Yang Ye smiled and nodded. "And you are?"

The man left the pie mouth low said "red domain Lord you know? Red dagger "
Yang night a glaring "you pretend to be! Red Lord, I know him. Where is he so handsome as you? "
The man was bent on "really?" Then I coughed two positive colors: "Hehe, I am the red domain master at the same level, but I am more handsome than him. I have qualifications one hundred times better than him. The older generation of domain revolutionaries, militarists and politicians are the black domain masters." Said the pose.
Yang night stared at his heart with surprise and snickered. He had long guessed that this man was the black domain master or at least someone sent by the black domain master. At this time, Yang night didn’t have much hatred in his heart. More is disgust and disdain.
"You are the black domain Lord? I have heard for a long time! " Yang night smiled and held the fuels.
The Lord of the Black Domain laughed a few times. "Hehe, you should feel honored that I personally came to see you because I degraded myself."
Yang Ye also laughed. "Is it true that the Lord of the Black Domain condescended to find me personally? What’s the matter?"
"Ha ha, I know you killed our evil energy Weiner, but I didn’t blame you. That guy should have died long ago!" He shook his head gently. "Maybe you don’t know that the evil clan and your ghost clan had a war a long time ago, and the evil energy Weiner also participated in this war. Killing him is revenge for your ancestors."
Yang night nodded and continued to smile, but there was some exulting in my heart. It seems that the Lord of this black domain really didn’t know that Jia Xiuxiu was still alive, and I didn’t know the truth of those things in those years.
When the Lord of the Black Domain saw Yang Yexiao, his heart moved, and then he said, "I admire you very much. You killed the evil energy Weiner, which proves that you are a guy with a sense of justice and a sense of importance. This is very valuable in the domain!"
Yang Ye’s cursing in his heart is very valuable to you. On the surface, it’s like meeting an old friend in a foreign land. "Oh, the Lord of the Black Domain owes you the wrong love. I didn’t expect that it was you who knew me and appreciated me."
Black domain main upward laugh a few "ha ha ha! I’m hungry for talent, too, "he said, looking at Yang Ye again." You are so excellent, I really hope you can come and help me. This is also the main purpose of my coming to see you today. "
Yang Yeyiyong suddenly realized, "Oh, so the black domain owner wants me to jump ship to your door, right?" "Said the pendulum motioning with his hand" is not a joke? I want to take a bath after dark. You suddenly jumped ship with me. I haven’t brushed my teeth yet … "
"That’s right! "The Lord of the Black Domain nodded." Everyone is not stupid. If I have something to say, I naturally say that I really hope you will come and help me! "
Yang Ye nodded and his expression was difficult. "But the Lord of the Red Domain has treated me well and is kind to me. How can I be worthy of your praise just now if I really do this?"
The black domain owner smiled and waved his hand. "No, no, no,no. The so-called water flows downwards, and you go upwards. You just stepped into the domain. There may be many things. You don’t know the domain. Everyone knows that the red domain owner has poor treatment, less salary and less employee benefits, and often defaults on the wages of migrant workers; And our high salary is definitely a must for you to go out to work and support your family! "
"oh? According to the black domain owner, I really want to think about it, but I don’t know that I really jumped to your door in terms of remuneration and treatment … "
Black domain master nodded a wave of his hand and said "good! Red dagger, do you think this will work? I’ll give you the best treatment. I’ll give you a house, a sports car, a garden, a woman, and a domestic nanny. The monthly salary is not controlled and the annual salary is not capped; Twenty days paid vacation every month is at your discretion; Except for winter and summer vacations, I will give you a paid vacation of three months every year; The public travel and holiday domain is owned by the local and my jurisdiction; There is still a dividend of 60% at the end of the year; And after the trial period expires for three and a half hours, I will directly upgrade to the domain master assistant! " Said the black domain master asked to Yang night "you can always ask me if you have any requirements."
Yang night touched the bar and made a meditation. "The salary is so high that it is worth considering. There are two concerns in my heart."
"Oh, you said," the Lord of the Black Domain stretched out his hand and motioned for Yang Ye to speak out.
Yang night smiled and said, "I can’t explain that people are kind to me on the first red domain master’s side. I don’t want to be laughed at by domain officials and industry colleagues on the charge of treachery." Second, I’m the black domain master … Ha ha, I’m sorry to say that your name doesn’t seem very good. "
"What?" Black domain Lord a stare eyes.
