Cheng Jinzhou secretly said that you can’t change anything about the Cheng family by telling the report of the East Mountain outside San Francisco.

But he Lv Anping doesn’t seem to have any conflict of interest, and san huang thinks about it and says, "Thank you Lv Xiong so much."
San huang laughed and pulled the two hands together and said, "We are all classmates. Let’s go and see the temple. Today, Mr. Cheng casually plays and wins, but if you lose, count me in."
Cheng Jinzhou nausea double eyelid dragged went in.
Can Cao Feng follow Lu Xuze to show a little excitement and then stretch out a paw on his chest to dig out a certification stone and a stack of plane tickets?
Having a priest and a priest star warlock shrine shows that Cheng Jinzhou is like a magnificent gambling house in front of him.
The dome is matched with stained glass to make colorful sunshine shine on the steps. In the holy light, the priest sings "Hallelujah". A row of six tall Roman columns are carved with the once brilliant and flat marble table of the holy church. The priest in white plays with dice, hands out playing cards, controls roulette, and writes the odds of unknown venues on a whiteboard …
San huang pointed to the central priest of the church and smiled. "That’s Father Li Zhong who came to Xiajing from the extreme west for one year and he lived in Shaonan for a while."
Shaonan is the only place in the southwest passage. The priest came from the extreme west to stay in the local area first, and many leijiacha etc. students smiled unexpectedly. His main spirit was attracted by the warm atmosphere around him.
So much for smaller casinos in Macau.
Moreover, there are priests and priests, which I am afraid will not be seen in the future generations of casinos, not to mention that priests and priests are quite high-ranking positions in this era, and it is really reassuring to have them as lotus officials.
If you lose too badly, maybe you can get psychological counseling
San huang imperceptibly laughed and clapped his hands gently. Naturally, someone brought a plate of chips to Cheng Jinzhou and smiled. "It depends on Mr. Cheng’s great power."
Chapter one hundred and thirty-four Father
Gambling is human nature.
In the warm atmosphere, the priest "Hallelujah" is very high, and the priests are very unprofessional. If it were a regular casino, the lotus official would have been expelled.
However, gentlemen here like the lotus official with personality the most.
At home, Cheng Jinzhou occasionally does small gambling and delights, and because gambling mathematics is too deep, he will look and learn more, but anyway, at that time, he was still a normal person, but now he will naturally treat gambling differently.
On the first table of the Roman column, there are three white boards with rules written on them, and the bet ratio is exactly what san huang said. Now the bet has been saved, and the bet has been increased to the minimum of 1 tael per bet. Judging from its lottery gambling, the price is already very high.
From people’s most natural idea, the surname Wei should be as good as the football lottery to decide whether to win or lose according to judgment; For example, studying students’ grades, considering the number of participants, considering the examiner’s tendency and so on.
Cheng Jinzhou side a few people are so heated discussion.
He listened and shook his head slightly. From the gambler’s point of view, their research may be meaningful, but from the mathematical point of view, when the handicap comes out, the casino is in a stable position-of course, the so-called unpopularity in the world appears here.
However, in any case, gambling forms such as surname Lu are probability forms after all, and the bonus pool says that there is not much technical content, which is even less attractive to Cheng Jinzhou.
When he came, he didn’t prepare any money. Although he had 6 taels of silver from san huang, he didn’t want to spend it easily.
If it is 6 years old, even if it is 6 years old, Jinzhou is now worth tens of thousands of dollars. He doesn’t like those businessmen who dare not use money easily. His main limitation is that it is difficult to expand the scale of the transaction by thousands of tons of grain and hundreds of thousands of pieces of cloth. It is not like that when the quantity was small, it was easy to collect. It was not until the later period that a lot of money was spent that it slowed down.
The priest in front of the table is also a Xia Dynasty man with a smiling face and an amiable face, who can let you talk to him. Just near Cheng Jinzhou, he said, "What kind of game does this gentleman like? Today, we are betting heavily on the province to try the surname. Besides, there is also an appointment for the ice boat race at the west pier of Beijing South Polo Competition. At last, there is an appointment for the Lingyun gang in the city to compete with the pike gang for the rice gang to keep the territory. This can bet the most places, but it will be won only after fighting."
"Can you gamble when you grab the site?" Cheng Jinzhou is really curious not to say that he and the top of the Three Emperors’ Hall behind him are full of fine silk, that is to say, the priest openly said that there was no objection to the slang of grabbing territory as soon as possible-I’m afraid the most solemn time for these people is now.
"It’s very interesting for this brother to rob the territory to gamble, and let me explain it to you in detail." The priest smiled kindly and said like a teacher. "First of all, when you can gamble, you can gamble on the day, play on the third day, play on the fifth day and play in January. The odds are 1621. At the same time, you can gamble on the number of participants, the size of the territory, the number of dead people and so on. If you haven’t played before, it’s fair and easy to suggest gambling on winning or losing and betting on the dead. Even if you are busy,
So much for perfecting Macau casinos.
Cheng Jinzhou, a priest in white, was intoxicated. No wonder the holy religion can be oppressive and resilient, have such a beautiful attitude, have such a professional spirit and have such a flexible strategy. Which religion can’t stand?
"Bet on the pike gang to win." Cheng Jinzhou threw out 1 tael of silver. The minimum amount of this platform is equivalent to the price of an acre of land of 3,000 RMB.
"Please take it." The priest took out a piece of paper from the desk and handed it to Cheng Jinzhou. "The pike gang is one for two and a half. If you have any questions about the odds, please go to the explanation desk over there and ask. If you have any news, you can sell it at the information desk. If you have any mathematical questions about the odds calculation, please go to the front odds desk for details …"
Cheng Jinzhou saw that the front odds table of three rooms in the arch on one side of the hidden temple turned out to be a star warlock’s chest badge with a star shining.
It was a big deal. Even if a table can get two hundred silver every day, I’m afraid it’s not enough to consume the holy religion, but it seems to be losing money in the casino.
Doubt Cheng Jinzhou looked further ahead and became more and more absent-minded. He didn’t even look at familiar things such as Pai Jiu and poker.
Instead, Lu Xu and Cao Feng saw that there was no danger in the hall, and they went to each station to play by themselves. Cao Feng may be because he likes to make the math poker stand nostalgic. Lu Xu is more like gambling, and gambling turned out to be the least nutritious dice.
It’s not a big casino. Let Cheng Jinzhou turn around in a short time. san huang saw that his weight was barely moved. He didn’t want to accept his own money and laughed. "Let me introduce you to the priest of the Temple. Come to Beijing. You should not have seen serious people from the extreme west."
San huang pointed to the stage and sang "Hallelujah". Father continued, "Although his nose is high and his eyes are deep, there is no difference between us. Li Zhongxia’s words are still very good. I think when I first met westerners, I was shocked. Finally, I was introduced to them and didn’t kill them cleanly."
At first, there were astrologers from the far west, and they were very old. Cheng Jinzhou lamented that others had been killed before allowing Zongli Sect to teach around.
Father Li Zhong is a bit like Cheng Jinzhou’s knowledge that Central Europeans have a broad face like mountains. According to their thinking, when the emperor created man, he must have exerted extra efforts. He was also a star magician. He sang for two or three hours without discomfort, and he was more tolerant of boring work. These two points are even beyond the reach of an artist.