Cheng Fang said, "The lady in the Twelve Rooms is stunning every day. She usually receives celebrities or politicians. I have worked here for two years and secretly hooked up with the best lady I have ever met in my life … Gee! I’m just secretly seducing-if I know it in person, I’ll be punished because it’s all high-class ladies. I can play with those second-class ladies on the third floor-mom! "

The waves laughed. "Are you still doing it here now?"
Lion House is located in the south of the city, one mile away from Rosin Villa, the headquarters of Fulong Gang. It is the most luxurious hotel in the city, and it is also the industry of Fulong Gang, where all large-scale celebration banquets will be held.
The waves are the protagonist and the focus of the banquet today, and they are also heroes in many people’s minds!
The waves are young and handsome, their faces are tall and straight, their bodies are firm, and their gestures are natural and unrestrained, which attracts many young women to admire their eyes.
The most attractive eyes of women are the clear and deep waves, with that evil smile hanging in their eyes and corners of their mouths. When he looks at a love women and she smiles, almost no woman can resist his manly taste!
Laughing like this is not only a temptation for girls, but also a bad trick for charm!
But laughing like this seems to be a woman who doesn’t even look at the waves, no matter how hard she is!
Today is not only a celebration of the waves, but also a rare meeting of the "Fulong Gang" in a year. Almost all the brains, big and small, have arrived. Of course, there are at least 100 people outside the hotel to patrol and prevent the "Star Gang" from coming in to make trouble.
Shao Yifu personally presided over the meeting, which affirmed the recent performance of the waves and praised them for defeating Japan’s number one player, winning glory for Taiwan. From time to time, enthusiastic applause broke out.
Lady Shao left after she spoke, and then there was a banquet. The fifth floor of the "Lion House" was full of "Fulong Gang" people and invited celebrities.
After the booze, it’s time for free activities. Some people leave, others stay and continue their hearts. Anyway, tonight’s drinks are all for the benefit of the people.
I stayed for drinks, but some other drinks were paid for by myself, such as losing money in gambling!
Although the "Lion House" is five stories high, all the facilities and decorations in it are built according to the world’s top hotel standards. It is a hotbed for the "Fulong Gang" to celebrate their own gang and win over local politicians and celebrities. Although it is not as good as the "Star Gang", the Red House country is also a first-class standard.
Of course, in a first-class hotel, pornography and gambling are indispensable!
Pornography, gambling and drugs are not allowed in all countries in the world, but pornography and gambling are popular all over the world, even if some countries prohibit them by law, every hotel will still do so.
"Lion House" is no exception!
Whether the "Fulong Gang" is a decent group or not, especially when it comes to the word "whoring", most of the gangs are young and strong, playing with knives and sticks. These people may die hard all the time, so they need dissolute stimulation more than ordinary people. These people have a place to vent and buy people’s hearts to work hard. The "Fulong Gang" and "Lion House" have prepared many ladies for these people to enjoy.
"Poison" means that if you can’t be on the table, some people can secretly take drugs outside, dare not smoke less in the hotel, dare not open their eyes to smoke, or secretly smoke two in the hiding room
"Gambling" is different. You can not only be bold, but also throw your weight around!
-The big killer, the heroic gambler, the timid gambler, the cautious and calm gambler, the gambler with his eyes shining and sweating!
After dinner, the waves secretly asked Liu Yifei to take Shao Xuetong away and get in the way here.
Liu Yifei laughed. "You are so hateful that you dumped someone just after you dumped them. Maybe I will be dumped by you that day!"
The waves chuckled, "Don’t be jealous. Didn’t we agree that I would accompany you tonight? You send Shao Xuetong away to play here for a while and I’ll find you when I go back. "
"Looking for me?" Liu Yifei glanced at the waves with bitterness and said, "How to find it? Just meet me in my building? Aren’t you afraid that old man Shao will castrate you? "
The waves laughed. "Why don’t you wait for my words?"
Liu Yifei said, "I know you like to be busy. Have fun. Let you take a vacation tonight and make an appointment another day!" "
The waves quietly patted Liu Yifei’s ass and chuckled, "It’s very kind of you to fly sister!"
Liu Yifei glared at the waves and took a look at the people around him. Fortunately, no one paid attention to it before he could rest assured to scold, "So many people are watching you die! Ok, you play. I’ll just cheat Shao Xuetong away. "
The waves walked leisurely, and a man of about thirty approached the waves and shouted, "Brother Hai, do you still know me?"
The waves turned and saw this man’s face with a scar, but he bowed and said hello to him. The waves frowned and remembered, "You are Cheng Fang."
Cheng Fang smiled and said, "Hai Ge really has a good memory. I can’t believe that such a big person still remembers me as a little person."
The waves laughed and patted Cheng Fang on the shoulder and said, "Did the bitch dry and uncomfortable that day?" Yes, I still owe you money! "