"Master hurriedly made Yu Xiao rush out of the forbidden enchantment. This smelly female wolf is so powerful that I can’t stop it." Suddenly the little fox shouted and woke Ye Han.

Ye Han smell speech suddenly one leng busy pleasing to the eye to see at this time the little fox somehow has slowly fallen amorous feelings urgent Ye Han busy’ oh’ in one hand, suddenly a shake followed by a vitality poured into the jade flute with the help of jade flute suddenly flew towards the front.
Ye Han didn’t forget to look back at the little fox during the flight, but at this time he suddenly found that the little fox and the female wolf in Kuroha had lost sight at the same time, and at this time he suddenly felt a shadow flash across in front of him, mixed with a powerful beast breath, and soon came to his front.
Ye Han looked at it and immediately made a big fuss. He shouted at the female wolf in Kuroha and hit the female wolf in Kuroha. At that time, he didn’t dare to be careless and dodged, while Ye Han took advantage of this opportunity to change his position and continue to fly towards the front.
Kuroha female wolf looked at him with anger and turned to cold hum. A flash appeared behind Ye Han, and at the same time, the fox figure suddenly appeared behind Kuroha female wolf.
Ye Han borrowed Yan Han Yu Xiao to escape and looked back. When he saw the female wolf in Kuroha getting closer, he was not worried that he was repairing himself. After all, he was still very weak. It was not desirable to fight with the 17 th-order peak Xiu Yuan beast. I am afraid everyone knows this point.
However, when he saw Kuroha’s mother wolf chasing after her and the little fox in the middle of the back, he hesitated to see that the little fox was obviously injured in the previous fight, but even if she was injured, she didn’t let herself go. No matter how she said it, she was also a person. How could she be worse than the little fox?
At this moment, Ye Han seems to have realized something that he didn’t realize before. This yuan beast may be considered noble by earthly people, but the fact is not the case. Some people are not as good as even the yuan beast because of their sinister minds, just like the Yan family was killed in Ye Qiu before, and this yuan beast community might as well have people who are as affectionate and righteous as Fox, but they are desperate for their masters even though their lives are in danger.
Thought of here, Ye Han couldn’t help sighing for a long time, and then he silently transported the star cold tactic method to slowly inject his vitality into the phlogistic cold jade flute, and then he controlled the jade flute according to the position of the snakehead female wolf.
At the same time, Ye Han lost the help of Yu Xiao because he didn’t know how to fly. His figure lost its attachment, so he suddenly fell toward the ground after tapping that trick.
Fox looked at him and immediately became frightened and impatient. After a complaint, the original tail instantly changed into six pieces. Suddenly, he threw six pieces of strong energy and suddenly attacked the female wolf in Kuroha. At the same time, Fox accelerated his shape and flew in the direction of Ye Han falling.
"Master, don’t be afraid that Xiaoli is coming." Fox’s body suddenly rushed forward and kept calling Ye Han. However, she never found the female wolf in Kuroha at this time. Although she resisted with six strong spirits, she still drew a palm and attacked behind Fox.
Ye Han although falling, but still saw the fox crisis at that time the feeling be nasty in the hands of phlogistic cold jade flute suddenly thrown out instantly came to the fox’s side whew a across from her and then continue to blunt her followed by that vitality attack.
At the same time, Ye Han’s body completely lost its attachment, and the speed of falling suddenly increased, but his face was not frightened at all. Instead, he looked at Fox with a smile and what seemed to suddenly appear in his mind …
What is it? In Ye Han’s mind, there is a strange picture in which a small fox is lying next to a person and sitting with a boulder, but there are still three women around that person. What are the three women sitting on their own and laughing at is extremely vague, and the three women are equally vague.
The only thing that can be seen clearly is that the little fox feels that the little fox is very similar to the little fox that he has seen rushing towards him at present because of Ye Han. No, you are not similar, but exactly the same.
Look at the man sitting on the boulder. His appearance is also very vague. The only visible thing is that he is holding a jade flute in his hand at this time. At this time, the man’s eyes seem to be looking at the jade flute in the distance. It is obviously a Xiao Qu played by the player.
Looking in the direction opposite to this person’s face, the mountains in the sea of clouds in the distance are like a fairyland …
"Xiaoli" soon disappeared. Ye Han’s eyes looked closer and closer, and the fox’s face highlighted a surprise. The mouth was unnatural and murmured.
Fox saw that her master was about to fall to the center of the earth, but she couldn’t manage it. Although she already knew that the female wolf in Kuroha was attacking herself behind her, she didn’t care about it because she knew that the only thing she could do was to hide completely.
However, the reason why she didn’t do that was very simple, because she knew that if she really chose to avoid it, she would beat Ye chills mercilessly, knowing that she didn’t want to avoid it at the last moment.
However, she didn’t know that Ye Han would give up the only jade flute in his hand to fight against the female wolf in Kuroha, which led to his facility area and finally became a Yuan Dan realm person by relying on it.
Losing everything, relying on Ye Han is Ye Han, and his true cultivation is Yuan Dan’s world. At this time, it is no exception. The price that a person from Yuan Dan’s world has to pay when he falls from the sky must be extraordinary.
The original fox’s energy barrier can still keep Ye Han, but this barrier is also wiped out at the moment when Ye Han attacked the female wolf in Kuroha from the inside out. This little fox is also very resistant. Although he has strong defense ability to protect the barrier, he can’t stand Ye Han’s attack from Yang.
At this time, the fox was about to jump in front of Ye Han to block him when he suddenly heard Ye Han’s mumbling mind suddenly move and lose control, so he plunged into Ye Han’s arms.
[375] 【 Magic Flute Song 】
Ye Han had already lost his reliance. At this time, he was hit by a small fox, but he accelerated his fall. Finally, he heard a loud bang and a fox smashed the ground together.
Little fox’s body barely bumped into Ye Han’s arms, but Ye Han didn’t. Fortunately, maybe the little fox’s collision was nothing to him, but the damage caused by his body falling from a height was great. At the moment he fell to the ground, his mouth could not help but bleed.
The "master" fox knows Ye Han’s repair situation. Although he has accepted the fate of the star to wash the marrow and achieved the star life, after all, the repair is still shallow, although it is a high fall, but it is already a great harm to Ye Han at this time.
"Why are you so stupid? Why don’t you listen to Xiaoli?" Fox couldn’t get up in Ye Han’s arms, so he couldn’t see his situation clearly. When she saw the scene of Ye Han’s mouth overflowing with blood, tears in her eyes suddenly rolled down and fell into Ye Han’s arms.
Fox is very charming when she smiles, but at this time, when she cries, she is very lovable. Those big eyes are soaked with tears and become more charming, but because of tears, this charm gives people a feeling of affection.
"Little fool, you can have enough, master. I don’t hesitate to sacrifice my life. Can’t I do this? Don’t forget that you are my little pet. If you die, who will accompany me?" Ye Han was still hit hard, but he didn’t faint. At this time, after hearing the fox crying, he couldn’t help but open his eyes and slowly said to the fox.