Just explain to her when I enter the palace later! "

"Burn old you don’t evade! You should know that I say begin … "
"all right! Just like you said, what can you do if you fight all the time? " Burn Yin dust forcibly stopped Su Ling and wanted to continue talking, just like Su Ling felt. He seemed to ignore Su Ling’s work directly!
And whether it’s ignoring or deliberately not, you know it in your heart!
Seeing this, Su Ling couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows and ask, "Are you not angry?"
"What are you mad at? What’s so angry about Wang being injured and defending Wang’s impulsive behavior? " Finally burn three-dimensional dust oblique eyebrow and tone without any banter in Su Lingmo!
Burn Yin dust, burn Yin dust always looks back and wants her to do this? !
Is it true or not? !
A little surprised!
After all, the first time after she started, her mind thought was to bear all the consequences!
As a result, it seems that there is a kind of Xia Fei Luo Li after being forcibly misinterpreted by Huang Yin Chen. !
This ….. Have a daughter-in-law forget mother? !
"Who is this uncle?" When the main hall Su Ling and Huang Yin dust looked at each other and smiled, they closed the doors and windows and suddenly came to May to ask questions clearly.
At the same time, Su Ling and Huang Yinchen both got up and looked up at the door with the door hole. They saw a dark red gold embroidered robe and Huang Yinli was staring at the door with a blank face … Looking at Jin Yan!
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"Who is this uncle?"
After the door hole, Su Ling and Huang Yin dust both looked at the door and froze and froze in place. In an instant, their faces changed slightly.
Jin Yan is still timid, and he will still show strong preparedness and caution when he sees strangers.
Although I haven’t seen Huang Yin-li in May, she also found some quirks by looking at his extremely similar face.
Not to say that YanYan is aunt Xue and uncle Lou? But how come he looks almost the same as this dark red robe with four claws embroidered on his chest? !
After hearing the door hit, she looked askance at Su Ling and Huang Yin dust coming out of the room in May, and she herself was very cautious to pull Jin Yan to her side.
Looks like they’re all acquaintances? !
"Brother!" Burn three-dimensional dust gathered all the subtle changes in expression and then looked at the face and showed a stunned look. Burn three-dimensional glass low call 1.
His cavity can quickly awaken Huang Yin-li’s sanity.
But it’s still not hard to find him quietly looking at Jin Yan in the sight of burn three-dimensional glass, which seems to hide embarrassment.
"Three younger brothers and sisters … are these your children?" After asking, Huang Yin’s glass cavity will focus on Jin Yan’s body aboveboard.
In the past five years, the body has become more indifferent, perhaps because of state work. The calm expression of his knife-shaped eyebrows has also raised a’ Sichuan’ shape!
I haven’t seen him for five years, and I felt the palace at the first time when I got the news.
But I didn’t think I would be the first to see these two little guys!
That little girl can tell at a glance that it must be Su Ling and the third child, but the timid little boy has a strange feeling of familiarity at first sight!
And my heart suddenly missed a beat, which made me feel uneasy!
How long has it been since his mood has been so ups and downs? !
WenSuling heart a surprised to hear burn three-dimensional glass so ask she can look to the side tightly pulling May hand Jin Yan.
If burn three-dimensional glass will ask so much, it can be said that he still doesn’t know what happened in the capital of Qingguo!
But if she now admits Jinyan’s identity, then in the future, once Jinyan is found to be Shinohara Snow Child, she will definitely find the problem with his mind.
But on the other hand, Su Ling’s heart is also mixed. If she says this is not her own child, how can she explain the origin of Jinyan?
Besides, I’m afraid anyone who looks at Jin Yan’s face alone will feel almost the same as Huang Yin’s glass!
Even though he is still young, the model can almost see a thing or two!
Su Ling kept thinking about answering, but Huang Lao looked at Huang Yin’s glass and said in a low voice, "Is the palace okay today?"
Words fall on his body a spin is an invitation to burn three-dimensional glass into the hall.
Maybe I have doubts but never doubt.
After hearing the inquiry of the old burn, the train of thought of the three-dimensional glass was completely shifted, and the front clothes stepped on the steps and slowly walked into the main hall.
And Su Ling also breathed a sigh of relief!
After a few simple commands in May, Su Ling looked at the two children walking towards the backyard of Wangfu, which relieved her and entered the main hall.
In recent years, although far away from neat and neat, Su Ling is also aware of these acquaintances!
Now, she has become a toffee, and the two people, Huang Yin Li, have always respected each other as guests. Outsiders seem to be very well matched, including Huang Yin Li Taidong Palace, which has already had two side concubines and three good women.
No matter such as Huang Yin-li, this identity is bound to inherit the unification in the future, and I’m afraid those women in his East Palace will be promoted directly to the later women after they ascend to the throne!