Before he came in, he didn’t know that everyone else had been called to combine the news of Hsuanchan.

This made him feel uncomfortable.
"What do you want?"
Ji Xinghe asked Liu Mian when he closed the meeting room door at the door, sitting directly in the main seat, Tu Yuan.
Tu Yuan also looked directly at Ji Xinghe like a repeater and asked, "What do you want?"
The atmosphere in the meeting room was tense instantly. Qin Tong and others sat upright and slightly deformed. It looked like they were ready to get up at any time and prepare for battle.
It’s strange and inexplicable
"Liu Mian School" Ji Xinghe looked at Tu Yuan and said, "Come and tell Lieutenant General Tu Yuan what I want to do."
Liu Miannai sighed in his heart. These two people shouldn’t be like this, but it is inevitable that even Ji Xinghe School and Tu Yuan will be involuntarily.
Liu Mian, who is in the same school as Ji Xinghe, responded in a tone and then took Ji Xinghe’s side.
Judging from his position, he is more like a Ji Xinghe person.
"Ji Xinghe School wants to apply for a space battleship from the two imperial space battleship he captured and apply to lead his independent regiment of Xinghe Mecha to the War Mark Canyon."
Chen Xun, Qin Tong and others were dumbfounded when they heard this.
The crisis in the theater of the No.5 base is far from over. Everyone is working together in Qi Xin to prepare for the dust storm and wait for a larger attack from the empire before or after it.
How can Ji Xinghe have this idea at this time?
Judging from Liu Mian’s words, this is not like a rescue, but like a long-term garrison and war.
Considering that the highest commander in the theater of base 5 is Tu Yuan and the highest commander in War Mark Canyon is Kantevez …
Sitting TuYuan slowly got up.
"Liu mian"
Ji Xinghe doesn’t seem to want to answer Tu Yuan’s question personally. He didn’t bring his rank when he called Liu Mian.
This made Chen Xun and Liu Mian, the two most professional staff officers, feel the seriousness of the matter.
Tu Yuanji Xinghe doesn’t know the situation, but Ji Xinghe people.
Ji Xinghe commanded Tu Yuan in front of Tu Yuan, and the rank was the same.
I don’t know the specific situation yet. Chen Xun can’t analyze more problems
But Liu Mian knows the reason.
Tu Yuan tells Ji Xinghe that you are not the Independent Corps of Xinghe Mecha.
Ji Xinghe took practical actions to tell Tu Yuan that I am me and you are me.
All of a sudden, Liu Mian feels wronged. I am your man.
Who is who is more like a joke for the federal and imperial wars.
However, this is that people are inevitable in human society, and contradictions arise because of their own or the groups they represent based on interests and goals.
"Because Ji Xinghe School is taking our hero home."
Liu Mian said something that made Chen Xun, Qin Tong and others even more puzzled, and then he explained it in detail.
Yesterday, at 9: 15 pm alien standard time, No.14 outpost in Zhanhen Canyon ran out of ammunition and was in enemy-occupied areas, and launched an active attack on the empire.
"Twelve federal soldiers at Outpost No.14 split their troops in the face of thousands of times their enemy forces, attracted enemy forces all the way, and implemented a sneak attack plan all the way. Finally, they successfully sneaked into the position of the enemy logistics unit and activated the guiding beacon. Our artillery unit in the War Mark Canyon seized the opportunity and successfully implemented a precise fire attack."
"Two hundred and ninety-six people died at outpost 14."
"According to our reconnaissance satellite information, there are three bodies of twelve heroic soldiers who launched an active attack, and 27 bodies of outpost 14."
"According to all our statistical reports in the War Mark Canyon, as of three minutes ago, we have sacrificed a total of 3,579,563 people in the War Mark Canyon Theater. The remains are located in enemy-occupied areas, and there are 390,000 people who are still alive … about standard bones."
The meeting room was quiet for a moment, and people still didn’t understand why Ji Xinghe was going to the War Mark Canyon.
More than three million people died, not the war zone with the largest number of victims from different stars in the Federation, but the mountain of gods is the war zone with the largest number of casualties in the Federation.
The cumulative number of victims has exceeded five million.
It is said that there are more war zones in the mountain of gods living in enemy-occupied areas than in the valley of war marks.