However, all the feelings and condescension are hidden in front of the queen, and she turned away from her without showing his expression except that she owed a flat smile.

She really doesn’t want to be jealous with an old maid. It’s so fall in price!
Suddenly, there was a great strength in her arm, and the queen grabbed her hard. It was probably true that she was holding her hand bone and wringing it. Her eyebrows were so painful that she suddenly screwed up and gasped.
Again? !
In a second, she suddenly bent over and made a handsome rotation, and then pulled her hand back after twisting it.
The queen was surprised to do the same thing in her expression. Suddenly, she grabbed the queen’s hand and screwed it back directly.
When the queen cried out in pain, she smiled as beautiful as a poppy.
"I forgot to tell you that the emperor recently taught me some self-defense kung fu-kissing. Although I am not enough to compete with those martial arts experts now, it is more than enough to deal with Tom, dick and Harry like you. The empress has long warned you not to mess with me. What is learning not to be good? Do you feel so good now? Chapter 964 No, don’t … Feng Shao, don’t do this!
"Phoenix shallow you don’t be too arrogant! If you dare to be rude to the palace in public, you are not afraid of being tortured! "
"Empress, I am really scared!" Feng Shao laughed and suddenly his brow was sharp. "Do you believe that even if I break your hand now, no one will talk to you about it?"
No evidence, no evidence, even the slave who was brought here just now is not here, and no one can prove it.
Queen blanched pupil suddenly shrink "chicken shallow how dare you! You will die a natural death! "
"What can’t I do? It’s good to take this opportunity to test whether an emperor is really angry with me. "She smiled and twisted the hand bone of the queen with one hand and pinched her jaw with the other." Do you think the emperor will believe you or me? "
"No, don’t … Feng Shao, don’t do this!"
The queen was so scared that she was pale. On the one hand, she was scared, on the other hand, because of the severe pain in her hands. She even pleaded, "The Palace Apologize Palace shouldn’t have treated you like that just now! You are quick to put the palace! "
Phoenix frowned in disgust. Cold tunnel "Don’t worry about what I dare not do. I dare anything."
Suddenly he gritted his teeth and said, "You’d better pray that I don’t prove that you did it this time!"
The queen mother said that Xi helped the imperial garden to walk slowly. She originally wanted to go to the Longyin Palace to see the situation, but when she thought about it later, it was nothing to see. Now that the news has come back, it can’t be false.
Although she doesn’t know what happened, she must have had something to do with the second silk-silk figurine painter.
After all, no one is stupid. Since you dare to do such a thing, it should be clear that the emperor can’t really treat Feng Shao because of a small painting, and the people behind the scenes will have a trick.
I didn’t expect this trick to be so good that it really provoked the emperor and phoenix.
The queen mother can’t help but feel sorry. If she could have thought of such a way at the beginning, maybe she would have died today.
"Look at that man, Empress Dowager …" Yanxi squinted slightly at the woman who leaned over the imperial garden and didn’t know what to do. "Is it an imperial concubine?"
Yanxi’s eyesight is not very good, maybe it’s because he’s old, so he can’t see clearly. What does Feng Shao do?
However, the queen mother’s face is slightly changed. Just because she can’t see clearly doesn’t mean she can’t see clearly either.
Took a few steps in that direction, suddenly stopped, and the queen mother looked at Phoenix shallow and bent over with discomfort. Suddenly, a trace of condensed Yinzhi crossed her eyes.
"Yanxi, what do you think the emperor will forgive her again?"
Her voice was soft and light, as if she really wanted someone. She answered her doubts.
Creek thought for a moment, "the queen mother please forgive the handmaiden, and the emperor will forgive the imperial concubine even sooner or later. After all, even if there is a little misunderstanding, the emperor will soon be soft-hearted and Kuangyun will leave again, which will make the two people have conflicts. How can this contradiction continue? Chapter 965 If you love, please love deeply.
The queen mother wanted to interrupt her for a moment, although she felt that her words were not very pleasant to hear, but if you think about it carefully, there is nothing wrong with what she said. Every time, whether there is evidence or not, the emperor always believes in the conditions around him
This time, it’s only because things involve whether Feng Shao is loyal to this relationship that the emperor will be so angry. If we can determine that Feng Shao is afraid of the emperor, we won’t continue the stalemate, will we?
So should she do something more to make them heal the cracks?
But before that.
The queen mother’s eyebrows suddenly twisted slightly, and there was a cold mountain in her eyes.
If she is not bad as expected, the vomiting symptoms like that just now seem to be pregnant again … The child must be removed!
Eyes light slightly gathered the queen mother heavy commanded, "said creek you go to the queen there for a while to see if there is any need"
"What do you mean, Empress Dowager?" Said creek twist twist eyebrow a confused look at the queen mother.
"Ai Jia thinks it’s time to get in touch with the women in this palace. You told her over there that if you need anything, you’ll come to Ai Jia. Although everything in the harem is left to Yun Guifei, after all, the queen will naturally encounter a lot of trouble when she returns her head in name. You always have to let her Bai Ai Jia do everything she can to help her."
It can’t be that Yun Guifei did it.
Although there are many possibilities left, she always thinks that the queen is the most suspected
The next day, I went to Zhang Jinliu early.
"Before the emperor, I have caught the man and admitted that he was hired by the right phase! There is enough evidence to correct the queen now. If the emperor wants to start work, it should be sooner rather than later. What news did the queen get over there to alert him? "Zhang Jin said this with a faint excitement in his tone.