Zhenyuan magic ape claims Zhenyuan is physically strong.

Nowadays, Zhou Yi’s physical strength is very strong, and to a certain extent, hard resistance has far surpassed that of his peers.
Finger spirit
This is simply a solution for the younger brother outside the black wind tunnel. You must use the younger brother’s breath to wash your mind.
It’s not a big problem for Zhou Yi at present.
The mirror with hanging heart should not be out of control before the gas refining is completed.
What’s more, the spirit crossing technique can stabilize itself with the help of the younger brother Jingxue when necessary, and the soul swallowing technique can greatly increase the spiritual strength.
The only problem is mana.
The late stage of the cultivation of immortality is the limit, which can not be solved by proficiency, but the limit of the achievement method
Even if the limit is broken
It is not satisfactory when there is no other method to refer to.
"Thank you for waiting, sir."
The gentle woman floating in also made Zhou Yi open his eyes.
People dressed in a wide-necked blue silk robe cover, double-phoenix wings, shawls, and delicate faces with jade beads, walked slowly near and bowed down.
"My wife, Wang Shu, has seen Taoist friends."
Late gas refining!
The woman in front of her is a big monk in the late stage of gas refining, and her qi activity is much stronger than jade.
Zhou Yi did not dare to neglect and get up with a gift.
"Zhou Jia, a scattered person, has seen Taoist friends."
At this time, he was dressed in a black robe, and his body became shorter and thinner. Even acquaintances decided not to recognize him face to face.
Although Wang Shu was curious about the identity of the visitor, she didn’t ask much. After all, it is very common for guests who don’t want to really meet each other. After sitting, they waved out a few jade slips.
"To be honest, the advanced Daoji method is a secret, and some shady things are usually not for sale."
"I hope Taoist friends don’t mind if MuBo collided just now."
"No" Zhou Yi nodded his head to show his understanding and looked at Yu Jian.
"Are all these doors?"
"Well," Wang Shu gestured.
"Taoist friends can have a look first."
You’re welcome, Zhou Yi also picked up a sacred spirit, swept a door called "Shui Yun Ji" and reflected in the sea of knowledge.
The general program is to briefly introduce a dharma and practice it concretely.
Frowned Zhou Yi water cloud tactic picked up a jade Jane again.
Coagulation of truth
Fu yang gong
Zheng yuan Dan Shu
There are six methods, among which the highest level of "Zhengyuan Danshu" is up to the second level. Unfortunately, there is a lack of methods in the description.
This work is complete, but it is a method directed at the realm of then!