Jin Shiji’s continuous kick attack and defense conversion is actually very coherent and smooth, and he finally maintains a fast attack posture without stopping for a little bit. This shows that he has a solid foundation and abundant physical strength. Zhou Yi did not take out his specialty kung fu and hit hard, but he could not find his flaws for a while. Xingyi Boxing and Extreme Boxing pay attention to breaking up the opponent’s boxing frame first to find flaws and defeat the enemy.

"Taekwondo is a sport, but it is more than enough if you study hard and practice hard to deal with ordinary people. This Jinshi machine is full of leg strength and kicks the ordinary people who have no strength or practice kung fu horizontally."
Zhouyi generally dodged Jin Shiji’s attack and thought.
"Zhouyi, why don’t you strike back?"
Zhang Xuanxuan shouted outside. She realized that this golden opportunity is so powerful and Zhouyi has been in the defense. She is a little worried that Zhouyi is not the opponent of this Korean master. "
"Coach Li is really amazing. This Zhouyi seems to have been completely suppressed." Some Taekwondo colleges also talked about it
Generally, these taekwondo students are ten to ten years old, and their contact with Kung Fu is very short. They can play against Jin Shijie in Zhouyi, so they can simply avoid them. It is definitely Jin Shijie who has taken the wind and recognized Jin Shijie’s continuous kicking to make Zhouyi dodge and fight back. After all, when Zhouyi and Li Jinji played against each other, they slammed into two moves and beat Li Jinji away, but now Zhouyi was chased by Jin Shijie, and some students lost to Jin Shijie.
Zhouyi naturally has his own idea, that is, to practice his dodge ability and defense ability with Jin Shiji, so that it is the easiest and worst way for an opponent to practice his hand, because the opponent is dangerous to himself and will not let himself capsize in the gutter.
However, this Jin Shi body can still be quite strong. After chasing Zhouyi for ten minutes, the leg speed and strength base have not decreased, which makes Zhouyi admire Jin Shijie. This person is indeed well-trained in combo ability, but Zhouyi’s footwork is very sensitive and he can feel the enemy’s initiative. Jin Shijie whizzed out, but he didn’t even touch the skirts of Zhouyi.
Those young students don’t go out for a while, but Jin Shiji’s heart is just playing with him.
Jin Shiji roared for a while but stopped attacking.
"Why don’t you strike back? Are you a coward? "
By this time, Jin Shiji still had a little fantasy in his heart. He imagined that Zhouyi was just a posture and a powerful defense attack means, which might not be as good as his own. Jin Shiji wanted to provoke Zhouyi to find a flaw and defeat Zhouyi.
"You have been attacking for so long, but you should give up." Zhou Yi smiled slightly at Jin Shiji. "When I attack, you will lose, so that you and your younger brother will lose face, and you can’t teach me in this Taekwondo gym to let you give up. This is also for your sake."
Zhouyi and Lee Kum Kee Jin Shijie met for the first time today, and they didn’t hate each other. If this were the case, Lee Kum Kee would have beaten one because Lee Kum Kee naturally blew Taekwondo as a natural enemy. Secondly, when he was Zhang Xuanxuan, he looked at Zhouyi and smiled at Bomei people. But Zhouyi didn’t really plan to fight them to the death. If this were the case, Lee Kum Kee would have been beaten by him and had no chance to move reinforcements.
When Zhou Yi said this, Jin Shiji became angry. Zhou Yi’s calm expression became a great irony in his eyes. He kicked for a long time but couldn’t touch the other side’s skirts, and Zhou Yi’s fear that he would lose his job was also regarded as an insult to him.
Jin Shiji’s Taekwondo Black Belt Seventh Section was indeed a world-class champion, but at this time he was humiliated by a teenager. If he endured this tone, his heart and anger would burst into flames. It seems that only in this way can he understand his resentment.
Anger is a bad emotion, especially for fighters, because martial arts practitioners must concentrate on the enemy when they encounter an enemy, and they must not have strong emotional fluctuations due to external factors. A person who is angry is often irrational and can’t play to the normal level. The real fighter is not brave enough, but wins with his brain and wisdom until he fights hard. That is a reckless man.
Although Jin Shiji’s kung fu is good, his heart quality is still poor. This sentence of Zhouyi disturbed his mind and went on the rampage.
