"Action!" The waves calmly waved and ran to the hill at present.

The hill is not less than 500 meters high, but it is steep. The hillside is not only overgrown with weeds, but also taller than people. Because they can’t make the hand barrel grope in the dark, it is difficult and slow to move forward.
The waves lead the way to the commanding heights of the hills.
Of course, the Long Xing team is unwilling to lag behind. They are all elites who have been painstakingly trained by Uncle Biao. Although they can’t compete with the waves, they are all athletic and have excellent physique.
Ten minutes later, they were less than fifty meters away from the top of the mountain.
At this time, the waves waved their hands and told the group to stop and made a message to Zhuang ruyuan, knowing that Zhuang ruyuan was leading a large army to move slowly and it was almost to Huanghusheng Villa.
The waves told Zhuang to disperse the five minibuses and keep the end-to-end echo. Never attack Huanghusheng Villa without his command.
Mobile phone waves look at the hills carefully through the night. The hills are the highest peaks of the pyramid-shaped commanding heights. If the enemy wants mortar shells to attack, they will definitely occupy the highest points. If they want to find out the sniper position, they must March to the commanding heights.
Blue Moon said, "It doesn’t matter. What matters is that he has joined the gang now and there is no reason to be bad for it-no reason for the time being!"
Uncle Biao said, "You have been very clever since you were a child. I hope you won’t misjudge the wrong person this time."
Blue Moon smiled and said, "Uncle Biao, this period of work has come to an end for the time being. You should have a good time for a few days before selecting a new apprentice."
Uncle Biao said, "OK, I’ll take half a month off and take my wife back to my hometown to visit relatives."
The waves came over and said, "Everything is arranged. Let the Long Xing team members wait here first. I’ll send a car to pick them up for lunch later."
Uncle Biao said, "No, I will have dinner with these children at noon today, and I don’t know when I will see them again from now on."
The waves said, "Sometimes I will let them visit Uncle Biao often. Let’s go and have dinner together."
Blue Moon also said, "You have worked hard to train them for five years. I should thank you for my father. It’s my treat today."
Uncle Biao refused, but with the waves and Blue Moon, he went to town by car and found a restaurant.
After lunch, Uncle Biao went back to his training camp. Waves and Blue Moon sat in Pu Sang and quietly returned to the Red Chamber.
Now Blue Moon is not hostile and wary of the waves, but she still keeps her distance and doesn’t give the waves a further chance to her.
After returning to the red chamber, the two men each returned to their own rooms.
The waves were still in action at night, and I drank some wine at dinner and soon fell asleep.
At seven o’clock in the evening, the waves woke up and went to Lanting Star’s office after washing.
Lan Tianxing and Zhuang Yuan wish to be both Hade.
Lan Tianxing saw the waves and said, "Xiao Hai Lao Liu and Lao Tan called this afternoon to say that everyone is ready and asked you when they should be on standby."
The waves said, "Brother Zhuang, please give a message to the other four hall lords and ask all the twenty brothers in each hall to take their guys and wear hoods and meet at the second fork of the temple bridge outside the city at twelve o’clock tonight! Temple bridge fork road is only 20 miles away from Huanghusheng Villa, and we can get to Huanghusheng Villa in half an hour. Let’s do it together with one hundred brothers. Brother Zhuang, you and I will act together tonight. "
Zhuang’s wish is to inform the four hall owners one by one about the blue star office words, and select 20 brothers’ own cars to quietly go to the intersection of Temple Bridge, and then they will act in unison.
The waves said to Harder, "Brother Dege won’t go. Today, we should take good care of Manager Lan, so that all of us are gone and Shao Xuewu has drilled us."
Gerhard nodded his head with an expression on his face.
The waves smiled at Lan Tianxing. "Mr. Lan, sit in the town camp and wait for us to return home in triumph!"
Lan Tianxing said, "Good! Talk at any time. "
Zhuang ruyuan said after talking that "Liu Ge Qing Long Tang and Tan Ge Zhuque Tang Chen Ping Bai Hu Tang’s three cousins will arrive at the second intersection of Siqiao Road at twelve o’clock, and our Xuanwu Hall’s twenty brothers will be led by Xiaoxi, and they will also start from Hongshun Company. Moon said that her twenty brothers in Tianxingtang Hall will be downstairs, so we can take them directly to Siqiao Road."
Lan Tianxing smiled when he looked at it. "It’s only 7: 30 now. You can leave at eleven o’clock. There are still nearly four hours in Xiaohai. Let’s go to dinner and wait while eating."
The waves laughed. "Good, I haven’t eaten yet. Let’s go together."
It’s rare that Lan Tianxing didn’t call Ouyang for dinner today, accompanied by him and Lang Lang Zhuang, plus Gerhard, a total of four people.
Sihard went out for an excuse, and the waves knew that Hud was secretly calling to inform Shao Xuewu when he was moving. He was still laughing and laughing.
When Harder came back, the waves also left on the pretext of the toilet.
When you get to the sanitary waves, call Brother Cang, the captain of the Long Xing team, and ask him to organize the personnel. At eleven o’clock, a car will pick them up and stop at the first intersection of Temple Bridge.
After the waves call Brother Cang, call Blue Moon and ask Blue Moon to send a CMB. A driver who is familiar with the route here quietly goes to the Solitaire Star team to send Long Xing team to the first intersection of Temple Bridge.
Everything is arranged in an orderly way. After the arrangement, the waves return to the banquet and continue to eat, drink and be merry.