"Wealth you bring me less top hat. Do you still have these at this time? When I asked you to go to your school, you were a devil in the world. I asked you to join the army, but you went to the northeast to mix the underworld. You mixed the underworld, but you didn’t see what you were like! Your gang’s roll call was fought by Qinglong and Dragonfly for you. If it weren’t for them, I estimate that you would have been hacked to death in the northeast or mixed up with a pony! "

Master Zhou Shan handed the overlord gun to Zhou Chi and said to Zhou Fugui that he never had too many good words before Zhou Fugui.
Master Zhou Shan tried his best to belittle Zhou Fugui, but he raised Qinglong and Dragonfly. He didn’t listen to Zhou Fugui’s school in those years and secretly went to the northeast early. He has always been bitter about these things. He has never liked himself very much.
There is no master who can’t bear to say that Zhou Fugui was called the Raptor in Northeast China or Zhou Taizu and another mafia boss shared equally the power of several provinces in Northeast China. Today, when it comes to Zhou Taizu Zhou Fugui’s underworld figures, he has run a huge business empire. Now Zhou Fugui’s personal wealth is extremely rich, and these achievements are not something that ordinary people can achieve.
But in the eyes of these master Zhoushan, it is not very valuable. Master Zhoushan came to Zhou Fugui to mix with the underworld and failed to unify the underworld. This is a failure. For the business master, he always doesn’t like people with too much copper smell, but Zhou Fugui is now a real businessman. Even if the business is big, even if he is rich, he still doesn’t like himself.
"Father, I have finalized my mind, even if I want to learn martial arts, there is no way, but I regret that I have worked hard to cultivate Zhouyi’s ability to be martial arts!" Zhou Fugui accompanied a smiling face to explain that he can be passive in front of his master. Nuo Nuo’s domineering image at ordinary times shows that the situation is completely different
"I’m Sun Zhouyi is much better than you, but you have to be clear about Zhouyi’s martial arts. I taught him to turn it into a school. What’s your credit? You regret now that even if you want to learn martial arts, I won’t teach you! "
Island master is still otherwise said will still Zhou Fugui worthless.
Zhouyi went to Zhoushan to teach his good father a lesson, but it was secretly funny. He didn’t intend to go over and mix in such a scene. He saw that many masters often made Zhou Fugui speechless until his good father was beaten. Zhouyi sometimes couldn’t help laughing because his master was Zhou Fugui’s nemesis, and the world was afraid that his master was the only one in front of his master. But it was full of power in front of others. I remember that once he went to another province and a provincial leader asked him to have dinner. He flatly said that there was no time, and as a result, a department manager of the company was sent in the past. The provincial leader despised Zhou Fugu
"Sir, you said that Zhouyi, who has done the greatest contribution to you, is stronger than me. I knew at that time that I was simply mixing gangsters, but I knew that the line of pulling Guoan was equivalent to having a dead gold medal. Zhouyi is much stronger than me. These are all well taught by you. It is also fortunate that Zhouyi was educated by you when he was a child, otherwise I would be a bad influence."
Zhou Fugui gave a wry smile and immediately followed the words of Master Zhou Shan, saying that he was flattering one after another. Now he finds that he has said something wrong again, but he has no courage to argue before his own father. He is a bold man, but he is only afraid that Master Zhou will be angry and he will give him a white look. He is somewhat chilling.
This is also a psychological shadow. When I was a child, Zhou Fugui was not less beaten by Master Zhou Shan, and Zhou Fugui was like a mouse seeing a cat when his face was wrong.
After decades, Zhou Fugui has become a rich man, but he still has this psychological shadow.
Master Zhou Shan was a little embarrassed by himself. He didn’t say anything more about him, but he still didn’t give Zhou Fugui any good looks. It seems that he is reluctant to talk to Zhou Fugui.
