Chen Yi smiled slightly.

"pa pa" two from behind.
Chen Yi hurriedly turned to look at it, but he came in a hurry. The village chief made a sudden snatch and gave Yun Shisanliang a slap.
See his angry tone scold a way "what are you doing here with Chen Hangshang? You fucking traitor … "
He didn’t scold, but he was still hesitating. The Bank of China merchants knew Chen Yi, that is to say, how could the Chinese and Chen Hong merchants sit there and have been surrounded by all kinds of sounds.
"I have cash!"
"Chen Hangshang buys swords at twice the price"
"Three times the price to buy a sword …"
"I’m twice as dressed."
"I have packed all your things!" This is particularly striking because it is the dealer who used to take shells.
People around you are getting quiet, and they can see that strange animal with such a high quantity of goods. I wonder how much it costs to package it?
"Why don’t you go to Yu Weichao to buy goods?" Chen Yi looked at him curiously.
"I’m a businessman from La Nilmara City". The other party revealed his name according to the rules before saying, "You said it was Shuizhai fish, right?"
It’s hard for Chen Yi to understand this statement after eating konjac. After thinking for a while, he laughed and said, "It’s fish."
"He has too few things. We want a lot of them." Lanier took out a shell and said, "I’ll pay you a snail shell for each sword."
Chen Yi thought it was only one? But when he receive that shell, his hand sank sharply.
It carries weight!
It’s good to have weight
He covered his fingers with a layer of quarrelling and then carefully rubbed them-not gold.
so much the better
In the earth, metal is more valuable than gold. If it is a little rare, it dares to bid. It is said that it is more valuable than gold.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-nine The elimination of the western continent
In the earth, metal is more valuable than gold. If it is a little rare, it dares to bid. It is said that it is more valuable than gold.
At that time, Chen Yi was still excited and asked, "How much do you want for a shell per sword?"
Lanier laughed. "How much do you have?"
"That depends on how many of these you have …" Chen Yi held up the shell.
"snail shells?" Lanier shook his head and said, "I can’t tell you the number, but I can definitely buy your sword."
In his eyes, Chen Yi is just a good businessman.
"Well, three days later, we traded a sword in a nearby water village." Chen Yi’s answer was also very simple.
Lanier was stunned.
A sword is a snail shell, no matter which one is enough to equip an army, where can he take it out?
But the other side will have a sword?
There are not so many swords in the market now, I’m afraid. Even Mala City has been prepared for many years, that is, thousands of swords. How long and how much blood did it take to get them? How many of them were the benefits of the jihad?
He hesitated for a moment, and Chen Yi conveniently untied his waist dagger and threw it to him, saying, "For you," the man had already entered the village chief’s big house.
It’s a long-standing rule not to invite hong merchants into the village chief’s big house.
Ranier touched his head and went back to his seat to pull out the dagger. When he saw the strong sunlight, the knife surface was like a bronze mirror.
"Good Dao" has not been praised by people who don’t know the goods. "Can a snail shell be exchanged for such a knife? It’s worth it. "
Lanier laughed at the corner of his eye but glanced at the scabbard inadvertently-it was also metal and heavier than the knife.
This made him exult and secretly surprised at the same time.
Such a dagger is worth less than 1 snail shell, and it is possible to get hundreds if the dignitaries like it.
Give yourself dozens of snails for nothing? This kind of handwriting scared Lanier.
He doesn’t know that the quality of Tibetan Dao polished by a mechanism in his hand is a little better than the craft. That heavy scabbard is cheap. Modern people can’t see why the rough and rotten heavy steel scabbard is replaced by shark skin. However, in the western continent where there is no metal resistance, the scabbard can be seen as another blunt knife, especially those knights who are quarrelsome. When they make weapons, they use metal to attach quarrelling instead of nonmetallic body sharpness-although the latter still has a certain degree.
Lanier is too lazy to continue to do small business, just close the shop and leave a place with a strange expression.
Don’t say that the 10,000 snail shell transaction was done in person. They have never even heard of it. In their opinion, Lanier’s look is still normal, so Chen Hangshang is too abnormal. But from his mouth, does Shenlong really have a sword in Mala City?
What a big business this has to be!
The second day early in the morning, the merchants were all asleep. Yu Weichao came to meet Chen Yi with four-headed animals and a team of bodyguards.
One good thing about being a traveling businessman is that they are not afraid that their goods will not be sold. They bring things that have been scarce in various places for thousands of years. When the year is not good, they will never encounter the problem of earning more and earning less.
Therefore, although everyone gets up early on the road, they can go to the place where goods are sold, but they can rest assured and sleep late, waiting for the Liba people to come and ask for a deal instead of selling it themselves
The situation in Yuncun is a little special, but it didn’t interrupt the good habits of businessmen. Moreover, they discussed it for a long time last night, and they didn’t sleep early.
The sound of "snoring" was quickly interrupted by the sound of transporting animals from the house to the outside.