According to the previous data, this time, ten priests were extracted from the temple of the solar expeditionary force, and thirty stars were transferred from each star field.

Counting Xiliu DeDilin received the decree, a total of 42 people.
However, among the priests, two people are quasi-planetary peaks, and others range from one guard to four guards.
Relatively speaking, the quality of the strong from the local star field is better, and the two guards and the three guards are less.
However, the actual number of stars in place is as high as 52.
All the extra stars are because some powerful people are also stars in their entourage.
For example, Xiliu DeDilin.
There are others.
Fifty-two planets and one hundred and fifty-three quasi-planets
This power made Xu retreat and turned up the waves.
I don’t want to talk about whether Kerens, the Bishop of Kerens Power Purple Clothes, can go there or not, but at present, it is absolutely possible for Kerens to arrange for the two seven-star guards, DeDilin, to go there.
These two men took 52 planets and 153 quasi-planets to the sun, which planet they killed was a devastating force.
Even if Ceres is killed, even if Cai Shaochu controls Muhara Palace, unless Cai Shaochu has a blue star, it is possible to stop it.
But is it possible for Cai Shaochu to tie all the stars of Blue Star together?
No way!
At present, the number of big explosions after the lifting of the seal of the meta-domain may have exceeded 50.
But most of them are strong stars and are located in various places.
The most terrible thing is blue star. At present, the enemy is not only the Hmong, but also the Daxi and Eldar.
Not to mention the elite among the Hmong.
At present, the Mayan solar expedition army has found that there are six seven-satellite stars, two six-satellite stars and two five-satellite stars.
High-end forces are also crushing the blue star!
Now I just don’t know how this force enters the sun. If there is a channel to go straight into the sun, it will be more than a disaster!
It’s destruction!
And Xu retreated in doubt about one thing.
At the latest to go to the sun, a large number of expeditionary reinforcements have been set off by the Hmong. What about the Daxi Eldar?
100% reinforcements. Let’s go!