"You are not far from Zhuang?"

Both Tang and Yan looked up.
Not far from seeing these two people, I was stunned.
Tangkui is a race that has never been seen near Zhuang.
He looks a bit like a fallen dragon, but he doesn’t have that many arms and is not as big as a fallen dragon.
His head is like a crocodile, which is much longer than that of ordinary humans. His kissing eyes also have a vertical pupil like a snake.
No wonder he has no psychological obstacles when it comes to eating people.
It doesn’t look like a good crop
And the next one turned out to be a Nathanian.
Zhuang is not far away, and it’s probably clear where he came from. The Sunllians are so strict and like to be serious.
Seeing that his race is not far away, I can understand it better.
In the mainstream era of hammer manor owner Nasonia manor, it was really everything.
These two most representative races of the Industrial Party actually have manor owners.
"Good morning, both of you. I’m not far from Zhuang." Zhuang was having breakfast when he came early, but he brought it directly after eating. Now he smiled and raised his hand. "Have you eaten?"
Xun Yan frowned and didn’t want to pay attention to Zhuang. Not far away, he asked (Mi Gu), "Where is it?" Why haven’t you come yet? "
"He can’t come for a while because of something," (Gu Gu) sighed. "Since you say I’m not fit to be a reference, you can give his recommendation letter to the boss."
Tanxin sniffed, "What do you eat?"
"Do you want to eat tofu brain?" Zhuang said "delicious" not far away.
For example, these two may be his references, so they have a better attitude.
"What … what?" Suddenly, suddenly.
What a brain?
He can’t come for nothing at last …
Chapter 1159 Battlefield factory VS manor palace
Not far from the magic Teng manor, Zhuang took three letters of recommendation and looked blank.
These three letters of recommendation are the main words of the manor, which are almost complete, almost recited, and many words are not pronounced
Every manor owner will automatically make this kind of writing, which seems to be the law engraved in the manor owner’s heart
Zhuang has never seen it not long ago, but he can understand it completely.
He heaped up a lot of praise and praise language, but the recommendation letter was so unwilling that it was like someone was driving him around the neck.
"What’s wrong with him? Didn’t you say you wouldn’t recommend me? Why did you suddenly write me a letter of recommendation? "
"Well …" (Mi Gu) blinked. How can I say this?
"And why did you suddenly leave without saying a word?" Not far away, Zhuang looked at the side (Gu Gu) and said, "Did you threaten him?"
"This is really a good question …"
(Migu) I really don’t know how to explain it. I can sigh deeply and look at the side that is eating and drinking.
"Well, this salty bean curd brain is delicious!"
"This is sweet and delicious!"
"Why haven’t I eaten such delicious food before? What if I can’t eat it later? "