Yang Ye smiled apologetically and continued, "I heard that you tricked your little sister into taking her to see the goldfish because you really wanted to be indecent?"
The owner of the black domain took a step back, and the black sunglasses fell to his nose and stared at his eyes and asked, "Who said that?"
Yang night put on a naive expression, "Evil can Weiner say it."
The Lord of the Black Domain slammed his fist and shouted angrily, "I didn’t expect him to slander me like this outside." Then he glared at Yang Ye. "What else did he say?"
Yang night at this time has changed the sullen to stare at the black domain main low said "evil can Weiner also said that you let him take me several women away; I’m asking a black domain owner what did you arrest my woman for? "
Black domain master one leng then gnashed her teeth and scolded 1 something, and then looked up and said with a smile, "Hehe, red Bi, I’m really afraid that you won’t promise to come and help me. Although the means are a little poor, the so-called great people are informal, and I’m really thirsty for talent."
"oh? "Yang Ye raised his eyebrows." In that case, please ask the Lord of the Black Domain to give me my women back. "
"You agreed?" Black domain master surprise way
"no!" Yang Ye replied firmly, "A good girl doesn’t marry a second husband yet. I repeat, I am the master of the red domain. Don’t make any mistakes!"
Black domain master one leng and then slightly bowed his head Yin insidious smile up "ha ha so red Bi are you going to refuse my kindness?"
"kindness? Haha! " Yang night laugh two "well, even if you mean well, I appreciate it."
"that’s good!" Black domain Lord malicious one eye toward Yang night came a few steps with a playful low said "red Bi you that a few women do my hands, but I want to tell you is that they don’t belong to your time more don’t belong to you that! Did you bring those women back from the history of the Red Domain Lord? "
Yang night was nervous and his face was livid. "So what?"
"Ha ha, you know? The big domain owner already knows about this, which is a violation of the rules of the domain. "The black domain owner smiled cynically." I am responsible for telling you that the big domain owner is angry and the consequences are serious. "
"You! You threatened me! " Yang night stared at his eyes.
"Why is it so ugly?" The snakehead spilled his mouth and leaned over and said with a smile in a low voice, "Red Bi wants you to write an application to transfer to the main gate of my black domain, so I assure you that you have violated the rules of the domain and brought people back to this matter privately. I am responsible for the blame and I will carry it back! How about it? "
Yang night one leng bowed their heads and looked up and said, "I can consider the black domain master as you say, but you must put you back first!" She belongs to this person! Not with her! "
"Even Xin?" Black domain master one leng bowed their heads and thought for a suddenly smiled again "oh, I know who you said, hehe, I can’t let her go because she seems to be a bone clan who raided your sister at night, right?
Yang night in the mind a tight didn’t speak very clearly black domain master also play south glory fantasy idea what does he want?
The real black domain owner wants to simply try his best to dig up the red domain owner’s manual repair department and build the red domain owner! Especially the ghost clan red Bi because red Bi is the last ghost clan black domain master is very clear about the ghost clan’s ability to cultivate official positions, but he doesn’t know how to get him here before the ghost clan perishes, which greatly enhances his strength. It is very simple to suppress the red domain master and the white domain master, and then help the big domain master to lift him to the position of the Lord. The black domain master himself can naturally replace the former big domain master because of his excellent performance.
At the same time, the owner of the black domain learned that the leader of the red domain was hiding a Xia official, which was also a difficult decision. The owner of the red domain didn’t even know that the owner of the black domain naturally had the first hand.
The black domain master knows clearly in his heart that the red domain master is afraid to tell Yang Ye what happened in the past. After all, at that time, everyone was a sinner, evil clan, ghost clan, and there was a war against Hou Hong domain master or an assistant to the domain master, but he sat idly by with a red domain master, timid and afraid to ask. If we make it clear to Yang Ye, the ghost clan orphan, everything will inevitably lead to Yang Ye’s resentment against the red domain master.
Moreover, few people know the truth of this war, even the red domain owners may not necessarily know that everything behind it is the big domain owners and the black domain owners. Moreover, the history of the shame of the domain and the official community is almost gone. Although this war is a well-known secret, it is gradually being forgotten by everyone. For example, war is always a shame