It’s hit the Emirates!

Looking at Monsieur beaucaire’s life and death, I don’t know if he fell to the depths of the sea. Wang Yunshi puffed up and laughed. He naturally knew that his fist and the power of being attacked by the beastmaster’s roar and black beast force, even if this bird family, Monsieur beaucaire, did not die, it must be impossible to live!
"See? Did you get a look at him? Guiling! This is the gap between birds and beasts! Ha ha ha ha ha ….. "Wang Yunshi roared, looked up, laughed and looked down fiercely. The sea was cloudy and the Monsieur beaucaire Ling’s body had fallen and disappeared.
Wang Yunshi lowered his eyes and said, "It’s a pity that you can’t see it!"
Talking, he accepted his ability, and the huge black gas condensed beast disappeared in an instant. Everything behind him recovered and became silent. Wang Yunshi turned around and proudly went to the big domain master to get the credit.
More think more proud more think more heart Wang Yunshi couldn’t help but look up again and shouted "ha ha ha! The birds will never defeat the orcs! I am the orc king! !”
"Not necessarily!"
A sound suddenly came from the waters above the head.
Wang Yunshi shivered all over, and the sound was cold and familiar, which scared him to look up at it.
"Are you easy for me?" Guiling slowly swam down to Wang Yunshi. "We birds and orcs hate you. Don’t you want to make a good calculation today?"
Everything seems to go back in time, and it’s exactly the same as what happened to Guiling just after he dodged the south glory illusion!
Wang Yunshi’s eyes are wide open, and his heart is more confused and confused.
"You … didn’t die?" Wang Yunshi almost blurted out such a stupid question.
"What do you say?" Monsieur beaucaire Ling finished smiling like a different person. Although her clothes were a little damaged in front of Master Wang Yunshi, her eyes were smiling. Although she was in front of Master Wang Yunshi and his huge body was much taller than her, she looked at Master Wang with an indescribable condescending feeling.
"No … impossible!" Wang Yunshi panicked and couldn’t help drifting back a few steps, staring straight at Monsieur beaucaire Ling and yelling, "How could you not die! ? How can you stand the double attack of the beast’s tooth fist and the beast’s roar? No way! Who are you? !”
"Hum, Wang Yunshi, haven’t you ever heard of nirvana rebirth?" Guiling smiled and stared at Wang Yunshi. "Oh, yes, this is the unique ability of the birds. You orcs don’t have it. This is the gap between the birds and the orcs!"
"You! You ….. "Wang Yunshi panicked at the moment, and he was really afraid. When his opponent was immortal or came back from the dead, this kind of shock and fear was great, especially the guy who made meritorious deeds like Wang Yunshi but was afraid of death and gluttony.
"I want to thank you, Master Wang Yun, for a long time. I can’t understand the true meaning of nirvana of birds. The so-called rebirth is also a quick recovery ability." Guiling smiled and moved slowly to Master Wang Yun. "But your fatal blow to me broke up my stagnant air and the emergence of birds made me realize the truth of nirvana of birds. It is necessary to live and die before I can feel the physical change. This time, you helped me."
Master Wang Yunshi could not help retreating again and again in the face of Monsieur beaucaire Ling, who moved slowly, but his eyes were dismayed a little and brewed into cruelty again! At the same time, the body secretly tightened its strength, and the muscles all over the body were very Arnold Schwarzenegger’s prominent swelling.
"Wang Yunshi, you will lose." Emirates Ling saw Wang Yunshi secretly brewing a sneak attack, but his face was calm and cold, and the water seemed even more distant. "I don’t want to increase the so-called split hatred between the birds and the orcs. Our birds have never been willing to fight for the wind. You orcs will let you do it before the lords."
Wang Yunshi was a little surprised and didn’t know what Emirates Ling meant by saying this to himself at this time, but the little man was bound to have a belly. He decided that Emirates Ling must have a trick in doing so.
