A push in the past

"What do you do?"
Ningxiruo scold a way
Be very fierce to drink
The little girl was wronged.
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N19 Gentle and peaceful
The little girl was wronged.
"Why don’t you look at me?"
Girl jiaohe
Ann wept silently.
She is bullying and afraid of hard work.
She’s afraid too, okay?
And the reason was pushed by others.
Everyone is wronged.
Is that girl wronged?
"Look at you?"
Ask softly in peace
She doesn’t have that ability now.
Less she saw somebody else’s fierce.
If you are pushed unsteadily
She doesn’t want to live.
She …
"handsome brother"
The little girl looked at NingXiRe pathetically.
"If you apologize"
Aunt called NingXiRe.
"Aunt, I’m right."
Ning Xi is confident.
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N191 Mom bullied me even you.
Ning Xi is confident.
He looked at Ann but couldn’t say how comfortable he was.
It happened that the little girl across the street was just annoying.
"If the son …"
Read aloud in peace
That soft sound
Make people feel better.
If Ning Xi thinks it’s worth it.