Liuhao nodded. "Let’s go to the guest house with the Seven Emperors."

"Hum" Qin Xiang cold hum.
Liuhao turned to look at the place where he almost fell just now … Although he was absent-minded, he was also absent-minded … Looking at the people coming and going in an orderly way, he was really confused.
Qin Xiang’s arrival makes Chunyu rhyme and joy Gu Jinlan, although there are some faint hearts in his heart, he can think that what he is going to do next can crush his rapid heartbeat.
"I’ll have someone call LiuHao later. You remember to improvise." Aunt Liu lowered her voice and handed Gu Jinlan a blank paper bag from her arms. "Remember that Xu Chenggong is not allowed to fail."
Gu Jinlan swallowed hard "I am white"
"Hum" Aunt Liu snorted as she left the house door and was slammed.
Gu Jinlan turned her head and just wanted to pour the medicine into the teapot. Suddenly, a shadow appeared in front of her eyes. When she looked up, she completely lost consciousness without calling for help.
It’s hard to see Qin Xiang in Chunyu Rhyme. Gave LiuHao a bad look. LiuHao shrugged his shoulders and quickly left the room, thinking about Gu Jinlan, who was preparing to see Lan Er.
Who knows that I just went out and felt a pain in my neck and then I lost consciousness directly.
"Brother Xiang" looked at her with a thin lip and a delicate and touching look. "You haven’t visited Yuner for a long time."
Qin Xiang’s eyes are full of thoughts about Gu Jinxi. "Yun Er, why are you here?"
"This Amber Houfu is really chatting." Chunyuyun sat sideways next to Qin Xiang and lowered himself to reveal the unique graceful curve of the women’s school. "Brother Xiang …"
She played the ending very long with a delicate touch.
Qin Xiang took a slight glance and suddenly felt that the already hot weather was getting hotter and hotter; End up with a few cups of small incense and gulped down a mouthful of herbal tea. I don’t know what the anger in my heart is getting stronger instead of pressing it.
Incense curled up gradually, and it became bolder and bolder. I raised my hand and gently pulled Qin Xiang’s sleeve. "Brother Xiang Yun Er misses you so much."
Slowly, Qin Xiang’s thoughts are also a little confused, and his brain is dizzy. Everything can be done without even knowing that the door was hit and someone came in.
Come and hum a little, wrap your armpits into cylindrical bedding and throw it at the bed lightly.
"Sunseeker Sunseeker-"
"Brother Xiang!"
Time always passes quickly
Yi San people returned to the hospital at the banquet; The identity of the three people is not much different, so I picked a table with a good view and sat together; Then, soon, his daughter came around and twittered when it was really lively.
This banquet is the first time for Xia’s family to organize, and naturally it is very important.
Soon dressed in neat clothes, the servant girl was carrying a large tray of dishes; The whole courtyard is filled with a strong fragrance.
"This cold mixed three silk is really good." After Qin Nian tasted it, he gave Gu Jinxi Meng Jingxian some "you also try it".
"Well" Gu Jinxi or some are not used to Qin Nian naturally engage; I didn’t let my guard down on Meng Jingxian.
Even without them, she has done the most thorough work herself. Those people have worn their heads in that row, but I can’t imagine that she is behind it, and she can’t blame her head. After all, she didn’t do anything, did she?
Banquet everyone marched in their own minds.
Su Cen and Su Mengyuan wanted to hinder Gu Jin sunseeker to sit but looked at their table and there was no place to sit next to it.
"Why didn’t the fourth cousin see Sister Lan?" Su Cen turned and pulled Gu Jinxi sleeves.
Gu Jinxi lowered his head and looked down for a moment, but soon recovered as usual. "Didn’t she come to the party?"
"Didn’t see" Su Meng also some worry.