"I’ll tell you if you help me solve the poison. I’ve got what Tu Sui wants. It’s feces. This is no ordinary feces. Tu Sui is a beast of heaven and earth. It’s food from heaven and earth to supplement body strength."

"Heaven and earth food? How to eat? Does it eat the earth? "
"I don’t know how to explain it. When I say heaven and earth, I don’t mean that I can see heaven and earth, but that I can’t see the power of heaven and earth, just like qi."
Sammul He suddenly said, "You said it was the aura of heaven and earth, right?"
"Heaven and earth reiki? That’s a good name, that is, you say that heaven and earth are aura, and because it contains great aura when eating, there should be no excrement! However, once Tu Yan absorbs too much aura from heaven and earth, she will excrete it to keep her balance! The shit I collected is actually the crystallization of heaven and earth’s aura and a valuable treasure! "
"heaven and earth reiki crystallization!" Sammul He exclaimed and then his eyes flashed with longing!
Purple pupil looked at his eyes off alert to see him "what do you want! Don’t you have this thing? "
Sammul He coughed two times, "I really wonder if you can give it to me."
"no!" Who knows purple pupil speak firmly directly interrupted him.
"What?" Sammul He leng.
"Our family is in a hurry. Although we have said that we will get the chance this time, we will share it equally, but this thing won’t work. My family really needs a big deal and give you everything else, okay? I’ll give you a "dead animal heart" later. "Purple pupil seems to be a crystallization of heaven and earth reiki.
He Tianshi wondered in his heart that this continent seems to have him alone who can directly absorb the aura of heaven and earth. Reiki crystallization is almost tailor-made for him. Purple pupil needs this thing?
"What do you need this for?"
"save people! I can practice it into pills to save my father’s life! " The purple pupil has an indescribable firmness and occasionally flashes a malicious light. "If you want to rob me, I can be rude to you. I am not kidding."
"Well, since this thing is so important to you, I don’t want it." In fact, he found that this cave is already a valuable treasure! The crystal of heaven and earth reiki is precious, but it is not inexhaustible, but the reiki of this cave is inexhaustible!
"Ha ha, I knew Sammul He you elder brothers, enough not to rob with me! If you talk, it will be you! " Purple pupil changes face faster than the weather changes.
Sammul He seemed to be shaken by the other side with a wry smile. "What’s a dead animal’s heart?"
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"The animal’s heart is also the crystallization of the animal’s body. Our purple family called the animal’s heart. It took thousands of years for the animal to be born with a weak soul, but once it was born, it would have a heart. Although it is full of corpse gas, the heart is pure. This is the reason." Purple pupil seems to know a lot about it, and he doubts whether his family studies all kinds of beasts.
"What’s the beast? Does it contain a lot of aura of heaven and earth, just like the crystallization? " Sammul He is a little excited. If that’s the case, it’s not a loss
"It’s not that you are so easy to get when you are the crystallization of heaven and earth, but I don’t know what the animal heart is, because our family knows the animal heart but no one has ever got it."
"Well, do you mean to say that you don’t have much bottom? So you are so generous to say that if you get it, give it to me? " He recognized the voice over the purple pupil.
Purple pupil dry cough quickly changed the subject. "It seems that the blasting has gone away. Let’s go out and have a look. It’s relieved to help you get the corpse and animal heart. I will try my best to help you."
Sammul He kept wry smile but good with purple pupil.
"Follow over there."
In the distance, you can hear the roar of two wild animals, and the explosion is like a muffled thunder.
Purple bell leads the way He Tiantong runs all the way with purple pupil.
"Purple pupil are you sure to get the animal heart? If you are not sure, forget it. "The corpse beast is powerful. He has seen a sigh of relief and can make him seriously injured. He really doesn’t want to face the situation with the corpse beast again. He wants the opportunity to come. There is no need to go again because of an uncertain animal heart.
"no! How can we just forget it? It’s agreed that if we have the opportunity to share it equally, I will occupy the Tuhao crystal alone. Although you gave it to me, my heart is still very sorry. Don’t worry, this time I won’t get too close. Grasping the opportunity may help you get the animal heart. If it fails in the end, my heart will feel better. "Purple pupil said very firmly.
Sammul He paused for a moment and then stopped talking and quietly followed him.
The blasting is getting closer and closer, and the whole day is red with flames. The corpse and beast are hoarse and screaming, and fighting and fleeing have reached the foot of the mountain.
"It seems that Tu Zan has suppressed the corpse beast Sammul He. Please help me pay attention to a battlefield. I have to make some preparations now." Then he sat cross-legged and murmured, and he didn’t know what to say. The purple bell in front of him kept shaking and his head circled back and forth. Every time he circled, it would spill golden light. He had a unique temperament.