To master Zhou Fugui Zhou Zhouyi to teach him not to talk, his brothers are naturally not qualified to talk. It’s awkward to go there, and it’s not the case that they didn’t expect Chapter 7 to be confusing.
"Don’t be angry with my eldest brother. My eldest brother really misses him at ordinary times. He is afraid of your scolding, so are I and Long Fei. We have long wanted to see a peerless gentleman, but we dare not go to see you this time!"
Qinglong is a more experienced person after all, so he resolved that Zhou Fugui and Master Zhoushan were a little embarrassed, so he told Master Zhoushan that he was sincerely reverent for Master Zhoushan, because according to the result of fighting between Masato and Zhou Chi, his fist and fist skills could be slightly better than Masato’s, but if he really fought to the death, he would probably lose to Masato because Masato had a natural career and Yun Jian had no such magic weapon to compete with Yun Jian!
"Tsing lung what hale and hearty I am a old bones. You are in the prime of life and afraid of being young. If you take my overlord gun, I should not belong to Masato! You and Long Fei are both peerless strong men. I’ve been wanting to see you for a long time, but Zhou Fugui is so small that he just doesn’t bring you to see me. I should scold him! "
Master Zhou Shan replied with a smile on his face. He was very strict with Zhou Fugui and kind to others. "I have been practicing fist and fist weapons since I was a child. How can I compare with my master? Even if he lent me the overlord gun, I wouldn’t."
Tsing lung hurriedly said modestly that some accomplishments of Tsing lung weapons are not as deep as his fist and fist kung fu. Of course, his weapon accomplishments are the same as those of his master.
"To practice weapons, you have to practice guns from big guns. It’s a hundred soldiers’ ancestors. If you practice gun skills, you will master the mana method. For other weapons, you can be very Aauto Quicker. But if your martial arts is so good, do you have weapons or not? It’s already an enemy."
Master Zhou Shan told Qinglong that his evaluation of Qinglong has always been very high and he deserves the title of the second master in mainland China because even Zhou Chi is still inferior to Qinglong.
"Master, sometimes you give us some advice on martial arts, especially weapons."
The whole body capable dragonfly also told Master Zhou Shan that he and Qinglong are both peerless and strong, and have stayed in this realm for a long time. They have touched the threshold of "harmony between man and nature", but they can’t get in and reach the highest realm of martial arts. I hope Master can give me some advice, and maybe they can suddenly make their martial arts go up a storey still higher.
"Dragonfly, there is no one in this world who can show you martial arts. Let’s communicate with each other. You and Qinglong are excellent masters. Qinglong also taught Zhouyi a few tricks. In the future, you will have to assist Zhouyi. I have to thank you both!"
Master is lang Shuang laughed
"Your lordship is serious!"
"thank you, sir."
Dragonfly and Qinglong are both happy when they hear this. They all know that if the master is willing to give them advice, they will benefit for life!
When it comes to martial arts, Master Zhoushan chatted with Qinglong Dragonfly. Master Zhou didn’t come into the room, and Zhou family members were afraid to walk carefully with him. But when Master Zhou talked with Qinglong Dragonfly, they still didn’t understand because they hadn’t reached that level yet.
I didn’t understand many of these words before Zhouyi, but now his martial arts has improved a lot, and some martial arts principles can be slowly understood. Just as Zhouyi was fascinated, an unexpected word came in.
It was Li Li who called.
This lily is the black silk sister who was known by Swan Lake kv in Zhouyi. She was cheated by her distant cousin and sold to the black kv. Fortunately, she met a kind-hearted Zhouyi and saved her.
Li Li likes singing very much, and her talent is good. Zhouyi has always been very concerned about Li Li. She arranged for her to work in the coffee shop of her father’s former driver Xiao Ke’s house. He went abroad in the first month and arranged for Jing Ge to find a music school for Li Li. Now Li Li is in the coffee shop class from Monday to Friday, and she studies music theory and singing in the music school on Saturday and Sunday.