"But Wang Yunshi orcs are your leaders now. Although I have been out of the domain for a long time, I still know that you have raised the status of the orcs at the expense of oppressing and belittling the birds to achieve your goal. This is our hatred." Emirates Ling continued to move forward slowly, steadily and gently, but with a great sense of oppression. "And you don’t understand that we hate our beliefs, and your own scenery and utility. Now you, the master monk of the domain, have opposed me and added everything you have done to the birds. We must have an end."
Monsieur beaucaire Ling said that he would never move forward again. He never forced Wang Yunshi to be even more flustered.
"End? Hehe, ok! See if you die or I die! " Wang Yunshi’s heart beat faster, but he still kept on laughing wildly. At the same time, he once again displayed his moves a few meters away from Monsieur beaucaire, and his arms suddenly hung behind him, and black gas rose suddenly, forming a ferocious beast again!
Opposite Monsieur beaucaire Ling, he did not show a trace of alarm. He calmly looked at Wang Yunshi with contempt, pity and indifference.
At this moment, a faint white halo flashed around Emile’s body, which soon spread and enveloped Emile.
Wang Yunshi had used the BM roar, but he was surprised by the scene before him. He was surprised and stared at it and forgot to swing the BM roar to attack.
At this time, the white halo enveloped Monsieur beaucaire Ling’s body was radiant with a layer of milky white material, and then the material growth and spread turned out to be a milky white feather!
The feather grew rapidly and spread over the body of Emirates.
The arms and even the legs are limited to be generated, and the roots are complete and crystal clear, and there is also a faint white light. For a while, the mapping of the Emirates is almost melted, and it is generally more sacred than inviolable in the white light.
Wang Yunshi was dumbfounded after watching it. At a certain moment, he almost had to pay homage to such a holy scene. Generally, the white light also shone on him, which dimmed the mapping of the black gas condensed beast behind him …
The white light gradually converges. Four Zhou Haishui no longer reflects the dazzling light. Before Master Wang Yunshi, Monsieur beaucaire Ling is full-fledged and brand-new.
It’s as white as wearing a feather chain woven dress, and its black long hair is straight, which sets off an inviolable sanctity.
"Wang Yunshi you pleasure? You are the first bird to kill the monk by nirvana after my rebirth. "Guiling’s cheeks are still reflected with a faint white halo, which is vague and unreal, and his lips are slightly open. For Wang Yunshi, it seems to come from all sides at the same time, and it seems to come from his own heart!
"I … I … I killed you!" Wang Yunshi was completely panicked. Faced with such a bird family, Guiling felt a sense of paralysis. When he wanted to use the beastmaster’s roar, he was surprised to find that he had the ability to condense black gas and create a beast. It turned out that the white light mapping of Guiling had disappeared!
Monsieur beaucaire ling calmly looked at Wang Yunshi and slowly raised his arm.
And the arm and armpit until the soft rib on the side have been connected by white feathers, just like a glimpse of newborn white wings!
Such an arm pointed to Wang Yunshi and extended a finger to the fingertips to shine a star again.
I’m scared. I’m really scared
This fear is inexplicable but irresistible from the bone.
The strength of Wang Yunshi, an orc, is not as strong as before, but now he is more aware that he is definitely not an opponent and his hope of survival is slim. Even so, the subtext of Wang Yunshi’s heart is that I don’t want to die ~ ~!
The sound of "Goodbye Wang Yunshi" is like being in the sea, which makes people unable to tell the direction.
Wang Yunshi panicked and trembled involuntarily. His huge body was like a frightened bird. He stepped back slightly and shook his hands at Monsieur beaucaire Ling. "Wait ~ wait! Do you remember? I also invite you to dinner before … "
The white light at the fingertips instantly increases and then rapidly shoots out. Before Wang Yunshi’s voice falls, it has been parallel to the opposite side like a tiny meteor.
The blink of an eye lit the star and the light fell on Wang Yunshi’s chest, and then the moment expanded like a sudden explosion of matter, but there was no sound at all. It was a blink of an eye, and the white light had completely enveloped Wang Yunshi without even a scream, and Wang Yunshi was lost in the white light.