I took a shower and changed my clothes. Many of Wentao’s clothes look the same, but if you really care, you will find that Wentao actually changes the same clothes every time. When buying this kind of clothes, Wentao directly buys dozens of sets and puts them in the ring.

When Hong Hao saw Wentao coming out, he bowed respectfully and asked if he would go to the restaurant for dinner.
"No" It’s noon now. Wentao has just called his uncle to eat in the past.
Hong Hao followed Wen Tao and came out from the inside. He carefully observed the face of VIP 99. Unfortunately, he didn’t see anything particularly happy or unhappy. The general manager asked himself to keep an eye on it, but he couldn’t disturb the VIP 99. However, every time he came, he went in and out directly, and left after eating at most, without letting people follow him. He couldn’t observe anything! !
Hong Hao has been in this circle for so long, and he is used to seeing all kinds of people and what kind of weirdos he has never seen, but it is the first time he has seen such a magical VIP as No.99.
"The former Miss Bridget has been waiting, but later she couldn’t bear to go to the side to have a rest for a while. When you come out, wake him up immediately. See if I let someone call one now." Look at Wentao’s ladder and leave Honghao to ask carefully. Although we know that Bridget has eased up with this VIP and this is still Miss Bridget’s charity dance partner after a while, Honghao is still very careful.
Wrong again, but it’s nothing important. Wentao thought for a moment and said, "No, if she wakes up and asks you, just tell her I have something to leave first, and we’ll talk about it later."
"Yes" HongHao kept his standard posture of serving people, but in his heart he gave birth to several sighs. Everyone is different. If you were someone else, Miss Biqi would look at others even if there was anything … Handsome!
Wentao didn’t think much, but Hong Hao thought a lot about being a handsome man and making a beautiful woman feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Of course, that’s what Hong Hao thought. Wentao was very sensible to do things because she came in when she made an appointment with Bridget. She wanted to discuss the so-called dance. In Wentao’s view, it’s not important that she needs to do something else now, so it’s as simple as putting it off later.
Wentao went to have dinner with his cousin Hu Kaizhu first, but when he came back, the family ate together, but because there was a meeting at noon, did Wentao come back to eat with his cousin Ma Yuzhen?
After dinner, I chatted with my aunt for a while. It was two o’clock in the afternoon when Wentao came to the chess club.
Sure enough, Kong Jie really got the job. The name of this building was changed to Kaizhu Building.
At this time, Kaizhu Chess Club has been very different from Wentao. Few people know it at a glance because there are too many newcomers. Now the scale of Kaizhu Chess Club is ten times the top. In the past few times, Hu Kaizhu also talked to Wentao about Kong Jie’s additional investment after each other’s merger. However, no matter how he makes additional investment, Hu Kaizhu still holds a large share. Now the scale of Kaizhu Chess Club is counted in the capital.
Now Kong Jie’s major league of Go has been officially put into operation, and Kaizhu Chess Club accounts for one of the five main directors.
At this time, in the public engagement hall of Kaizhu Chess Club, 50 pairs of Weiqi were placed there, with an antique half-meter screen. Listen, there are three compartments in each corner around, and after the engagement, I want to discuss people to go in and avoid disturbing others.
At first glance, it’s quite spectacular. Although it’s Monday or this time, there are also 20%. There are also many people who walk quietly like Wentao and stop from time to time to have a look at chess.
Wentao looked at this hall for a while, and now it obviously belongs to the general novice area, and there is nothing particularly bad.
At this time, Wentao suddenly felt that someone was approaching behind him. If it was the former Wentao, it could be judged by the fact that the other person’s breathing steps were very close and some movements produced airflow. At this time, Wentao’s consciousness release can easily check the specific situation of several meters around him.
It turned out that Ling Xuan, the little girl, was creeping up from behind Wentao, who was still there watching others play chess without knowing it.
When Ling Xuan reached behind his left side and raised her hand to pat him on the shoulder, Wentao suddenly turned to the right a few steps earlier than her and came to another chessboard. In his eyes, he kept staring at the chessboard.
Can see ling Xuan wrinkled nose slightly hum a front again.
Just before she stepped out of the whole process, Wentao naturally made Ling Xuan clench her fist and feel how bad her luck was or how lucky this Wentao was!
However, when this happened for the third time, Lingxuan finally couldn’t bear to run two steps and stop looking at Wentao in front of him.
"Are you intentional?" I refuse to make a big noise in the hall, but it’s okay to say a few words occasionally. There is a signal shield installed here, like a mobile phone brain, which can’t be used now
Looking at Ling Xuan’s bulging bass, Wentao smiled and shook his head, and then pointed to the word "Don’t talk loudly"
At this time, Ling Xuan had a feeling that she wanted to explode, but at the same time, she felt that she was suppressing her voice. "I didn’t make a big noise!"
