these dog gorillas dare to send more mecha to find Lao Ji?"
"Harris, are you cursing them?"
"You fart. I want to kill orangutans."
"I don’t care if I record it. I’ll play it to Lao Ji when they come back."
"Learn from you," Qin Tong said discontentedly. "The old horse took a knife and a sword, and you ran to leave first. Did you ever think about this day?"
"I’m not giving it to myself if Reid needs it."
"You don’t need me if you need me?"
"You want to rob yourself."
"Of course I want to rob it myself, but you won’t give you a bad start if you ask Lao Ji."
"Bad head? What do you mean? "
"bad head"
Qin Tong sighed after explanation.
"Xinghe squad establishment is 30 mecha temporarily not so many people old horse and has been playing there will be many weapons, but more to your mouth, they will also want Xinyu, and they will also want my people to want you to say how many old horses can have? Who should I give it to? "
"Harris, you’re going to make it hard for Lao Ji."
"I didn’t think so much. What now?"
Qin tong slightly thoughtfully and then asked
"Have you ever thought about joining the Xinghe team?"
"Yes, I told Lao Ji," Harris replied, "but Lao Ji didn’t want me. Chen said they recruited people from the beaten army."
"Ah?" Qin Tong didn’t know that the story was ready, and suddenly he got stuck. "What about Su Chuanyun and Andre?"
"That was before these two forced their luck to join the Xinghe team."
These two are forcing …
Qin Tong said something at the moment, "You can’t understand the word bad head, but you can learn it well."
"Not bad," Harris asked. "Do you want to drag me to join the Xinghe team?"
"Yes," Qin Tong said directly, "I want to learn from Lao Ji because I think my strength can be further improved, just like Li Han School and Jackson School."
"But we are both going to be trump cards, and there are not many Venus missing. I think I can get a hundred Venus when the dog orangutans launch the third round of attack."
"Do you really think that there is a gap in the number of Venus between us and them?"
Qin Tong’s question silenced Harris.