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Hearing that Liu Xiaolei was discovered by the other party, Zhuo Qiang was a little anxious. Ma ordered Zeng Guomin to clear away the gangsters outside.
On Liu Xiaolei’s mistakes.
It’s hard not to do it in this situation.
Zeng Guomin was ordered to take action, and he crept like a snake in the trees and grass outside his village and approached the targets with great interest.
Although these gunmen ambushing outside the village are brave, they lack formal training, and their awareness of prevention is extremely weak. In addition, today’s action is the root of the game of catching chickens by eagles, which is not a serious matter.
They know a lot about several villages under Lofu’s jurisdiction. Although these villagers are a little stronger than ordinary people, they have no weapons in their hands.
They have dozens of spears in their hands, but these villagers are unarmed. This power contrast is too great, and the outcome is conceivable.
But they didn’t expect that there would be an extra foreign land, Zhuo Qiang and Zhuo Qiang, the humanoid monster Zeng Guomin.
Liu Xiaolei was fucked by two shoulder rifle guys at this time. It seems that among the two groups of confrontation people, he looked at the villagers such as Love and looked at the other side, holding his head high and making a face of koo expression. It seems very confusing why he was treated like this.
Love saw that Liu Xiaolei was very anxious, which was a difficult problem, and it was even more difficult.
"What are you doing?" Liu Xiaolei left two armed men around him to imitate the accent and asked strangely.
"Harry, this is a relative of mine. Don’t give him a hard time!" Love cold tunnel
Harry ignored Love’s words. He strolled slowly to Liu Xiaolei and looked at it carefully. Suddenly he gave me a smile.
"This person is really your relative? When did you have such a rich relative? "
"This you don’t mind! You asked me to think about it these days. Go back! The villagers here don’t seem to welcome you … "Love has been as cold as ice in the face of Harry’s face.
Harry smiled yin-side. "Isn’t it a little too long when you think about it? This has been considered for a year. "Haven’t you considered it yet? "
Liu Xiaolei suddenly said at this time, "This brother, you don’t want to rob the commoners?"
Harry’s face changed into a dry smile and said, "We call this a wedding, okay?"
When this was said, Liu Xiaolei was not only surprised, but Zhuo Qiang, not far away, was also slightly taken aback
After he saw Zeng Guomin solve the gunman outside the village, he knew that the danger outside was not great and Ye Chuchu also sneaked out of the door and fell behind a low wall not far from this group of people. "Observing the scene.
Hearing Harry’s words just now, Zhuo Qiang realized that the trouble with Love turned out to be that the other party wanted to use the gun in his hand to marry a beautiful woman.
But love, it looks strong. "Will Harry feel happy even if he marries home?
It is beyond Zhuo Qiang’s expectation that such a thing should happen in Malaysia today. What are these people fighting for?
Liu Xiaolei looked at the strength comparison between the two sides. Harry had a dozen gunmen there, and then at Love’s 20 or 30 young men with their bare hands. If you really do it, Love’s side is over.
His unusual keen eyes suddenly saw a wide heart near the wall. "Since the boss dared to come out, then Zeng Guomin has taken control of the overall situation. These dozen gunmen can’t afford to turn over the big waves."
"I said Harry! You said you still want to get married? " Liu Xiaolei’s face suddenly changed. Just now, the expression that was a little timid became careless. I really called Harry’s name and asked 1.
Harry’s face became extremely ugly when he heard Liu Xiaolei call him by this name. Love called him by this name, but he could bear it, but this strange man dared to call him by this name. "He was annoyed when he was angry.
Malaysians usually have honorifics before their names, and the honorifics are different from each other. "The royal family has royal honorifics, nobles, Muslims and Muslims."
If you are very close, you can call him by his first name, but Liu Xiaolei, the first person to meet him, calls him by his first name like this, which is already insulting.