Brother Gan said with a smile, "I don’t know who he is, and I don’t want to know who he is. I know my name is Wang Xiaogan, and I have the right to tell you my name!" " It’s a great insult to a person to think that he doesn’t even deserve his real name when he executes outside, but that’s what the country can bear, but now why should he remain anonymous when he defends his life and country!

Although dry elder brother said these words with a smile, Zhang Xiaoyan was deeply shocked by that kind of upright and upright eyes that have experienced vicissitudes of life. At this time, her words can be said to be lightly persuaded, "His father is the deputy magistrate of Qianye County, and there is a great potential here. You’d better be careful. Thank you for what happened just now."
"Ha ha thanks, deputy county magistrate? I think it should be all right "dry elder brother if things said with a smile.
Zhang Xiaoyan is really confused about this short man around her. What makes him so calm is knowing or knowing?
I was thinking that the school bell would ring.
Brother Gan apologized and said, "I’m sorry, I should go. My brother is out of school." Then he turned and left.
Looking at the short man’s back, Zhang Xiaoyan tried to stop him, but she couldn’t get it. Chapter IV School Storm (2)
Chapter IV School Storm (2) When Brother Gan arrived at the door of Class Two, he was already waiting at the door. When he saw the eldest brother meet him with a smile, "Let’s go, I’ll treat you to a snack." He said and showed off his ten-yuan "big bill."
Brother gan smiled and touched the small land and asked, "how much do you live in a month?"
"Two hundred is quite enough for me to eat enough, and I can also have a snack once a week!" Small content replied with a smile.
200 yuan for a month? ! I can’t blame my brother for being so thin. He is now in a long physical stage. How can he not keep up with nutrition? Think about those social luxuries. A meal costs 10,000 yuan, and most of them are lang. But my brother can be so happy if he eats a snack once a week. This may be the gap. It is material and spiritual.
"When your parents are old, you can learn from your brother, but you must study hard and don’t let your parents down!"
"Well, I know, I will definitely work hard," Wang promised with clenched fists.
After a while, I arrived at the gate and a familiar voice came, "That’s the little one!" Brother Gan looked up, and Zhao Cong, the yellow-haired brother, blocked the school gate with a few bruisers and shouted.
"Small you go behind me elder brother to do something" dry elder brother comfort younger brother said.
Wang to see the big brother that firm eyes know that big brother will handle this matter, because big brother never let himself be bullied and obedient since childhood and retreated behind.
At this time, four bruisers have copied from three loaves of bread. It seems that they are not going to let Brother Gan go. They didn’t put Brother Gan at ease. They are less than one meter tall and weigh one hundred and twenty kilograms. They can easily solve this small problem by picking out one of the four people, but the county magistrate wants to put him to the death. Therefore, the four people have to do what they say and show it to Zhao Dagong. After all, thousands of wild people have to rely on his father, deputy county magistrate Zhao.
Four people have just pushed and haven’t reacted yet. They have already been lying flat. Four people have been crying for ten seconds, but they are still qualified, but they are far from their best.
Zhao Cong, the yellow-haired brother, didn’t see clearly what was going on. He was put down when he called four thugs. He was cursing a group of fools in his heart and was angry. Although he smiled kindly, he still had a gloomy feeling that he was spreading around and shouted, "Don’t hit me, don’t hit me, my dad will punish you!"
When Brother Gan came to Brother Huang Mao, his hands were two slaps. Zhao Cong’s face suddenly swelled up and his teeth lost two. Then he gave him a kick and beat him to cry. Dad asked Brother Niang to say with a smile, "Call your father to punish me. I’ll wait."
Brother Huang Mao screamed in pain, took out his mobile phone and dialed a number. As soon as he got through, he shouted, "Dad, come and save me! I’m about to be killed! Huh? At the entrance of county no.1 middle school, oh, don’t ask. Come quickly or you won’t see your son! Well, hurry up! " Brother Huang Mao hung up, had a backer and was arrogant for a few minutes, but he still didn’t dare to mess around. Did he know that men don’t eat immediate losses? Although he is a grandson, Sun doesn’t like to eat immediate losses. Let’s wait for his county magistrate and dad.
Zhang Xiaoyan wheeled her bicycle to the school gate and saw a group of people or students in conflict. Hurry in and have a look. It doesn’t matter. There are four big men lying in Zhao Cong crying that they just met a short man. Isn’t there a king in his class behind him? So he went over and asked, "Wang Di, why don’t you go to eat here?"
"Teacher Zhang, they want to call my brother. Please call the police quickly." Wang said anxiously.
"Hit your brother? Who is your brother? " Zhang Xiaoyan asked and thought, Are you still hitting your brother? Is your brother hitting someone or is someone hitting your brother?
She saw Wang Di’s proud finger and pointed to the short man in front of him. He looked at the ground holding a mobile phone. Zhao Cong thought that he was really afraid of what to do when he was finished. So a squad leader ordered, "Wang Di should leave here with your brother quickly!"
Wang Digang was about to answer the dry mouth and say with a smile, "Leave here? What are you doing away from here? There are so many enthusiastic audiences here. I have to satisfy them and let them see a happy ending. I am not a man with an end. "
After listening to the short man’s words, Zhang Xiaoyan was so angry that she stamped her feet and gnashed her teeth and thought, just be brave. You can’t fight even if you can! But deep down, she still likes this manhood.
