So it wants to transform itself by plundering other worlds.

Transform oneself.
The bubble world can’t bear the power of robbing the fairy three times.
But the crystal wall world is different. It has a real foundation.
In the same wild world, Yuanling in the general world has great potential.
It is the failure of the world that makes it rich and rich.
But also because of this, the power of pick can be displayed in this world.
However, this kind of display is to make the original world virtual.
External forces will be taken away from reality when they enter this world.
Ling Qingfang entered this world and was promoted to God before they took away his "reality".
Such a condensed deity is no less than a natural treasure to the fairy in this crystal wall world.
That’s a brick that can help you to take a solid step toward Daluo Road.
The original name of Yuanling in Crystal Wall World is Io.
He is now equivalent to the wilderness, and he is the natural master of natural heaven.
In this illusory world, he is the only one in the real world, and all beings are qualitatively different.
It’s like a dream. The crystal wall world is a dream and Io is the master of the dream.
A move of his mind can make the end of the world and bring down the gods.
At the same time, it is also like a building foundation. Only with the foundation can high buildings and towers be built on the surface.
In the eyes of other gods, Lingqing is equivalent to a brick that can grow.
If they can get it, they can become a building on the foundation of Io.
Even if we and others can’t get it, when this brick in Io is built and we and others live in it, it will also be influenced by it.
But for various reasons, Io has fallen into a deep sleep before he can wake up.
After Cyric’s mouth, the rest of the gods thought about it in succession.
Should we take it alone, find a few allies to join forces, or find a way to wake up Io?
"gentlemen!" God of peace, Rao, suddenly said, "Maybe we can be together.