"What did Kodo answer me?
What? "
In the huge ice cube, Bennett roared with excitement and anger. He couldn’t understand why his closest and most trusted comrades wanted to betray them here!
What’s going to attack them!
At this moment, Bennett has plotted in vain!
I’m afraid this storm snow force field is a Kodo conspiracy from beginning to end.
It is ridiculous that he should call on all the people to increase the storm snow field by their own source crystals.
Inexplicable irony
But more is pain and heartache!
Bennett couldn’t understand why he trusted his comrades-in-arms most and would betray them and sneak up on them at this time.
Blizzard blizzard is really retiring from the super home!
Moment spirit a rush ice seal again.
This time, the goal of retiring is another six-star Gumya elephant!
Elephant ambition is not the kui is to lift the mind control. The six-star star strong man smashed the first wave of ice seal when the ice seal was sealed off.
However, at the same moment, Kita Wan Feng burned two people possessed by the Seven Guards, and at the same time, they were all at the scheduled place.
There should be no problem for one of them, Xiang Zhi, a six-satellite star who has released his mind control.
But for the two of you, there is still much interference, which is very difficult
In particular, Kitawan wind burning two people is a commanding bombardment.
Directly will just alert jumped to the ground like ambition boom back to the ground.
The ground is covered with ice and snow.
In an instant, the ice seals of two ice and snow puppets surrounded Xiangzhi at the moment when Xiangzhi landed.
Rao, Xiang Zhi, lifted the mind control, and the six-star star strong man was also caught on the spot.
Be frozen
Then, under the precise control of the retreat, the image will be directly scattered around the frozen head.
The head of the elephant is frozen on the whole ground, and the head is exposed.
This is a pure live target
Kitawang wind burns two people’s energy accurately and accurately, and it blows through the eyebrows of Xiang Zhi!
The first six-star star on the Mayan side was beheaded!
At this moment, I pounced on other figures, and all the other five Weimar people were confused.
The target they pounce on turned out to be a lifeless ice sculpture.