Zhao Tianpu was very angry after receiving the cry for help from his son. He never thought that Zhao Tianpu, who was in the territory of Qianye County, would also be beaten. I don’t know if it was that long-sighted thing. I must teach him a lesson myself! "Wang Mi Ma called Yang Gang of the Public Security Bureau and asked him to take people to the gate of County No.1 Middle School to catch Xiao Cong’s murderer!" Zhao Tianpu secret ordered to himself
When the king’s secret heard that the county magistrate was beaten, it was not an urgent matter to find out the address book and dial the words of Director Yang of the county public security bureau. Yang Gang was at the meeting at this time. The secret told him that the county magistrate Zhao had spoken. What’s the big deal? He immediately came to the office for instructions. I didn’t expect the deputy county magistrate to be beaten. It’s really angry. It’s like the public security bureau is his deputy county magistrate Zhao. If something big happens, I have to trouble him. But what can I do? The official killed him. Deputy county magistrate Zhao gave himself little shoes, but he couldn Less, but the only thing that makes him feel comfortable is that the evil and unfair elder brother of Qianye County has finally been cleaned up. I don’t know which great god has the courage. It’s really worth seeing for himself that the evil and unscrupulous Qianye County has never committed a major murder and arson case, but it’s a bad thing that he has done all. If he hadn’t protected the calf himself, he would have been brought to justice!
Yang Gang arranged his own hands and listened to his own command. Don’t act rashly. Then he took a police car and led the team to County No.1 Middle School. After a while, he arrived at the gate of County No.1 Middle School. Many people gathered there. After taking a taxi, he arranged for two policemen to evacuate the traffic. He walked to the scene and saw Zhao Dagong and four big men lying and groaning and asked, "Who hit them?"
"me!" Dry elder brother answered with a smile
Yang Gang followed the sound source. He didn’t expect to have this ability. It seems that people can’t judge by their appearance. So many spectators just don’t lend a helping hand. This is the spectator spirit, and China has never lacked spectators since ancient times. Seeing himself coming out in front of him, the appreciation in the eyes of the cool guy suddenly increased a little. I thought that this young guy must be not a mortal, but he has seen the world at least. That is, at this moment, Yang Gang decided to deal with it himself.
After a while, a Passat galloped in and heard a harsh brake. Before waiting for the bus to stop at the back door, he couldn’t wait to fight. A middle-aged man with baldness in his forties walked out from the inside to say Qianye County, but few people didn’t know his name. He was Zhao Tianpu, the deputy magistrate of Qianye County. He was a native of Qianye County. Every time he transferred his head from the surface, he either ran away or he dropped the total amount of land in Qianye County. Deputy magistrate Zhao was a real uncle. After he walked out, he took the co-pilot secret and quickly pushed the door car, but he
Brother Gan shook his head with a sigh when he saw this scene, but it still doesn’t work. A county magistrate is also in charge of hundreds of thousands of people. A first-class official has no general demeanor, which is far from the leader he defended before. I remember that time when I was attacked on the way to the Prime Minister’s visit abroad, and the Prime Minister didn’t even blink in the car. If the tea table is calm, that is the real leadership temperament.
"Xiao Cong, are you okay?" Middle-aged bald man, that is, deputy county magistrate Zhao, came to the son and asked anxiously.
"Dad, you can come. If you don’t come, your son will be killed under your eyelids!" Zhao Cong, the yellow-haired brother, became alive and kicking when he saw his county magistrate Torre coming. He cried and howled and gave dry brother a cold spell.
"It’s okay XiaoCong you have a good lie down for a while the ambulance came to go to the treatment. Don’t worry, dad will be sure to uphold justice! Tell me who hit you? " Zhao, deputy head of the county, got up and waited for the identification.
Zhao Cong, the yellow-haired brother, pointed at the dry brother and bit his teeth and said, "Dad is him. He is the one who hit me. You must avenge me!"
At this time, Zhao Tianpu looked at Yang Gang. "Director Yang, since you know who the murderer is, don’t arrest him quickly!"
"Ha ha, deputy county magistrate zhao, we are not aware of the situation. Don’t worry, we won’t let a bad man go, but at the same time we can’t wronged a good man, don’t you think? Yang Gang said with a smile.
Zhao Tianpu was so choked by Director Yang that he couldn’t say a word and glared at Yang Gang. "Then you should quickly understand that the murderer should be brought to justice as soon as possible!" I secretly thought that I would have to clean you up sooner or later and let you scamper for a few days first.
At this moment, Yang just came to Brother Gan and asked with a smile, "Did you fight all five people, young man?"
"Yes" dry elder brother succinctly replied.
"What did you hit them? Don’t you know that hitting people is illegal? " Yang Gang continued.
"No, they should fight." Brother Gan replied without delay.
Hearing the young man’s answer in front of him, Yang Gang’s eyes appreciated it a little more, as if he had just joined the army. At that time, he was so unruly, that is, he played where there were so many things! Judging from the young man’s answer to himself, he must be a soldier, because there are soldiers doing things so neatly and simply.
"good! Since it’s nothing, please come with us to the public security bureau. "Say that finish and wink at the police behind you.
At this time, Zhang Xiaoyan, the squad leader around Xiaodi, was in a hurry. It was all caused by herself. She couldn’t watch others and went to jail herself. Isn’t that what’s the difference between herself and the murderer? So she quickly stepped forward and gently called Uncle Yang.
"Shinohara yan? Why are you here? " Yang Gang, if it isn’t mayor Zhang’s daughter, how did she get here? She won’t have anything to do with this, will she?