Kang Rong appeared in a towering old tree and nodded toward the tree.
"Zhou doesn’t want to attend, so it seems that he can’t take the opportunity to find out his bottom, but there is nothing worth noting about this person’s weak personality and fear of death."
The tree man wore a black robe and his voice was hoarse.
"this is your evaluation of him."
"This is a hundred thousand mountains, not outside." Kang Rong looked the same.
"The rule of a hundred thousand mountains is that everything must be contended and it is just wishful thinking to seize the edge of convergence."
"The black wind tunnel encourages the younger brother to fight for the gold digger, which is just like raising a method. If you can’t stand out, you will die."
"He won’t fight for his unique skills for only three years!"
dead body
Nature is not worth paying attention to.
Black man nodded slowly.
"It’s not surprising that the living environment outside is not so bad and naturally it is called a biped sheep."
"But they obey the rules and don’t make trouble, which is easy for the dignitaries to manage."
"Think that year …"
"Hundreds of people outside the mountain were driven away by more than a hundred barbarians, and no one resisted. Many of them were exhausted alive on the road, which is an anecdote."
Kangrong pie mouth
He has also heard that 100,000 people can swallow up more than 100 savage lives even with one bite, but they don’t resist?
However, he could hear that the black man talked about it with disdain and disdain, and he hated iron not to produce.
The other party is also a mountain stranger!