But when I learned that Lin Ying was coming to save them, I suddenly felt relaxed.

She didn’t struggle, didn’t doubt, and even hesitated to accept the arrangement of Lin Ying.
And all this is because of the child beside him.
There seems to be a lot of supplies in the basement, but she knows that those things will run out one day
The basement is safe, but she knows that if they don’t want to starve to death, they will go out of the basement and return to the ground.
At that time, she was a weak woman dragging a child, and she might not even walk out of the garage and die.
If you follow Lin Ying out now, there is at least protection for Ann.
Because this man just showed his skill is strong enough and he kept the agreement with Xiao Lanqi to find himself.
Zhao Xue thinks he can gamble and go out with this strange man.
Even if you lose the bet, it’s just a dead word at most.
People die early and late.
Lin Ying doesn’t know Zhao Xue’s idea. Looking at this basement at this time, he frowned and said, "We stayed here all night early this morning and left you with something to clean up."
And you have to explain to your son that you should be obedient and not cry and scream when you go out. "
Lin Ying gave Zhao Xue a lot of questions in pieces, and Ann had to be cautious when she went out.
Zhao Xue also knows that Zhong Da listened carefully and recorded these accounts.
After Lin Ying confessed, Zhao Xue hurriedly told her son that she didn’t want to cause unnecessary trouble because of her and her son.
Because it is the last time, one who is not careful may die.
While Zhou Feng confessed things, Lin Ying went out of the basement and came to the garage to look around and get ready.
Although Zhou Feng was kicked by Lin Ying, the skin injury soon recovered and then silently followed Lin Ying.
After walking for a long time, Zhou Feng couldn’t help but ask, "Do you really want to take those two mothers away?"
Lin Ying replied naturally without looking back, "What’s the matter?"
Zhou Feng was surprised. "Did you really come to the mother to fulfill the transaction? You’re crazy! ! !”
Zhou Feng has mental derangement and madness in his eyes to do such a thing.
Lin Ying smiled, "Hehe, I’m really crazy. When I passed by here, I remembered the deal and naturally ran in. It is estimated that there is no crazier person in this world than me."
Lin Ying suddenly shook his head and said, "No, Qing Muyang is crazier than me. Compared with him, I am dwarfed."
Zhou fengyu
After two people turned several rounds in the garage and killed more than ten zombies, Ji cleaned up the whole garage.
Zombies in this garage have been cleaned by Xiao Lanqi. This dozen zombies should have appeared later.
Roadblocks were set up at the entrance and exit of the garage to block the way forward for most zombies, which greatly saved Lin Ying’s strength.
After cleaning up these zombies, Lin Ying suddenly said to Zhou Feng, "You three are in a hurry to find Xiao Lanqi, which is the serum?"
Zhou Fengwen was silent for a while and said "Yes"
"Is this serum very important to you?" Lin Ying continued, "You don’t lie to me, Yu Chunlong. Please ask us to sacrifice even you. You can think of the importance of this serum."
Hearing Lin Ying talking about this, Zhou Feng’s face appeared a little pain. "This serum is very important to Shenmen. The iron mercenary Shenmen organization asked Xiaolanqi to get the serum, but he disappeared. Shenmen was very angry.
In order to calm the anger of Shenmen, we were sent out to look for the lost serum. "
Hear Zhou Feng Lin Ying smiled laughed "ha ha is that right? Then I told you earlier that the serum is in my hand. Why don’t you come and grab it? "
Zhou Feng face a very ugly expression some self-deprecating way "you so much I can’t even give birth to rob mind where to get? Besides, Yu Chunlong abandoned me with this serum, and I didn’t seem to be very embarrassed when I worked for the iron mercenary group again. "
Lin Ying turned around and stared at Zhou Feng’s eyes. Zhou Feng’s eyes ached and her back was numb.
Zhou Feng avoid Lin Ying eyes bowed their heads.
And Lin Ying still kept staring at Zhou Feng, and Zhou Feng’s sweat brushed straight down.
A moment later, Lin Ying recovered like a knife, and his eyes were light. "Crazy said that you are his patient’s sister. I don’t really believe that his patient’s sister can be a mercenary." This is too bullshit. "
Hearing Lin Ying, Zhou Feng shook his head naively. "To tell the truth, I am not a real mercenary."
Zhou Feng paused. "After the end of the world, I was as scared as other girls. I also hid from those disgusting zombies. I also hoped that the country would send someone to save us."
Zhou Feng smiled bitterly here. "But you should know that this unrealistic idea is the most deadly. Every day, people will die around us, and we wait for help but refuse to come."
Desperate, someone came out and organized everyone to kill zombies and find food and weapons. It seems that everything is going well.
But do you know that where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, and there are disputes in rivers and lakes?
A lot of people have lost that pity and beaten to death.
In this battle, we women suffer from hell.
We became the object of their venting, the object of their fighting and the object of their showing off.
It was my darkest day, and now I feel a shiver every time I think about it.
Later, Yu Chunlong and Zhang Wen appeared, and they killed those people and got all the inheritance.
At that time, I knew that the opportunity had come, so I tried to show off my skills and serve them well before they let me join them and became a mercenary.
It’s not so much a mercenary as a tool to vent their * * * tool "
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