Zhao Kui nodded and his eyes flashed.
"I’ve investigated the fact that there are at least a few thousand lingshi in the running water of Fangshi every day, and it’s not a small income if you can intercept a small part."
"There are all kinds of spirits and pills, all of which are black wind tunnels and nothing."
"It’s a pity that people in Fangshi don’t want to."
Fang city was set up by outsiders. Nowadays, there are three houses to maintain order, and each house has the background of Taoist.
"Don’t want to?" Jade beautiful eyes make a determined effort
"This is our site in black wind mountain, and it doesn’t make sense to say that there is no one in our theory, right?"
"hey!" Zhao Kui sighed lightly.
"If the three really joined hands to occupy this place easily …"
It’s their own territory, but it’s run by others. It’s a pity that they have the heart to do it if they say it.
The other two really don’t want to join hands, even if Zizhen takes people to hit the wall in Fang city, so they can pick up cheap.
"I don’t know what the master thinks."
Jade face is full of anger.
"If you want to establish a person, decide early. He must not let the three real infighting consume their own strength for no reason."
"School sister is cautious" Zhao Kui’s face sank.
"Master has his own arrangements, you don’t understand."
"But we must start with Fangshi, which is very important to the teacher elder sister. What is lacking now is an opportunity to attack the three people."
"Simple" Jade Road
"People often go missing in Fangshi. Let’s find a source to say that the black wind tunnel gas refiner was killed nearby and go to the door directly to ask for an explanation."
"If you don’t give it, make a scene!"
"Well …" Zhao Kui touched the bar.
"It’s just that they don’t even admit that it’s best to catch the scene of killing and looting so that they have no excuse."
"You don’t have to be killed. Just have evidence. We don’t want to monopolize Fang City. Let’s take a management position first."
"So …" Jade wanted to think about the strange smile on her face.
"I happen to have such a timid person on my hand. It’s the first time I come to Fangshi to trade, so I can let him try the depth."
This is the gathering place of practitioners?
Zhou Yi was wearing a black robe to cover his face, standing in the street where people came and went, and his eyes were a little blank.
If it weren’t for the strong breath in his perception, he would have come to mortal city himself.
"multiplier! The wholesale of the multiplier has handled a good multiplier, which can go beyond the enemy and make the strength more than several times. "
"The instrument needs ten lingshi to pass by. Don’t miss it!"
A stall owner is shouting by himself. There are seven different instruments in his stall, most of which are made of Breitling bamboo.
The multiplier can really increase the strength, but the vendor’s multiplier is really mediocre
Even if you cut a lingzhu directly into seven sections, each section will be carved into one thing, and if you refine it a little, you will be called a multiplier to sell.
"A precious charm! Amulets, talismans, and magical symbols are all one lingshi and three; Day LeiFu two LingShi a "
"Dan medicine sale …"
"Lean meat, blood and food, concise yin and qi, all kinds of spiritual things …"
Shouting, shouting and bargaining are one after another, which makes people overwhelmed.
Zhou Yi’s operation looks at the gas, and many flashes flood into the eyes, and the messy colors are colorful and colorful.
After a circle, he finally got to know something about Fang City.
Most of the stalls outside are scattered repairs, and some of them are not gas refiners at all, but the weather is very rough, not even rough.
Most of the shops are run by "martial brothers", and two of them are exclusively sold in black wind tunnels, including red sands and various poisons.
Booths are usually 20% to 30% cheaper than shops, but because they are scattered, they can’t give any protection.
It’s natural not to think about buying fake goods and being cheated and being pitted for subsequent maintenance.
Things in the shop are a little more expensive.