"Hum! You little puss-head, trying to beat me is daydreaming! Just admit it! "
Jin Shiji snorted heavily and continued to say stiffly that he was ungrateful for Zhouyi’s kindness in asking him to retreat. Suddenly, he dashed forward and slammed into Zhouyi’s crotch with a low knee. When he saw that he angered Zhouyi and failed to achieve his goal, he suddenly tried to kill Zhouyi.
The crotch is the key to a person. Whether you are a master in my family or a master at home, you can’t afford to be a strong crotch. Chapter 39 Playing Taekwondo.
As soon as Zhouyi saw Jin Shijie’s dirty tricks, he decided to give him some color first so that Jin Shijie could retreat [] Although Jin Shijie was too aggressive, Zhouyi managed to control his emotions well and there was no killer. He wanted to teach this little Korean a lesson, and he didn’t want to talk too much about it. If he really fought to the death, he would have defeated Jin Shijie at this moment.
When Zhouyi and Jinshiji really confronted each other, a woman and a man came side by side and came to the training ground outside the rope barrier to compete with Jinshiji.
This woman is at least 1.7 meters tall, about twenty-five or six things younger than her. She wears a pair of sunglasses and looks beautiful. She is dressed in a decent black L system, with a shawl and long hair. She is very beautiful and charming. She is as cool as Luo Qingxue, but she is older and more mature than Luo Qingxue, so she has a feminine charm.
The man behind the woman is about thirty-five years old, with short hair and a face full of acne. He is an ugly man. He is a little thin and about 1.7 meters tall. When his eyes are very magical, his eyes often flash completely, which makes people think that he is a terrorist.
"Dashan, this teenager is two strokes to defeat Lee Kum Kee?" The woman asked the young man who had been quietly beside him.
"The boss is him. He is young but his strength is not weak." The man named Dashan Nian replied that his voice is not loud but his speech speed is steady, giving people a sense of machine.
"Then do you think this person deliberately came to kick the pavilion and spoil it?" The beautiful cold woman kept asking the ugly man around her.
"It is estimated that no one has the courage. Does he want to live? Whoever dares to make trouble will break his neck! " The ugly man Dashan replied
"As the saying goes, strong dragons don’t crush local strongmen. Will it be the West Lake gang who will come to trouble soon when we come to Hangzhou?" Beautiful cold woman said.
"There are many people in the West Lake Sect, but such a young master should be without me. This is purely an accident." The ugly man Dashan pointed to Zhang Xuanxuan and then continued, "This weak girl is brought by this self-proclaimed Zhouyi teenager. If he really deliberately made trouble, he would not have brought such a weak girl."
"You’re right," said the beautiful cold woman.
This beautiful and cold woman named Li Muyue is the owner of Yuntian Taekwondo Gymnasium. She is a Hong Kong native and a strong woman with great economic strength and background. There are industries all over the country around her. The man with a bumpy face is the curator of this Taekwondo Gymnasium, Jiang Dashan, and his kung fu is naturally not weak, but he practices South Shaolin Kungfu but not Taekwondo.
"Dashan, who can win?" Li Muyue asked Jiang Dashan way
"It’s hard to say that this Zhouyi hasn’t fought back, but I’m better at Zhouyi." Jiang Dashan thought for a moment and then said.
When Li Muyue and Jiang Dashan were talking, Zhouyi flashed sideways and slammed into the shoulder of Jinshi Machine with a split. The reaction of Jinshi Machine was also soon. He saw that Zhouyi attacked and suddenly turned around and kicked the fist of Zhouyi.
Both of them are very fast, and their fists and fists intersect in a flash, and a punch from Zhouyi is splitting the shin of Jin Shiji’s leg. Although Zhouyi is not strong, Jin Shiji still can’t bear to push back several steps.
The situation suddenly changed. Some students in the boxing gym applauded Zhou Yi, and some Jin Shiji cheered. At that time, the training hall was full of waves.
Someone took the lead and everyone shouted. The dozens of people shouted together with a very loud voice, which attracted more people to gather around to watch Zhouyi and Jin Shijie compete.
At this time, Zhang Xuanxuan’s powder fist clutched Zhouyi and went to teach Lee Kum Kee to offend Jin Shiji. At this time, she was very worried about Zhouyi because she came out. This Jin Shiji is definitely a master, and her strength is several times stronger than that of the former Lee Kum Kee, so her heart is also hanging.