Knowing that Third Sister had a physician, Shen Er was in no hurry and followed Su Mian back to Hele Hall.

Shen Ershi has never been very close to Su Mian and rarely comes here. I don’t know why Su Mian led her and Taiguifei, but it was not bad. There was no special connection.
Today, it is obviously too good to see her rosy cheeks and better spirits.
Now, if you want to be nice to Taiguifei, no one in the palace will dare to bully her.
"How old is Yincui gorge this year?" Sue cotton suddenly asked
"Back to the main message, Yincui gorge is fifteen this year," said indigo naturalis.
Su Mian nodded. "No one really cares about her now."
My brother died, my mother died, and my family was left alone. If it weren’t for Shen Er, Su Miangen forgot that there was such a person in the palace.
"Yes, it’s time to get married. I can’t remember it on weekdays." Indigo 516 Chapter 516 I can’t control it.
"I can’t care if she should get married and wait for the report to come back." Su Mian touched Shen Er’s forehead.
"After the heavy son marriage, let me worry about that one." Su Mian said.
"The Lord is right, but now I can’t hold my heart." Indigo smiled and handed a big pear to Shen Er.
Shen Er took it without eating and playing for a long time and asked, "When will the emperor’s sister-in-law Ming ‘an and Ming ‘shou come back?"
Su Mian touched her head and said, "It will take a while. Go find them."
Anyway, she will be back soon, so it doesn’t matter if she goes.
Shen Er went away with the pear in her arms. Although her two nephews didn’t like to play with her, she just liked her nephews.
Mu Wanting will never beat and scold handmaiden again after returning to the palace. Look at Embroidery Embroidery every day and accept it.
Su Mian doesn’t think about it. She just knows that this woman is restless.
After finalizing the request marriage, Su Mian saw Zhang Taifu’s second granddaughter and the illegitimate daughter of Shanglin’s family.
After this great war, I have to tell Gao Feng and Han Yun that Han Yun said that she wanted to see Albizia, but Su Mian didn’t have the heart to make Albizia sad. It’s rare for a woman to take the initiative to like a man, even if Liang is stupid, she is brave and doesn’t have to make her sad.
"Please come to the palace with Zhang Taifu’s eldest daughter-in-law and Mrs. Lin, who does not do it. Please also invite our old lady and Feng Ling’s daughter-in-law." Su Mian wanted to think.
"It’s a handmaiden. You can come in if you go." Green Mo Dao
The next day, Su Mian got dressed after breakfast and waited for everyone to come to the palace to visit.
At this time, several ladies have arrived, and so has Mrs. Su.
Everyone met with Le Dian and said hello to each other, just waiting for Su Mian.
Sue cotton with mu wan miao soon appeared.
"Just don’t bother to sit." Before the crowd greeted Su Mian and laughed.
But you still have to get up and salute. There is no death in these people …
Please sit down after your visit.
Su Mian looked at Liu Zhidie first. "It seems that all the good people are well-off."
Liu Zhidie said shyly, "That’s also a good marriage for the princess."
Su Mian said with a smile, "It’s good if you say yes. Today, there are some good things I want to talk to you about. I know that both Zhang Taifu and Lin Shang are girls with strict family style, and they are also a good match. I wonder if I have this blessing to marry?"
Sue cotton laughed
Mrs. Lin and Mrs. Zhang didn’t know before they came, but they all know now.
Mrs. Lin is so-called because she doesn’t have her own daughter. Both of them are concubines in the family, although it is a bit painful. Are they born by themselves?
Mrs. Zhang is the eldest daughter of Dr. Zhang, but her daughter is the second daughter of the Zhang family, because the eldest daughter is the second child’s family.
She got up and said, "I don’t know … what does princess mean at fifteen this year?" She is also a happy person. The princess wants the other party to look good, but they won’t agree if they don’t.
Su Mian said with a smile, "It has long been noticed that my wife’s daughter is a good tutor and looks good, and the feedback from the actress is excellent. I wonder if my wife will see it or not."
The problem with civil servants is that they can’t stand the words of military commanders.
Especially Zhang Taifu’s family loyalty is first-class, but whether the brain is dead or not, Gong Sunsu also blames Zhang Taifu. Although he is not acting as a matchmaker for Gong Sunsu, he can also ask Zhang Taifu to nod.
"Where dare to see? Military commanders decide the country now. My father-in-law depends on military commanders … It’s a little persistent, but I don’t see the military commanders … My wife has a daughter who hopes she will have a good life. "
This is the advantage of non-aristocratic families. Most of them will not exchange their daughters for benefits and hope that their daughters can live well.