After waiting for the carriage door to hit slowly, it was Su Yu’s face with a bright smile. Su Ao leaned out behind him!

This …
"Big brother and second brother?"
Su Ling looked at Su Ao and Su Yu "You … how …"
"Kid sister recently I and yu idle! Just heard that you are going out to play, it is better to take us! "
It’s rare for Su Ling to hear that Su Ling is so calm and steady that her eyes are a little hot at the moment!
She didn’t say anything, but how do they know!
Immediately after Su Ling had not recovered from the shock and emotion, the last of the three carriages also slowly walked out of the two of them. They went to Su Ling together and then knelt down on one knee in front of everyone. "Yu Su/Chu Yi came to meet the leader!"
Even Yu Su and Chu Yi came back to Beijing. She didn’t go to see them these days!
It’s not that they don’t care, it’s that way to determine who the balance in their hearts will choose!
But in front of this scene, she has to think about it. It is obvious that the choice between Yu Su and Chu Yi is her heart’s desire!
There are so many people in front of us, and everyone appears with a dizzy gesture!
Those eyes are full of smiles and some are full of arms!
But no matter whether they come, it is not a day, but just a friendship between them!
This move made Su Ling speak!
Even for her, the presence of everyone at such an important moment in front of her is enough for her to take all the strength to protect them!
"Get up!"
Su Ling looked at Yu Su and Chu Yi. If there was the biggest impact on her, besides Su Ao and Su Yu, it was Yu Su!
After all, she has been trying to figure out their thoughts, but at this moment, she still chooses to trust them again!
Yu Su and Chu Yi looked at each other for a moment, but they still didn’t get up, but at the same time they said, "Please rest assured that the leader must do his best to protect the leader! No matter what happens, it is a leader! "
"good! Get up! "
Su Ling has no more words to shape her heart!
After Yu Su and Chu Yi both got up, Su Ling couldn’t help looking back at Huang Lao!
It can be seen that he is still cold, but the coldness seems to have some kind of mood swings!
Obviously, he doesn’t know about it either!
Su Ling, who was moved by emotion and fermented for a long time, finally recovered calm and looked at five people in front of him and said with a smile, "In this case, let’s get together!"
But are you prepared for the difficult road ahead? "
Su Ling primly looked at the person in front of her and thought it was necessary to wake up.
After all, this time they are really not as simple as going out to travel!
"Ling, since we are here, you don’t have to worry about it!
Don’t worry, I can’t say anything about him, but when there are few incidents, I believe that we will not hold you back! "
Su Yu looked at Su Ling and said with a smile before he became familiar, and his attitude made Su Ling nod slightly. "Thanks, second brother!"
"The family don’t say two words! Don’t you have to hurry? Why don’t we start?