"Wrong wrong soft must be the first at the beginning! There is no suspense! "

Han Yiqing found a place to sit when he heard the news. This place is really quiet, and there is a lake in front of him, which makes people feel better.
Yin Yuhao saw her sitting here alone, and he sat beside her. "Do you want to beat Churou [Good Night Princess] Chaper54?"
Yin Yuhao saw her sitting here alone and he sat next to her. "Do you want to beat Churou?"
Hearing the sound, she immediately lost a supercilious look. "Yin Yuhao, don’t you have so little confidence in me? !”
Hearing this sentence, Yin Yuhao was even more funny and said, "You are the last in the school and Churou is the first in the school. How can I have confidence in you?"
"…" This is also who let her hand in the blank paper directly, and the last one directly.
She hooked Yin Yuhao’s neck with an evil smile. "Do you want me to be the first?"
Yin Yuhao was blinded by her sudden behavior, and then she said calmly, "Now I can understand that you two are jealous of each other?"
"…" What can she say! What else can I say?
She suddenly remembered one thing. She didn’t have any money when she went out. Now she can stay at Yin Yuhao’s house. If one day …
How should she go back to Las Vegas after three months?
Seeing her rare silence, he asked, "What’s the matter with you?"
She immediately came to her senses and said with a smile, "Can you lend me some money?"
Yin Yuhao frowns because she never asks him for money! But now that I’m talking, there’s something wrong!
"What do you want?"
Han Yiqing raised his eyebrows. "There are casinos outside the door, betting on who won me and my sister at the beginning of the night!"
"What? Are you going to gamble? "
Han Yiqing kept nodding "rightness rightness! Young master, you are so clever! "
"Soft win at the beginning of gambling?"
Humpty Dumpty! How can you have so little confidence in me! This is not a long ambition of others to destroy their power and prestige! How could she Han Yiqing do such a thing!
She smiled and said, "I want to bet on myself to win."
"That’s a lost cause," he said mercilessly.
She is angry! Te is angry! Is that how he looks at her? Although let her from the last place to the first place, such a thing does make people believe …
She was just about to refute when he heard him say, "What are you going to do? Don’t I give you enough?"
There’s still one more wait until 5 ha ~ there are still ten tickets [good night princess]. Chaper55 wants money!
She was just about to refute when he heard him say, "What are you going to do? Don’t I give you enough?"
"No! But I don’t think we owe each other anything after three months. I have to prepare a back road for myself. No, then how can I go back to Las Vegas! "
To tell the truth, Yin Yuhao has been very generous to her. Although he paid 100 million yuan for her, he should give money or give it.
But this time she wants more.
She said this sentence so easily, but she didn’t know that he had already set off a storm in his heart …
He or she has no money to spend, and has been reflecting on whether he or she should give her more money, but now! She was thinking about how to escape from him after three months! Everything is ready now!
Good job! Han Yiqing, you are really good!
"Want money?" He sniffed.
Han Yiqing didn’t recognize it. He nodded and looked at him with glowing eyes and said, "Want! I want money! "