"Eye key is to see if this student can successfully survive LeiJie and become an achievement glory. His fame will climb from now on to become our’ Grand Que’ to cultivate immortality. Even the younger generation crown king who just defeated him will be completely suppressed and can’t turn over. If he is defeated, all kinds of fame and wealth will disappear …"

Many Shinto masters are talking about their eyes lightly, but they are staring at the heavenly sword platform unblinkingly!
At the moment, I have closed my eyes, as if I have realized something, and it seems that there is something that is not completely white. I didn’t realize that Leijie on my head is condensing at a very fast speed. Generally, that powerful coercion keeps spreading from the virtual, although it may not be as good as those triple strong Shinto, but it is directly to the soul. There is no way to resist the power, but it deeply shocks the place. Even if someone has always been in the realm of Dandao, it will move!
"This is the power of thunder robbery!"
Looking at this day, Guqing’s eyes seem to penetrate the heavy clouds and directly see the one behind the clouds, which represents the laws of heaven and the power of nine days of punishment. Even if it is a quadruple player who can easily tear this piece of Lei Yun apart, he can clearly feel the mighty thunder behind Leijie!
However, Gu Qing watched this thunder robbery quietly, and at the same time she couldn’t help but be amazed by her life and understanding!
"This idea of life … the pursuit of kendo talent and the understanding of kendo are simply incomparable. Just listening to my remarks, I learned the truth of Tiandong and my own kendo in one fell swoop, and I really condensed my own kendo will. When it comes to this, his eyes have once again fallen on the cloud of doom." It is really amazing that he can really realize his own kendo will with these words. It is really surprising that he dares to take this opportunity to lure Lei Jie to rely on kendo.
"The emperor’s kendo is beyond the limit of heaven and earth, which affects the operation of heaven by his own will. Behind Lei Jie, the will of heaven’s thunder and punishment represents the trajectory of heaven. To a certain extent, it is almost equivalent to a manifestation of heaven’s will. If he can rely on his own emperor’s kendo to survive Lei Jie’s bombing and know the sea, it is tantamount to completing a feat of countering the will of heaven, completely becoming an anti-god, and even he can resist the thunder and punishment of heaven. What else can his emperor’s kendo not surpass? Once he can really get through LeiJie, his kendo will quickly change and be promoted to a realm that everyone can imagine … "
At this moment, even Gu Qing himself didn’t expect that his waking words would bring such great changes to his life. If he really survived Lei Jie’s success, Heaven would prove that his achievements in the future would be limitless.
Even in the future, it is impossible to win the immortal holy road!
LeiJie, which has been bred for a long time, has finally accumulated to a limit, accompanied by a shock, a thunderous drama of heaven and earth, a thunderous force like a silver dragon, a brazen tear, and a sudden bombardment that illuminates heaven and earth …
This thunderbolt instantly closed his eyes and read aloud, and suddenly opened his eyes and shot a sword that cut through the sky above heaven and earth!
Excalibur was cut out by him for a moment, pointing to the thunder, and the huge sword light almost defeated the destructive power contained in the thunder!
Although the destructive power of the thunder was defeated, the will to destroy all the different heaven in the thunder suddenly came without any stagnation, and spread along the Excalibur Taiyi and instantly exploded into the spiritual world of Niansheng!
The mighty and mighty will of heaven suddenly exploded in his spiritual world, which was just restored, and the great power almost completely destroyed all sides!
This is that the will of heaven is many times higher than the will of evil killing in the rain. Just rushing into the spiritual world of Niansheng almost destroyed this spiritual world that is more concise than before!
Thunder, thunder, thunder!
Practitioners of the Nine Realms of Dan Dao love and hate this stage, attracting thunder and robbery into the body, bombarding the spiritual world, refining the spirit and condensing it into gods!
If you succeed, you will be promoted to the Shinto level in one step. Since then, you will officially enter the "Grand Que" to cultivate immortals. If you fail, the spiritual world will be completely torn by the power of Leijie, and the terrorist will will be completely torn on the spot.
Either you succeed or you die!
"Heaven is the same as my will, even if it is heaven, it cannot be changed by half!"
In the eyes of Niansheng, the divine light bursts into the sky, and in my mind, the spiritual world violently oscillates, and the spiritual will constantly suppresses the spiritual world vertically and horizontally!
At the same time, Excalibur Taiyi infused the thunder power into the spiritual world, constantly refining the suspended spiritual world, and the mighty spiritual will of the sword containing his kendo will spread from his body and swept across the sword platform!
At this moment, even those who really practice God and know Shinto will have to bow down before this spiritual will!
A large number of thunderbolts are constantly coming from the void, and each one is stronger than the other, like a burst of storms. For one person, one sword stands in the clouds and bombards every thunder, and the power makes those experts who ask the heavenly sword platform to retreat again and again, and their eyes are filled with horror.
Not only they, but also the experts in Shinto realm are surprised to see the thunder in the sky, and their eyes are full of awe!
The mighty mortals are irresistible, and even though they have been promoted to Shinto, they are no exception.
And like Bai Lie, Wen Dao, the master of the nine peaks of Dan Dao is blanched one by one. Looking at the road that keeps falling thunder and thunder, almost crushing all the heavenly will, there is a kind of mind that can’t give birth to resistance … If you change their piece of LeiJie at the moment, I’m afraid it has already been completely strangled by the heavenly will, and the bones have been nullified by LeiJie forces!
"LeiJie … this is the real LeiJie power. No wonder the master has refused to let me lead LeiJie power. I can’t believe that there is such a huge gap between me and crossing LeiJie …"
Compared with these Shinto masters and Dan Dao masters, their faces show awe, such as Wan Jiantao, Wang Yang and Tang Zhenshan, and their faces are much more calm. With every thunder and lightning, their calculations are low …
"Twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four ….. it seems that this mindfulness is holding this mentality of success or death, and it is incredibly supernormal, which has inspired all the potential of the body. This trend may be able to resist this thunder robbery force and promote the Shinto realm …"
Wan Jiantao looked dignified but did not answer Tang Zhenshan’s words. His eyes were almost unblinkingly fixed on his life.
At the moment, the spirit will of the earth that is mindful of being born is not only failing to disintegrate gradually because of the bombardment of Leijie’s power, but also becoming more concise. The spirit of the earth and the overbearing will is constantly surging in all directions. This spirit will is full of perseverance and overriding all the imperial terrain. Tianwei, together with Tian Jiantai, rain evil and Gu Qing, also have a tendency to be led out by the other side and can not help but retreat to the edge of the sword platform.
At this time, several Shinto triple masters finally realized what was on their faces and showed a little surprise!
"LeiJie has passed three quarters, but this spiritual will seems to be … there is still no tendency to change. Concise gods is to constantly refine and refine with the help of thunder power … so as to produce quantitative and qualitative changes from spirit to spirit …"