Finally, I arrived at Ye Qingcheng’s newly rented place. Zhouyi paid the fare to help Ye Qingcheng with the car. Although Ye Qingcheng has already woken up at this time, there is no way for Zhouyi to be a good person and send Ye Qingcheng directly home.

Ye Qingcheng seems to feel that he has gone home and can go to bed, or that his body is tilted as soon as he enters the door. Thanks to the load of Zhouyi, he was able to hold her.
Zhouyi helped Ye Qingcheng into her room. At this time, Ye Qingcheng was already sleepy. Zhouyi also took care of many things to take off Ye Qingcheng’s shoes and hold her to bed.
Zhouyi helped Ye Qingcheng take off his shoes and caught her little feet. It was so charming that a beautiful woman was sleeping. Zhouyi was almost lost in thought, but he still tried to restrain himself from being afraid of too much. Chapter 78 Drunken beauty.
Move Ye Qingcheng to the bedside of Zhouyi. At this time, Ye Qingcheng’s lying flat bed is blushing, which is particularly attractive. This picture of another intoxicating beauty can’t help but make people daydream []
"His grandmother’s solitary man and few women living in the same room is so full of temptation. Do you really want to lead me to commit a crime?"
I can’t help myself. Zhouyi can’t help but swear in my heart.
However, Zhouyi’s rationality has overcome for the time being. If he takes advantage of Ye Qingcheng’s drunkenness to possess her body at this time, although his body is cool, he can’t pass it in his heart. He is still a virgin himself. For the first time, he has to go to a romantic and warm place with a girl he likes. So, although he is romantic, although he is very tempted by Ye Qingcheng’s body, he has no intention of drunken promiscuity.
Zhouyi suppressed his impulse. He helped Ye Qingcheng to cover the carpet and gently retreated from the bedroom to sit on the sofa in the living room and try to calm himself down.
After about ten minutes, Zhouyi heard Ye Qingcheng’s steady breathing and knew that Ye Qingcheng had really fallen asleep before he re-entered the room.
But I didn’t think that it was at this time that Ye Qingcheng suddenly turned over a blanket and kicked her skirt. I don’t know when I turned it over, but I couldn’t immediately. It was too scary and crazy.
Zhouyi heart pounding up.
It’s normal for a normal person not to stand the seduction of a drunken beauty, but there is a principle in the sentimental Zhouyi that you can’t take advantage of people’s danger to treat people you like. I wish Ye Qingcheng was drunk now. If you take the opportunity to be cheap, you are not authentic. What you think about it is still inappropriate.
Zhouyi is going to stay because he doesn’t know Ye Qingcheng’s temperament when he is drunk. Some women will make a scene when they are drunk, half asleep and half awake. Zhouyi is afraid that Ye Qingcheng is also this type, fearing that anything will happen to her. Ye Qingcheng, such a very woman, decided to stay for herself sooner or later without thinking. If she leaves, she will be taken care of in the future. If she is drunk and bumps into it, it will be a heavy loss. After all, such a very beautiful woman will have to be protected and cherished.
Zhouyi called Kexin Yu and told her a white lie that her classmate’s home would not go back tonight.
The night is already deep, and the Zhouyi sofa sleeps with clothes, lonely men and few women. Although it is a drunken beauty, it is still difficult for Zhouyi to sleep. His sofa tossed and turned until two o’clock in the morning, but it was a spring dream. I dreamed of making out with Kexin Yu for a while and dancing with Ye Qingcheng for a while. The last dream is the most absurd. It is said by the ancients that it is true that a man and two women both fly in and dream at night.
I slept until five o’clock in the morning, and the Oriental slightly made white wine and woke up. Ye Qingcheng woke up in a daze.
"Where is this?"
Her head is still a little groggy. She remembers dancing and drinking in the bar with Zhouyi, and then she doesn’t remember anything.
"am I drunk?"
There was a ray of light in the room slowly. Ye Qingcheng went to lie in her bed. She tried to remember for a long time before remembering that she was drunk and was sent back by Zhouyi.
"I’m drunk. Isn’t that frivolous by Zhou Yi, a little pervert?"
Ye Qingcheng thought of kissing herself in the office of Zhouyi before, of accidentally falling down and pressing him when moving, and she felt excited. She thought of the impulsive reaction of Zhouyi when two people danced in the bar, and her heart was suddenly surprised, and then she quickly checked her clothes.
Fortunately, the skirt has been carefully examined by Ye Qingcheng to make sure that her skirt should not have been taken off. It is her sexy belly muscles and those pants with cute patterns that are exposed.
"I was still taken advantage of by this guy. Although he didn’t touch me, I thought he had arrived." Ye Qingcheng was relieved to scold Zhou Yi in his heart, knowing that she had never been a man.
"I’m drunk. This guy sent me back and left me alone."
Continue to sleep for a while. I got up when it was already bright. I have classes in the first and second quarters today. I can’t sleep in. At this time, she didn’t know that Zhouyi slept on the sofa in the living room. She was still a little disappointed that Zhouyi didn’t stay to take care of her.
Wearing shoes, Ye Qingcheng walked into the living room and was dumbfounded immediately.
Zhouyi and Yi sleep on the sofa in the living room. He is obviously still asleep with a long breath, and his face is still smiling at the moment.
"What did this guy do? Children shouldn’t dream at an early age. That’s it. I don’t know how many girls will be harmed in the future. I didn’t know anything about men and women when I was in high school. Even when I was in college, I rarely interacted with boys."
Ye Qingcheng’s face turned red and thought that she was very white. When Zhouyi smiled, it meant that when she flirted with her in the former Zhouyi office and kissed her, her face was with this kind of bad smile.
Looking at the sleeping Zhouyi Ye Qingcheng mouth, although she scolded Zhouyi hooligans, her heart was warm because the bad boy sent her back drunk and guarded her in the living room for one night. Zhouyi didn’t take advantage of people’s danger to make him feel that Zhouyi was not bad.