Wentao pointed to a discussion room where someone had just come out and motioned for her to speak inside.
"Did you just do it on purpose?" Into the discussion room, I can finally talk normally. Lingxuan stared at Wentao.
"Do what on purpose?"
….. Right, Ling Xuan suddenly spoke at this time. Is it that he wants to scare him from behind? It’s best to make a fool of him and call him out. Is he hiding on purpose?
"Hum!" Ling Xuan snorted. This guy seems to be honest and really as bad as he thinks. He also has problems winning himself. If it weren’t for these days, Ling Xuan has been studying the video and chess game between Grandpa and Kong Jie. She would have looked for Wentao for many days, especially when things finally changed. She asked Grandpa several times. Grandpa didn’t tell him these days. While studying chess, she was looking for the hidden super player. Ling Xuan remembered something once. "I want to play chess with you again!" !”
Chapter 55 Doubt
For Wentao, it is more important to practice his mind and temper his will than to be interested. Of course, he also likes it very much, otherwise he would not have reached this level. It is his intention to continue to develop this aspect unless there is a master of Kong Jie’s level or more powerful than him. Wentao will be interested.
If we want to compete now, Wentao wants to compete more. He has just made a breakthrough and his breakthrough is very strong. I really want to find some powerful opponents to compete.
Even if it is to fix the truth, Wentao believes that at this time, if he faces the then-stage fix the truth, he should not be so embarrassed. Although his body can’t fight recklessly with the flying sword now, it is normal to let the then-stage fix the truth without a chance to attack himself by relying on speed and preemption.
And it’s really not good. You can also take out a few magic weapons to be ordinary swords, so that it’s not a problem to resist the flying swords in the then period. If you want to get close to yourself, they will die. Now the only trouble is the problem of self-explosion.
It would be nice if we could control our own anti-seismic force or study it clearly.
"Come on, for me, chess is a hobby, and you are a professional chess player. I am an amateur. I am definitely not your opponent." Wentao never tries to be brave. There is no need to show weakness like this superficial kung fu. He doesn’t mind if he doesn’t even have this mind, he will have failed to show that he is the strongest person.
Kuang Wentao also intends to control it, so this little Ling Xuan is very strong in chess. If she is more mature, she will soon reach the level of about five stages of her career. It is really difficult for her to control it particularly well.
Xiao Lingxuan recently studied in the chess club to find a hidden super player. Hu Kaizhu also told Wentao that Wentao’s interest is now directly weak in the clinic.
But I didn’t expect him to say that Xiao Lingxuan not only didn’t have the heart to sit and pick up the chess, but she "pa …" Put the chess back heavily.
"I know you are better at chess than me, but it’s not so … humiliating! If you don’t want to say it, you will say it. "Xiao Lingxuan is really angry this time. In her opinion, this is a humiliation to her.
A broken look at her sample window will tell you that you really don’t know this little Ling Xuan. If a girl of this age is generally vain, even if you don’t really admit that you are secretly pleased, I didn’t expect Ling Xuan to react like this.
This character Wentao really appreciates putting away jokes. "I’m sorry, because Go is a hobby for me. What I just said was really a social talk. Of course, you didn’t think much about it, and there was no other humiliation."
What to say to someone since she is pure and straightforward, Wentao also said so directly.
Obviously, Ling Xuan also had some surprises. Wentao would say these words to really move his anger. At this time, most of him told himself that it was a dinner party. Instead, Ling Xuan didn’t know what to say to get angry, but there was no fire.
It’s really embarrassing for Wentao to look at the chessboard now. It would be even worse if we talk about playing chess with her now.
Fortunately, at this moment, Hu Kaizhu pushed the door and came in to see Wentao’s face lit up. "Just now, your cousin called me back and said that the family didn’t go back to this meal to lecture me! ! !”
Uncle came in to break the embarrassment. Wentao said with a smile, "Cousin is worried that you are too busy and tired."
Come to god, Hu Kaizhu’s face is even more smiling. After eating several medicines, the whole person seems to be a few years younger. Some of the problems that have been bothering him have disappeared. Even the energy is much better. When I am so old, I am busy and rarely get close to Ma Yuzhen. It’s nothing to the old couple.
But recently, although the workers are still busy, they are full of energy, and occasionally they can get close to Ma Yuzhen and rejuvenate. The couple’s feelings are even closer.
"Wentao times you that a few pairs of medicine is really good that the first few minor problems are all good now. Your aunt also told me to let you show me a few more pairs! ! !”
"Now that you are in good health, do more exercise, reasonably control rest and working hours. After all, drugs are auxiliary. At present, you don’t need to take any more drugs. Just take another pair in a month or so." Now people almost take medicine as a meal. Don’t you know that drugs are auxiliary?
Now Hu Kaizhu is absolutely convinced of Wentao in this respect, just as he says.